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How to Write When You’re Not a Writer

As a business owner you’re called on to manage a variety of tasks. Due to the importance of content, one of those tasks is writing. You have content to create. This can be a scary and potentially overwhelming concept. Many people fear writing or put it off because they don’t consider themselves to be writers.

Good news! You don’t have to be a “writer” to write good content for your website. There’s a difference between content published in newspapers and some magazines and content published on most websites. The content on your website doesn’t need to appeal to a broad audience. It also doesn’t need to be on a broad topic. Quite the opposite, actually. Your content will be quite specific.

For example, it could be “Ten tips to bake better chocolate chip cookies.” It provides value to a very specific target audience. And if you have a website about chocolate chip cookies or baking, then you can write this article without thinking much about it. You know it. The information is already inside of you.

Web content is also more conversational. Content is written to feel personal – as if you’re speaking to your audience. You’ll use words like:

* You
* Your
* You’ll
* You’re
* And sometimes if you’re writing a blog post you’ll use “I”, “Me” and “We”

These are not words you’ll find in any piece of journalism unless they’re in quotes. Newspapers and magazines are generally more formal. They use third person perspective.

Additionally, web content is formatted for easy reading. You’ll use bullet points, numbers and headings and subheadings to break up your content into bite-sized pieces. So what does all this mean if you’re not a “writer”?

It means that writing content for your website is pretty straightforward. You:

* Write what you know and what your audience will benefit from
* Write conversationally
* Write so it’s easy to read online

The simplest method to use when you’re writing your online content is to spend a few minutes creating the structure for your article. Write a rough headline and subheadings. Then fill in the content. Write it as if you’re writing a letter to a friend. Don’t worry about grammar and spelling on the first draft. You can go back and edit for clarity later.

Once you have your thoughts down on paper, polish. Add your keywords in to optimize for the search engines and publish it. Test and track your articles and content to evaluate what content your readers respond to. With a little confidence and a plan, you can write content to build and grow your business.

Have A Successful Day,
Rod Miller
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Content Writing Tutorial For Beginners | Format and Steps of Article Writing

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Creating a great Textbroker writing sample isn’t necessarily a difficult thing. In fact, I’ll share my 11 best tips to create something Textbroker reviewers will love. However, I cannot guarantee your success. I can only show you the path; you still need to walk it.

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In this Textbroker writing sample video, I go over:
1. Pick Something Your Passionate About
Choosing a topic you know inside and out will make the sample easier to write. And since Textbroker gives you quite a bit of leeway in this example, the hardest part is picking your favorite. Just don’t overthink the process.

2. Try Not to Use the Same Words too Often
Using the same words too often can create a bit of an awkward read. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, such as writing a tutorial. But you should still try to use other relevant terms instead. Personally, I try not to use the same noun more than once inside of three consecutive sentences.

3. Never End a Sentence with “It”
While it might be sociably acceptable to end a sentence with “it” when talking to friends and family, you should refrain when creating your Textbroker writing sample. It’s a poor choice of words to end a sentence, and some clients may actually ask for a revision.

4. Never End a Sentence with a Preposition
Ending a sentence with a preposition isn’t necessarily a bad thing when being less formal. However, from a professional writer standpoint, you don’t want use a preposition to finish of a sentence. It simply looks out of place.

5. Never Use the Same Word to Start or End Two Consecutive Sentences
Using the same word to start or end two sentences or more in a row leads to an awkward layout. It creates issues when reading and has potential to cause confusion when a reader identifies the same word in the same location of conjoined sentences.

6. Watch the Comma Usage
Textbroker reviewers are big on tagging authors for comma usage. Learn how to add these to your writing sample by taking a few moments in Google. Learning all you can about AP style English and comma usage will save you quite a few headaches later on down the road.

7. Use Headers to Break up Paragraphs When Applicable
Add at least one header within your Textbroker writing sample. Because headers play such an important role in SEO and readability, reviewers want to make sure you know how to properly use them.

8. Try to Keep Your Sentences Below 20 Words Long
Refrain from writing sentences that are more than 20 words. This improves readability and can help you score well when there is less of a chance to screw up regarding grammar.

9. Try to Keep Paragraphs to Two to Three Sentences Long
You don’t want to create a wall of text as your writing sample. It reads poorly and can seem overwhelming to viewers, especially people who are reading the content from a smartphone.

10. Don’t Add Filler or Fluff
Don’t try to reach a specific word count by adding words and content that have no bearing on the topic. Every sentence of your Textbroker writing sample needs to support the subject matter. Using filler or fluff to expand the word count can even lead to a star demotion in Textbroker.

11. Keep the Flesch Reading Ease Score Above 60
Keeping the Flesch Reading Ease Score above 60 means the content is easier to read. It performs better in terms of search engine optimization, improves reader engagement and is far easier to write in most cases.

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This Video helps to write content also help to make Duplicate content unique to use your website,Blogs, Articles, Mails etc
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Learn how to create a WordPress theme using Pinegrow Part 7
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Writing content and articles for boring industries like real estate, insurance, finance is always a tough task in blogging. So how can we write articles and content for those industries to attract readers?
Explained good techniques in Telugu video on how to write articles for boring topics.
It is easy to write content for gaming, movies, sports, news websites as we follow them regularly if our day to day life. what about other corporate industries? we should write creative and attractive general topics around that main topic. Readers will read that general topic and can turn as our customers.

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Class X and XII English Writing skill
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