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People of all ages feel better about themselves if they have a good set of teeth. The condition of their teeth affects so many aspects of their lives that it is difficult to measure what the difference would be if everyone had good dental care. Your New York State dentist can provide care that will help you establish a better sense of self esteem.

Yellowed Teeth
Without proper cleaning, your teeth will become yellowed or gray. This obviously presents an unpleasant image. You know it as well as anyone who looks at you. You feel self conscious and may even hold your mouth closed to prevent showing your teeth. You come off looking sad or even mean. Your New York State dentist can help you with cleaning, and possibly whitening your teeth to help you feel good about them again.

Bad Breath
There are a number of different causes of bad breath, but some of them have to do with dental care. If you suffer from bad breath, you might not feel comfortable getting close to anyone. It may be difficult for you to date or have any kind of social life. Your New York State dentist can help you explore the reason your breath smells bad, and possibly help you solve the problem.

Crooked Teeth
Sometimes your teeth just come in crooked. It is not your fault, but you feel self conscious nevertheless. You refrain from smiling, and close your mouth quickly when you forget and think someone is looking at your mouth. Your New York State dentist will help you with standard or invisible braces, or he will refer you to an orthodontist who will.

Dental Limitations
When your friends break out the snacks, you want to be a part of the group and join in the feast. The problem if you have poor dental health is that you might not be able to eat the snacks that are provided. The group might take a trip to a pick-your-own orchard. You can pick an apple, but you cannot eat it. New vending machines at schools are supplying carrot sticks as a snack, but without strong teeth, you cannot eat them. You will feel left out in every such occasion. Your New York State dentist will help you get back into the group by getting your teeth back in shape.

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Low Self Esteem – A deep look at why women tend to have more self-esteem issues than men.

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Women often suffer from low self-esteem. While their issues are perhaps more visible than men’s because of their willingness to own them, there are cultural differences that contribute to this sexual disparity.

The two components of self esteem are self-efficacy and self-respect. Self-efficacy is one’s feeling of being able to trouble-shoot and control one’s life. Self-respect refers to one’s belief in one’s own self-worth and right to happiness. If either of these factors is deficient, self-esteem will suffer.

Cultural norms play a major role in eroding female self-esteem via undermining self-efficacy. Boys are encouraged to aggressively act upon the world, to take an active role in their life. Girls are more often conditioned to be nurturing and conciliatory in anticipation of future family life. The boot camp of life tends to teach and cultivate boys’ power in the world. Girls don’t typically have such an arena to hone their life skills, so they are more easily dominated.

Biology reinforces these roles. Feminine energy throughout nature tends to be more nurturing and conciliatory, while masculine energy tends to be more aggressive and dominant. But self-actualization is equally important to women as it is to men. Women need to learn to embrace their feminine energy while remaining true to their unique direction. By maintaining self-efficacy and therefore their self-esteem, women will be less likely to fall into the trap of co-dependent relationships.

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Episode 5 – Self-Esteem!


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Self- confidence is something that people discover tough to have. There are individuals who find low confidence influences how they see themselves and their performance. Contrary to what the majority of people think, self confidence is not a thing that only the gifted and blessed could have. With the help of personal mastery, individuals could now start building on their confidence.

Personal mastery is about self-development and self-improvement. It is about loving yourself and accepting yourself because you are. You should acknowledge your weaknesses and at the same time fortify them. Personal mastery is about loving yourself.
To achieve personal mastery and confidence, it is significant to have confidence in yourself. It is in addition be content with yourself. To formulate self- confidence, self-acceptance should happen. Self- acceptance is about accepting not just the treats in life, but also the failures in life.
Except for self-acceptance what else can you do to accomplish confidence through personal mastery.

Understanding thoughts and emotions- neglecting a bad characteristics or behaviour would make us more aware about thoughts and emotions. By getting conscious of our emotions and behaviour, then we will be able to overcome and correct our behaviour. But as soon as you have chose to change habits and behaviour, there are different plans and methods that you can do gain mastery over them.
Self discipline. Changing attitude and behaviour, or even perspective might take a spell. Change doesn’t occur overnight. You should gather enough knowledge and commence learning and practicing the abilities that you wish to improve and develop.
Have an evident vision on what you need to take place in your life. To be in a position to advance in your life, then it is essential to have clarity. Seeing what you would like to have in a clearer image would encourage you to work for it.
The alternative is yours. You can select what you need top find. Doing something essential for you and something you love, would give you enough confidence to carry on with what you have started.
Commitment and trusting. To be able to attain personal mastery for development and growth, you need to trust yourself that you can go through the procedure and commit yourself on the process.
When developing confidence through personal mastery, we would need to develop some features. We would develop self consciousness, which is about our readiness to watch our past, accept it and the same goes for the present. Except for this, we also develop self-knowledge which is about understanding our past and our attitude. Not only should we understand them but also be able to figure out the foundation for such attitude or experience. Last, we develop self discipline. Self-discipline is about how we make sure that our ambitions and vision are translated in action and achieved. We need self control to ensure that we do not back-out just as a result of simple and little disappointments and setbacks.

Building self-confidence can’t be done on just a snap. Self- improvement can sometimes be a never-ending process. There are individuals who even acknowledge that self-improvement can last even for a lifetime. Sometimes, we can only say that we’re fully masterful of our life if we have got to the country our dreams and ambitions. Personal mastery can help use with growth and eventually with success. We only need to carry on with our dreams and wait and see.

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Self Esteem - Understanding & Fixing Low Self-Esteem

Self Esteem – The inner workings of self esteem, the root causes of low self-esteem, and how you can improve your esteem today.

The Ultimate Life Purpose Course – Create Your Dream Career:

Leo’s Top 140 Self Help Books

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Video Summary:
Self-esteem is pivotal to determining success in life and relationships. Those suffering from low self-esteem tend to struggle more to find success and happiness in their endeavors. They may see themselves as victims, and are more often victimized, emotionally and / or physically. They may abuse themselves via self-destructive behavior or negative addictions. They often suffer from dysfunctional relationships. Low self-esteem can be displayed by feeling unable to control or correct circumstances in one’s own life. Another common symptom is not valuing oneself, feeling unworthy or unlovable.

What are the elements of self-esteem? How are those elements related to the overlapping concepts of self-efficacy and self-respect? What causes low self-esteem and how does one’s self-image contribute to it?

For those who suffer from low self-esteem, improving it is crucial to feeling empowered in virtually any aspect of their lives. The first step is typically to identify what triggered these internalized feelings, then proceed to awareness and understanding. Stomping out the irrational, limiting beliefs makes way for more logical ones. Low self-esteem need not be permanent. Correcting it can be an arduous process, but well worth the effort.
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10 Tips for Improving Self Esteem - Self Esteem Boost

10 Tips for Improving Self Esteem – Self Esteem Boost

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