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Can Alexander Hamilton bring the delegates to the yard in order to fix the Articles of Confederation?

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The Articles of Confederation are flawed,
With no new amendments because,
We’d need a unanimous charge,
Which I tell you is impossibly hard,
The Articles of Confederation are flawed,
We can’t tax, the states disregard,
No strength to enforce the laws,
This government is big faux pas,

It was the country’s,
First Constitution,
Passed in the Revolution, but
Made states too strong,
Fed’s powers none,
It’s pretty dumb,

We can declare war, but who will fight it?
We can’t force people to join the army,
We can print money, so can the states,
What good’s a dollar that no one’s taking,

The Articles of Confederation are flawed,
Congress can’t regulate commerce,
It’s made the economy worse,
States are putting tariffs on each other,
The Articles of Confederation are flawed,
To ensure limited power,
Goes to the central gov,
Made a system which simply does not work,

There’s only one branch,
The Legislative,
Unicameral, where is the
And Justices,
It’s powerless,

Just to pass a bill, need 9 of 13,
States to approve it, won’t hold my breath,
People know it’s weak, in Massachusetts,
The Shays’ Rebellion, we barely stopped it,

The Articles of Confederation are flawed,
I say this in Annapolis,
To discuss a better system,
We must meet in ’87,
The Articles of Confederation are flawed,
Let’s meet in Philadelphia,
At Independence Hall,
Where we will write a new Constitution!
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Jocz Productions will be making videos for AP Gov / Government classes. In this video we examine the importance of the Articles of Confederation.
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I found these on the net and figured that as a Public Service I would post these, as they were originaly intended as such. Enjoy and thanx for watching.

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it. … Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it …
Edmond Burk

Weakness of the Articles of Confederation: An Overview

Weakness of the Articles of Confederation: An Overview
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What Were the Articles of Confederation? | America: Facts vs. Fiction

The Articles of Confederation proved to be more trouble than help with individual states all pushing their interests and agendas, to the point of threatening the country as a whole. | For more, visit

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Constitutional History Lecture 5: Articles of Confederation and the Critical Period

Professor Brion McClanahan, author of The Founding Fathers’ Guide to the Constitution, discusses the Articles of Confederation, which preceded the Constitution. For more lectures in this series, visit

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This lecture covers all the basics of The Articles of Confederation for U.S. History and Advanced Placement U.S. History students. It has been tailored to cover all the material required of the new APUSH exam.

Key Terms
Articles of Confederation
John Dickinson
Weaknesses of Articles of Confederation
Northwest Ordinances
Shays Rebellion
Barbary Pirates
Annapolis Convention
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How it Happened: US History

In just one minute (and 20 seconds) this video covers the major info points of the Articles of Confederation, which were a sort of prequel or beta test for the Constitution.

Learn what they were, why they were need, and why they ultimately failed. Spoiler: it’s all about money.

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Economic Problems Under the Articles of Confederation

Shays’s Rebellion and Articles of Confederation
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Inflation and Bubbles and Tulips: Crash Course Economics #7

In which Adriene and Jacob teach you about how and why prices rise. Sometimes prices rise as a result of inflation, which is a pretty normal thing for economies to do. We’ll talk about how across the board prices rise over time, and how economists track inflation. Bubbles are a pretty normal thing for humans to do. One item, like tulips or beanie babies or houses or tech startups experience a rapid rise in prices. This is often accompanied by speculation, a bunch of outrageous profits, and then a nasty crash when the bubble bursts. People get excited about rising prices, and next thing you know, people are trading their life savings for a tulip bulb.

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Mrs. Daugherty’s 11th Grade Social Studies Assignment — With the use of props in the classroom, create a scene and take a picture of your group illustrating a weakness of the Articles of Confederation. You will be assigned a weakness and do not tell your fellow classmates. Once you have completed the assignment paste your image into one of the following slides.

Mr. Hughes explains the basics of the Articles of Confederation including the reasons for its eventual demise. Topics include the NW Ordinance of 1787, Shay’s Rebellion and the Annapolis Convention. Subscribe to HipHughes History, it’s stupid easy and free
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