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Definite Articles in German (Nominative and Accusative)

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Video of class lecture slides introducing German definite articles (e.g., “der,” “die”) in both the nominative and accusative cases. The presentation builds on prior discussion of the nominative and accusative cases. The video begins with a review of German nouns and the concept of grammatical gender, and then moves to an examination of German definite articles in the nominative and accusative. The video concludes with specific examples of German definite articles being used in short sentences.

The video covers:

00:56 Review of German nouns and grammatical gender
02:13 German definite articles (nominative)
02:42 German definite articles (accusative)
03:49 The “Oklahoma Box”
04:45 Specific examples of definite articles in nominative and accusative
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The German Articles in all Cases

This is THE ONE table that you really need to learn. So why not making it a pleasant experience and compose a song with them? Maggie Jabczynski has done exactly that. Listen to it and learn them all by heart in a wink. Enjoy the pleasure of good German teaching. It’s a beautiful language.

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Articles a, an and the in Hindi. Learn rules for using definite article ‘ the ‘. In this video there are many rules for using definite article ‘ the ‘. There are many videos about articles but friend this video is very clear to learn using definite article ‘ the ‘. You can also find the video about using Indefinite articles in the channel. So friend learn rules about definite and Indefinite articles in this channel with easy ways.
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Learn Spanish for free using self-paced audio-visual lessons and interactive practice exercises – CultureAlley – master conversations, grammar, vocabulary and more! This lesson covers definite article (the) and indefinite (a, an, some) and their usage in Spanish.To study this at your own pace, take quizzes and explore more lessons go to See you at the Alley! Visit our website (CultureAlley) for more 70 such Spanish lessons, interactive practice games, audio dictionary, live help, and more!
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ESPANOL: News in Spanish
Noticias. Situación actual de la Ley de Inmigración. Este video le explica la situación actual de la Ley de Inmigración en castellano.

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This might seem too much like grammar class. Sorry! But the things in this video are quite important when learning Spanish. In this video lesson we’re talking about nouns, definite articles and also we’ll throw some classroom vocabulary in there.

Please be kind about my artistic endeavors in this video.


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Learn the 7 different ways to say ‘the’ in Italian.

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The usage of the definite article, the. This video is for students at a pre-intermediate level.

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The Definite Article,

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Fill in exercise on a, an, the
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Lucia Coward teaches the difference between definite and indefinite articles.

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Beginner level education English song teaching when to use the articles “a” and “an.” Learn English and rock!


A and an, a and an
when to use a and an.

A ball, a cat, a dog, a hat.

A and an, a and an
when to use a and an.

A lion, a zebra, a box, a teacher.

With a, e, i, o, u – use an.

An apple, an orange, an umbrella, an egg,
an octopus, an igloo, an elephant, an island.

with a, e, i, o, u – use an!
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Spanish Definite Articles