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Due to a comprehensive network with modern amenities, and fast and frequent services, German rail travel is considered as one of the best in Europe. Because of Germany’s 41,000 km of tracks, a German rail is designed for savings and the flexibility to hop on and off trains. This article will share you a lot of information about German rail travel.


Rail Pass Discounts

When purchasing a German rail pass enjoy further savings with great discounts for children, youth and groups on select passes.

Children between the ages of 4 and 11 pay half the adult fare and children under 4 travel free.
A Saver Pass for groups of 2 to 5 people gives an approximate 15% reduction per person on the normal Adult price.
Youth Passes under 26 can travel in second class with an approximate 35% discount on the Adult first class fare.

Types of German Rail Passes

ACP Rail International offers a wide range of German rail passes.


The following are options for non-European residents:

German Rail Pass
Eurail Global Pass: Train travel in 21 European countries
Eurail Select Pass: Train travel in 3, 4 or 5 bordering countries in Europe
Eurail Austria – Germany Pass
Eurail Benelux – Germany Pass
Eurail Czech Republic – Germany Pass
Eurail Denmark – Germany Pass
Eurail France – Germany Pass
Eurail Germany – Poland Pass
Eurail Germany – Switzerland Pass

And the following are options for European residents:

InterRail Germany Pass
InterRail Global Pass: Train travel in 30 European countries

German Rail (Deutsche Bahn)

The German rail network is operated by Deutsche Ba, reaching nearly every city in Germany by train. With a German rail pass, you are free to explore from the North and Baltic Sea shores down to the Black Forest and the Bavarian Alps. Sit back and enjoy the ride between these unforgettable cities: Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hamburg and many more!


With a central European location, it’s no surprise that Germany is also the hub for many international routes, with connections to Switzerland, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Belgium and Austria aboard the famous InterCity Express (ICE) trains; ICE trains are known for reaching speeds up to 300km/h and setting new standards for high speed transport. Imagine it only takes 3 hours from Berlin to Frankfurt – a 545 km journey that takes over 5 hours by car!


German Trains

Depending on your itinerary, you will likely use a variety of trains, including long distance services, regional trains and InterCity (IC) and InterCity Express (ICE) trains. As regional trains connect smaller towns and accommodate local commuters, it’s suggested you avoid travelling during the early morning or late afternoon if possible. Please also note it’s generally advisable to make seat reservations, especially during holidays and peak periods.


Many companies offer German rail passes and the accompanying benefits. We recommend ACP Rail International due to their long standing rail experience, competitive prices and reliable customer support.


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