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Want people to open your e-newsletters? offers tips, and techniques on how to do exactly that. Learn best practices for creating and sending out newsletters that your clients will love to read.

Creating an engaged customer base is hard to do. And it starts with creating a successful newsletter. Even though social media is important, email is often overlooked. Learn how to best leverage your email marketing.

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Newsletters offer a simple and affordable way to communicate with your network and strengthen your brand.
In order to write great newsletters, you need to start with the end in mind. That means, you need to know what it is you want your readers to DO when they read your newsletter. This is your call to action and every newsletter needs one.
Examples of a call to action can be to:
· Use a coupon code
· RSVP to an upcoming event
· visit your website to read about new products
Once you’ve established your call for action, try to think about how you can lead readers to it without sounding too pushy.
Next step – The Subject Line
Like you, your subscribers likely scan their email inbox looking to clean it out and delete unwanted mails. Don’t give them an excuse to delete your newsletter! When writing your subject line, use these rules of thumb:
· People are more likely to open emails with a timely or enticing premise in the title.
· Good subject lines are attention-grabbing and thought-provoking. “Our August Newsletter” won’t do the trick.
· Your subject line should be between 5 and 7 words long
· Don’t use all capital letters and be wary of using exclamation points. They can make your email look like spam and many email services will block it.

What’s the best practice? Before you hit send, read the subject line to yourself and decide – would I open this email?
Next, choose great images for your newsletter. They should be relevant to your business, interesting or beautiful to look at. (Or you can just use kittens or babies.) Pictures are a great way to catch your readers’ attention and encourage them to keep reading. When coupled with a catchy title, they can go a long way in increasing open rates.

What’s the best practice? – Use compelling, original images in high resolution. Or kittens.
Content is key to achieving your goal! Not sure how to produce good content? Here are a few tips:
· Make sure your newsletters share either timely, educational or valuable content. Don’t write fluff just to fill the page.
· Break your newsletter up into short paragraphs with headers. Long paragraphs can cause readers’ eyes to quickly glaze over. Get to the point. Write only as much as you need to get the message across.
· Keep jargon out. Don’t try to show off; it’s not a term paper. Use a casual, but professional tone. Be friendly and informative.

What’s the best practice?
Fill your emails with interesting and relevant articles, tips, links to great websites or inspirational ideas. Vary the content in each of your newsletters to keep them fresh. Write content worth reading.
Finally, when sending out your newsletter, remember to think about timing and frequency.
Don’t exhaust your subscribers with constant emails. They’ll unsubscribe. On the other hand, if you promised a monthly newsletter chock full of tips or coupons, keep your promise and stick to a regular schedule.
Send out newsletters in the morning, ideally on a work day. That way, they have the best chance of being read. Emails sent on Friday afternoon can easily get buried in your subscribers’ inboxes over the weekend.

What’s the best practice?
Send out your newsletter once a month or once a season on a Monday or Tuesday morning.
Ready to get started? Check out Wix’s ShoutOut and start creating great newsletters!

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An effective article needs many criteria. It must include a concise and simple style of writing to express the chosen topic. Their explanation must be implemented in an easy way and understandable language. Unclear vocabulary, long sentences, incorrect grammar and tenses must be inavailable.


A good article mainly employs the active voice to give the text immediacy. The active voice also creates engaging content that tends to have a conversational tone. It reveals the writer as informed and an authority on the subject. Due to the relative length of the story, this kind of treatment should have the power and quality to grip the mind of the reader to the very last line. Its ease tends to point to the reader that what they are reading is reliable and well researched and hence educative.


A comprehensive article is one that uses a minimal number of paragraphs depending on its overall length. This means that the theme being treated should be divided into several paragraphs that relate to the whole. A good paragraph should be based on a thematic and topical approach to the main topic. Each paragraph should be a development of an idea in a logical stream that the reader can be able to follow easily. To achieve effect, it deals with one idea at a time.


One should also use a relevant title that reflects in one short phrase the whole meaning of the story. It acts as a lead to the topic. For a title to be an effective cap for an article it should contain a keyword that is used inside the story most often. This enables the reader to keep revisiting the topic as they make out the story as it develops. A good article uses the last paragraph as a summary. It creates a vivid understanding to what one has just read in the preceding sentences.




Join us at where the discussion continues. How many times a day do we experience a communication breakdown? We’ve been talking about communication for decades and we still can’t seem to get it right! Effective communication often eludes leadership because we have yet to figure out how to balance both sides of this relationship.

Looking at how we communicate can explain so much! It’s really quite simple. We have a sender and a receiver. The sender sends an intended message. The receiver receives a message. Seems simple enough.

However, the reason we can’t seem to get communication right is the noise.

The noise is both literal and figurative. Literally the sounds and noises we hear are phones, email, Facebook™ and Twitter™ notifications, radios, and iPods™, or the discussion happening outside your office door.

The figurative noises are trickier and harder to notice. Those could be the argument you had with your spouse the night before, the parent-teacher conference this morning, or the report that’s due by the close of business today. Those noises inside your head keep you from really hearing what the other person is saying.

Today we analyze how to recognize and eliminate these noises so leaders can finally effectively communicate.

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If you are wondering if article marketing is still effective for generating affiliate commissions and website traffic, watch this video. I explain why it’s still 100% effective, and how to get maximum results for your time and money investment.

I’ve been using some variation of article marketing for over 10 years. While it does take work, article submissions is one of the most reliable and long term ways to drive traffic to your website and affiliate offers.

Here are some article marketing tips you should follow:

tip #1 – Master the creation of headlines

Your headline is what pulls people into your article, both in terms of readability and search engine optimization. master the skill of balancing keyword research and clever copywriting to get the most results.

tip #2 – save your best articles for your own website.

No sense in giving away your best work, so it’s better to keep your best content on your own website.

tip #3 – If you are guest posting on a blog or popular website… create GOOD content for that site.

The better your article content and value you provide, the more traffic and goodwill you will create online.

tip #4 – build private blog network article links to your individual articles. This will enhance your search engine rankings significantly!

tip #5 – results come over a long time period.

Article marketing is like a snowball going down hill. At first the force is small, but the more articles you submit and get circulated, the better your results become. The results tend to compound and gain critical mass.

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Sales & Technology Speaker Frank Furness market with articles.

This 17 point plan includes:
Relevance & Keyword Research
Write 1,000 to 1,500 word article with good content & links
Get keywords in the title, body & tags
Complete the footer with relevant links
Rename the article and complete the properties
Upload to Blogger & complete the tags
Promote the article with Google Plus
Submit the blog to
9. Go to for submission to article directories
10. Submit the article to your website
11. Create an eye catching thumbnail
12. Create a post on LinkedIn with tags
13. Share your Blogger link with your groups on LinkedIn
14. Share your link on Twitter
15. Share your article on Facebook
16. Share on Pinterest & Instagram
17. Create a YouTube video
18. Send the article to local newspapers and magazines

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Write About Events and Occasions

There is a massive amount of scope for creating articles around celebrated ‘days’ such as Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, St Patricks Day and so many more. If you’re not capitalising on these days then you need to up your website copywriting schedule. Interesting articles about these events can come in the form of ‘Top Tips for Father’s Day Gifts’, ‘How to throw the Best St Paddy’s Day Party’, ‘The Most Romantic Gifts to buy Your Valentine’ and so on. Don’t feel confined to writing one article for each, you can generally get a good few articles out of each occasion/event so make sure you put aside some time for website copywriting.

Appeal to the Search Engines

Optimising your website is the key to its success so you should have a list of keywords that you are optimising your website for and you need to make sure that you include these in your articles. Uploading well optimised articles to your website on a regular basis will help towards getting your site above your competitors in the search engines.

The key to effective article website copywriting is to ensure that your keywords are well placed throughout the copy and ideally you should include them in the article headings too. Including links to your gifts within your articles will also help towards the optimisation process. If your article is about ‘top valentines day gifts’ for example then you should be adding example gifts into your website copywriting which your visitors could consider purchasing. This will help with internal links to your website and can also persuade visitors to make a purchase.

Effective website copywriting is essential for your website to compete and succeed in this industry. If you struggle to set aside the time to create your articles or you struggle with website copywriting then consider hiring the services of a website copywriter.

Sarah Evans is Managing Director of Pure Ink Creative. Visit for more online copywriting and marketing ideas.

Writing and distributing highly effective articles to blogs and directories is one of the best things that you can do to attract attention in the online arena.

This process will help you establish your authority in your niche, will help you promote product awareness, and will help you make your website more accessible to your target market.

Below are some useful, highly effective tips that can help you create memorable articles:

First thing to do is to figure out the best topics to explore. There are so many things that you need to consider when doing this. These include the needs of your target market, the kind of response you want to get from these people, and the products that you sell. Of course, you would want to stick with topics that are related to your products and services but you need to make sure that they’re interesting to your potential readers.

Talk about the problems or questions of your target audience.

You’ll most likely to get your prospective buyers to pay attention to your articles if you talk about the things that they’re going through in details. Discuss the causes of their problems and help these people understand. Through this, you can show them the depth of your knowledge in regards to this topic. When this happens, you can easily get these people to trust you.

Always use interesting titles. Don’t be in a hurry when writing your titles or headlines. Remember, these are the first things that your target audience will see so you better make sure that they will create a strong impression. They must be well-written, provoking, and benefit-driven.

Start strong. You cannot afford to lose the interest of your readers on your first paragraph.

You need to get them to read your articles until the end where they’ll usually see your sales pitch. Hold their attention by making your introduction very strong and memorable. It should leave a lasting mark on the minds of your readers. Maintain the excitement by simply making your succeeding paragraphs equally interesting and informative.

Avoid using fluffs and fillers. Just like you, online users do not have much time to waste. So, instead of beating around the bush and instead of making you articles unnecessary lengthy, tell these people what they need to know in a very straightforward manner. I’ve read one article before and the question on my mind was “does ice cube diet really works?”

The writer, instead of saying yes or no upfront, discussed the history of ice cube diet and bored me with scientific explanation. In the end, I wasn’t sure about the answer to my question. You don’t want your readers to feel this way. Remember, you cannot possibly get people to visit your website and buy from you if they’re not sure if you know exactly what you’re talking about.

By the way, do you want to learn more about article marketing? If so, go here to begin learning: content writing commerce city roofing

12 Business writing tips that will help you improve your business letters. Keep these basic tips in mind while communicating through your business emails or business letters.

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Business skills tutorial: Effective communication |

In this tutorial, learn techniques for communicating effectively–including being consistent with your speech and body language and clearly stating your intentions–as well as ways to be an active listener. Watch more at

This tutorial is a single movie from the Having Difficult Conversations course presented by author Britt Andreatta. The complete course is 2 hours and 17 minutes and shows how to prepare for and successfully have difficult conversations with employees, managers, and colleagues.

1. Understanding Difficult Conversations
2. The Buildup Phase
3. The Reflection Phase
4. The Conversation Phase
5. The Follow-Through Phase

Is the Flu Shot Really Effective ~ Health Tips

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