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Want people to open your e-newsletters? offers tips, and techniques on how to do exactly that. Learn best practices for creating and sending out newsletters that your clients will love to read.

Creating an engaged customer base is hard to do. And it starts with creating a successful newsletter. Even though social media is important, email is often overlooked. Learn how to best leverage your email marketing.

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Newsletters offer a simple and affordable way to communicate with your network and strengthen your brand.
In order to write great newsletters, you need to start with the end in mind. That means, you need to know what it is you want your readers to DO when they read your newsletter. This is your call to action and every newsletter needs one.
Examples of a call to action can be to:
· Use a coupon code
· RSVP to an upcoming event
· visit your website to read about new products
Once you’ve established your call for action, try to think about how you can lead readers to it without sounding too pushy.
Next step – The Subject Line
Like you, your subscribers likely scan their email inbox looking to clean it out and delete unwanted mails. Don’t give them an excuse to delete your newsletter! When writing your subject line, use these rules of thumb:
· People are more likely to open emails with a timely or enticing premise in the title.
· Good subject lines are attention-grabbing and thought-provoking. “Our August Newsletter” won’t do the trick.
· Your subject line should be between 5 and 7 words long
· Don’t use all capital letters and be wary of using exclamation points. They can make your email look like spam and many email services will block it.

What’s the best practice? Before you hit send, read the subject line to yourself and decide – would I open this email?
Next, choose great images for your newsletter. They should be relevant to your business, interesting or beautiful to look at. (Or you can just use kittens or babies.) Pictures are a great way to catch your readers’ attention and encourage them to keep reading. When coupled with a catchy title, they can go a long way in increasing open rates.

What’s the best practice? – Use compelling, original images in high resolution. Or kittens.
Content is key to achieving your goal! Not sure how to produce good content? Here are a few tips:
· Make sure your newsletters share either timely, educational or valuable content. Don’t write fluff just to fill the page.
· Break your newsletter up into short paragraphs with headers. Long paragraphs can cause readers’ eyes to quickly glaze over. Get to the point. Write only as much as you need to get the message across.
· Keep jargon out. Don’t try to show off; it’s not a term paper. Use a casual, but professional tone. Be friendly and informative.

What’s the best practice?
Fill your emails with interesting and relevant articles, tips, links to great websites or inspirational ideas. Vary the content in each of your newsletters to keep them fresh. Write content worth reading.
Finally, when sending out your newsletter, remember to think about timing and frequency.
Don’t exhaust your subscribers with constant emails. They’ll unsubscribe. On the other hand, if you promised a monthly newsletter chock full of tips or coupons, keep your promise and stick to a regular schedule.
Send out newsletters in the morning, ideally on a work day. That way, they have the best chance of being read. Emails sent on Friday afternoon can easily get buried in your subscribers’ inboxes over the weekend.

What’s the best practice?
Send out your newsletter once a month or once a season on a Monday or Tuesday morning.
Ready to get started? Check out Wix’s ShoutOut and start creating great newsletters!

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Generally when people search the internet they are primarily looking for information to entertain, educate, to learn or to buy something.

They seek information to solve their own problems.

It is every human desire to gain pleasure, to avoid pain and to reduce or eliminate loss or discomfort.

Leveraging on the above human’s wants and desire, by writing articles to provide the information that your prospects seek, you not only able to capture them to subscribe to your opt-in list but also gain quality qualified traffic.

You will learn that writing and publishing your articles with the information that your prospects want is probably the fastest and easiest and the most effective ways of generating massive traffic.

At the same time you can establish and build your brand and gain some free self advertising for yourself.

Writing for the web is different from writing for a novel. Your reader will not have the time to appreciate your nicely articulately written text filled with big words.

No need to be verbose-just be brief and to the point.

When published, your articles are posted onto many of the article directories sites for people to view. Most of these directories are free for authors to submit their articles and at the same time, these articles are also available free for visitors to download and distributed in online magazines and newsletters or for their own consumption.

By giving your articles away free this way, you are leveraging that you might in return make your articles go viral for distributing it far and wide over the net.

It is proven techniques to expand, explode or ignite your business or brand online.

You created a state of viral explosion when your article being downloaded and distributed around the web contains your links to your own website or blog in the body of the article.

In addition, with your resource box you have appended to the end of the article, you have given information about yourself and what is your expertise in your field, and most importantly, where your website can be found.


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