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A thesis is basically a write up or a report that is put fourth as a premise to a discussion, argument or sometimes it is just a uniform presentation of knowledge. it is the first statement that introduces the thesis and its contents and purpose. Before we refer to the thesis statement examples, let us have a look at the different types thesis statements. Broadly, thesis statements can be divided into 3 categories:
Analytical: An analytical thesis basically provides a comprehensive insight to some important issue and the true facts that are are related to the issue plus the analytical aspects of the same. You can check thesis statement examples for persuasive essays, if you are writing an smaller analytical thesis.
Expository: This is the simplest of all types of thesis, the expansionary thesis principally puts fourth some facts and simplified explanations regarding a specific idea, in front of the people.
Argumentative: The third type is that of the argumentative thesis and presents arguments between two view points. In some cases, only one view point may also be presented to the readers.
For inputs in the topic, you can refer to thesis statement definition and dissertations.

Some Thesis Statement Examples

There are some very good examples of thesis statements which can be presented before. These essay thesis statement examples are classified according to the type of thesis.

1.Analytical Thesis: An Analytical thesis as mentioned above involves the presentation of thoughts in front of the audience. Hence making baseless and logic free statements is dangerous. For example,

Terrorism is not an instruction of the Holy Religion of Islam

Here, it is obviously implied that the speaker wants to say that there is no connection between the Religion of Islam and the acts of terrorism. Hence it is wiser to make a bit longer but complete statement that can go as follows:

In contrast to general public belief in many nations and claims made by terrorists, terrorism is not ‘Jihad’ or a holy war by the Holy Religion of Islam. The act is a plague on the image of the Religion.

The examples of thesis statements for research papers must therefore have complete statements, which are backed by some wide truth. It is stated in the above examples of thesis statements that many people, in several nations believe that terrorism is ‘Jihad’. The belief of some people is the wide truth.’

Another example,

…theories and ideas of Karl Marx, have led to the development of conflicting political and economic ideologies, but these ideas indeed speak of the development of a society in which human being can live without conflict and fear…

2. Expository Thesis: Expository thesis statements are more precise and are also much easier to comprehend. Such a statement must be short, precise and true to fact. Here’s an example.

The Kashmir issue in the Indian subcontinent is a multidimensional vacuum…

A more appropriate completion of the statement would be,

The Kashmir issue in the Indian subcontinent is a multidimensional vacuum, with the interest of several parties at stake and righteous claimant, India willing to establish a compromising peace status quo…

Another example,

…the United Nations Security Council is a meaningless concentration of power of 5 nations…

It can be put in better works,

The veto power of all member nations, makes the United Nations Security Council a meaningless concentration of power of 5 nations…

Thus basically from these essay Thesis statement example, it be noticed that for a expository thesis example, we need a universal truth backing the new idea or claim. In some cases such type of writing is also known as persuasive writing and requires some acute writing skills.

3. Argumentative Thesis: The argumentative thesis statements are tough to write, because there are two conflicting ideas that are presented in the in the statement. Here’s are argumentative thesis statement examples…

Indian Parliament is a confluence of several ideologies, which sometimes proves to be a blessing but in cases a boon

It is quite obvious that there are bound to be conflicting arguments, but to make this statement even better, one can say that…

Indian Parliament is a confluence of several ideologies, which sometimes proves to be a blessing but in cases a boon, due to variable ideological principles.

Another thesis statement example can go as follows…

The United States economy has gone into a status of stalemate.

To put the fact in better words, one can say that,

Financial crisis and unemployment situations have put the United States economy into a status of stalemate.

For more writing tips on this type of thesis writing, you may refer to argument essay writing. You may also refer to essay writing, to sharpen your writing skills. I hope that the elaboration on thesis statement examples is resourceful.

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Doing creative writing exercises is a great way to get over writer’s block and get those “writing muscles” back into shape, so to speak. Writer’s block is after all just the result of getting lazy and not writing daily, which is, by the way, something that every serious writer should make a habit of.

And doing writing exercises is a great way of achieving this goal. So even if your writing has gotten a bit rusty, rest assured that the talent is still there, it is just a little atrophied and nothing that some writing exercises can’t cure.

Many books exist, which offer quality creative writing prompts and other exercises aimed at helping writers perfect the craft of writing. However these are usually focused on a specific area of fiction writing such as plot, character development, setting, descriptions and more intangible aspects of writing such as style, tone, alliteration and others.

If you are primarily looking to simply get started on the writing I would personally suggest you take advantage of some great creative writing prompts. These represent great exercises and normally involve a set of random words or phrases, which you must in some way incorporate into a story, or they can be in the form of a story starter sentence. Pictures also make great creative writing prompts.

The great thing about prompts as creative writing exercises is that they allow for a lot more creativity and offer much more free reign in the direction and form of your writing. This is because they are not as targeted at a certain aspect of creative writing as the more classic writing exercises, leaving you a lot more freedom in the direction and form your stories can take. They also allow for free writing, which is like the number one writing exercise, since it silences your critic and lets the artist come out and play.

Some examples of creative writing prompts:

Here are examples of random word creative writing prompts, random phrase writing prompts and story starter sentence writing prompts. Feel free to try you hand at writing a story from any one set of these, just make sure you use all the words or the phrases and try not to stop writing until the first draft is complete.

#1 Random words as creative writing prompts:

Yesterday, Done, Orchard, Merry-go-round, Thesis, Problem, Ecstasy, Church, Boy

#2 Random phrases as prompts:

The Oxford Encyclopaedia of Poo

Fear of Walking Slowly

A Very Good Friend Called V

Green-Top, Occasionally Red, Trying to Remember Jersey

Global Whoring

Black Suits You, It Matches Your Teeth

The Mysteries of the Pomegranate

Victoria, Cross

My Maidservant’s Anne

Chocolate and the Science of Seduction

#3 Story starter sentence:

Last night the rain fell like it was never going to stop, but I was happy.

Anyway, those are just some examples of creative writing prompts as writing exercises, but if they helped you to get that first drat of a story, poem of flash fiction piece written I am glad. Now just keep at it and remember that just as physical muscles diminish if you don’t exercise so does the “writing muscle.”

Vanja Kovacic is an aspiring writer, journalist and internet entrepreneur. And if you just want to do some more creative writing prompts please visit the Creative Writing Prompts blog.

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Writing of academic essays such as research essays, case studies, movie reviews, thesis papers, term papers and the rest is not a simple task as most of students think. What should be understood when writing academic essays is that for students who are not smart should get example essays from experts and make their work easier. When you get example essays they provide you with guidelines of what is required in writing the best essay. Our essay writing company has example essays written by our professional which means that when you get your essay writing help from our company, you will write the best paper ever. We help you with services which are original at a cost which justified and at the same time we help you with services which enables you upgrade your essay writing skills. Some of our example essays which have been of use to students for years include narrative essays, term papers, descriptive essays, and comparison essays among other example essays. Getting the best example essay website is one of the greatest problems that students undergo. Many companies are after money which is a clear indication that their services are substandard.

Knowing the quality of your paper and some of important features which are included in essay writing is the best thing which can make you get better grades in your essay. Our essay writers will help you understand the basics of writing academic essays such as title, introduction, body part, conclusion, essay style, reference and the rest. Most students don’t like writing their academic essays and that is the reason as to why we provide them with quality example essays which helps them get the meaning of quality writing and at the same time help them with guideline of how to write quality papers. It requires some practice so as to come up with a quality essay work. This requires different example essays which provide you with different materials of essay writing. Contact our example essay website and get thousand of essays which will help you in improving your essay writing skills. Quality of the paper which you want to submit for making depends on the grades which you want to get. Our example essays will help you with tips of writing the best essay for your assignment.

The work of our example essays is to provide you with guidelines of writing the best paper. Most students fail because of using example essays as final work. Plagiarism is there and can cost you your education. We provide quality academic essay services which guarantees you papers which are free from issues which can lead to plagiarism. Our example essays serves only as a guide but should not be used as the final work. When you get your services from companies that are after money, they will provide you with example essays as though they are the final custom essays which might lead you to expulsion.

When writing quality papers, it calls for several drafts which contain different points. Example essays help students because they are essays which contain everything and thus make the work easier. There are some benefits of using example essays when writing your paper such as it reduces the number of drafts which you are required to write, the quality of the targeted paper increases and finally it reduces the time span of writing entire paper.

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Starting a raw foods diet can sound daunting especially if you are currently eating a “typical” diet that does not focus on raw foods. To get started you will want to ease into the diet plan. To make a smooth transition you will want to start by first changing your breakfast, followed by your other meals and snacks. Let’s take a look at the types of foods you will be eating.

General Tips

1. On a raw foods diet, you will want to be eating a balance of the different types of foods allowed. You will want to make sure your daily intake includes carbs such as green leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, chard and kale. You will also want to make sure you are getting enough of the good fats everyday which will consist of your nuts, seeds, oils, olives and avocados.

2. You may want to indulge your sweet tooth by eating your sweeter vegetables and fruits. You can also add raw dairy products to your diet as well as soy milk to have enough of these comfort foods, especially in winter or cold climates.

3. You may find that it is not necessary to consume too much water while on a raw foods diet. You will be getting a decent amount of water from the foods you are now eating, so it will only be necessary to drink when you are thirsty. But better to keep hydrated that not, so just ensure you drink enough.


Planning meals, especially at first can be tricky if you are not used to the raw food diet plan. As already mentioned it is usually easiest to start with breakfast. There are plenty of options to choose from. For breakfast you can eat a large bowl of melon or fresh berries with some nuts. Other ideas include juicing your own fruits and vegetables to make a nutritional breakfast juice. Smoothies are also a popular choice on this diet. You can easily blend your favorite fruits with coconut juice or almond milk.


When you are ready to add on lunch, again there is an endless variety of options to pick from. Big leafy salads with veggies and fresh made salad dressings are a popular choice. Salad dressings can easily be made by blending avocados with lemon or orange juices or by mixing cold pressed extra virgin olive oil with your favorite fruits.


Some ideas for dinner include lettuce or cabbage wraps filled with raw hummus and vegetable or avocados and veggies. Vegetable salads made with cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini or whatever fresh veggies you have on hand are also great choices. Adding nuts or raw cheese to your salads and wraps can also add variety. Making a raw veggie soup or adding pesto to veggie dishes are other tasty options.


Raw food diet snacks are also pretty easy to come by. Just eating some fresh fruit or a handful of raw nuts are great options. Dried fruits especially during the winter months are also a popular choice. Frozen fruit shakes on a warm day can be very refreshing.

As you can see transitioning to a raw food diet can really be quite simple. Start slowly adding one meal at a time. Before you know it you will be enjoying the diet and all the benefits that go along with it.

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Students should be able to write any essay on any topic. Literature reviews are ones of the most common essays. The purpose of book critique examples is to develop critical, objective, and unbiased thinking in students. So, what steps should a student take to succeed in writing these kinds of essays? How to start writing book critique examples? The following tips may help at solving these problems. Specifics of book critique examples introduction Before writing any book critique example, one should read a book. The book may be suggested by a teacher, if no, one should choose a book he/she really likes. However, it is important to remember that the approach to writing should be objective but not subjective. When one found out all positive and negative points of the book, he/she may get down to reviewing 1.It is advisable to start the paper with an interesting citation. The purpose of the opening phrase is to make the reader intrigued. One should not limit his/her creativity and imagination at this point. 2.The next tip is to mention the author’s ideas. Consider the following questions: Has the author succeeded in transferring his/her message to the reader? What is the author’s attitude towards the main characters? What is the problem raised in the book? What is the genre of the book? 2.It is essential to provide some background information about the book and the author. Who is the author? When was he born? When was the book issued? Main body and conclusion 1.Do not indulge in writing all details of the narration. The purpose of this paper is to provide critique. Just write a small summary so that the reader would understand what the book is about. 2.Outline positive and negative aspects of the book. But remember to be objective. 3.Close to the end state personal opinion about this book. Is it worth reading? Or would it be a waste of time? 4.Finally, check the paper for mistakes.

Randy Wheeler is a professional academic writer in writing company. Having degrees in history and sociology, he assists students from all over the world with write thesis proposal and custom dissertation

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What type of cases are Education Solicitors involved in? Education Solicitors can be used for any area related to the law within education and those involved in education. This article looks at some examples of the types of situation where Education Solicitors might be employed.

There are many examples of education related law. The author of this article is not a legal expert, and the below are simply some examples of situations where education solicitors may be used.

Entry to School, College or University

Some parents whose child has been denied a place at their first choice school have looked to take legal action in the belief that the decision is wrong in the eyes of the law. If they believe they are entitled to a place (for example they are within the catchment area) and have not been given one they may feel this is the only way to resolve the issue. They may know someone from further afield or someone who didnt reach the entry requirements who did get a place. They may therefore seek an explanation as to the reason for the rejection, and if unhappy with the reason given they might look to take it further.

Similarly, some students denied a University place may also look at the legal options if they feel they have met the requirement but have still not gained entry.


There have been situations where parents have taken legal action because their child has been bullied at school. In many cases this is against the school because they have not taken adequate action. It might be that they believe steps werent put in place to prevent bullying or that teachers failed to spot it happening. In other cases there may be evidence that teachers knew what was happening but did nothing about it. Some parents have been in a situation where they have repeatedly told the school about a particular problem but nothing has been done about it, and therefore have sued the school for not acting in the correct matter.

Unfair Treatment from Teachers

There are sometimes accusations that a particular teacher has treated a pupil unfairly. It may even be that they have been bullied, either physically or verbally, by a teacher or picked on. Another example is where they feel their work is being unfairly marked.

Protest Against Exam Results

Some have taken legal action due to being unhappy about the exam results they have got. Some have had exams re-marked for this reasons, with some results changed as a consequence. There have been examples of this at GCSE, A-Level and Degree level.


There are times where parents feel that their child has been unjustifiably expelled from their school and they have decided to pursue the legal avenues.

Setting Up Independent Schools or Academies

Just like the setting up of a business, setting up an independent school requires certain legal processes. Therefore, specialist education solicitors may be hired to make sure everything runs smoothly from a legal standpoint.

Andrew Marshall (c)

For specialist Education Solicitors visit Stone King.

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