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10 Horrible primary and high school teachers who beat, bullied and flogged their young students in class.
School can be a difficult time. Arguments with fellow students. Peer pressure. Being bullied by other kids. But it is so much worse when the person behaving badly is your teacher. The majority of teachers are great examples to their pupils. But some teachers are truly evil. Their behavior begs belief.

We’re talking about bad teachers who bully their students. And scary teachers who flog young children. And mean teachers who beat pupils. Even teachers who bite the young people in their care. Children as young as 3 have been treated horrendously by the adults who are meant to look after them in school. Teenage girls have been attacked by their crazy male teachers. Pupils with special needs have been treated appallingly by their teachers, who dish out crazy punishments.

Find out some of the worst acts committed by teachers across the globe, from the U.S. and UK to China and Africa. You won’t believe such evil can exist in schools. But be warned, it makes for uncomfortable viewing.

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