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There are only few effective free lead-generating tools these days that can easily help you boost your sales and revenue. One of them is article writing. When you write an article about topics that are closely related to your chosen niche, you are basically hitting two birds with one stone; you show off your specialized knowledge and you give your target market valuable information. As a result, you position yourself as an industry leader while you increase the trust level of your prospects. As you know, these can help you boost your sales potential in no time.

Here’s how you can excel with article writing so you can generate more clients:

1. Involve your audience. If you want to make your articles to sound like they are all about your readers, I recommend that you spend time with these people so you can really get to know what they would like to see on your articles. Know what information that they are looking for, the writing format they prefer, and the language that they can easily identify with.

2. Use intriguing titles. Increase your chances of convincing people to open your articles by giving them attention-grabbing titles that can spark curiosity. You can give your target market a solid idea as to what kind of information they can find on your content or simply target their emotions. Either way, I am sure you’ll be able to get them to act on your favor right away.

3. Make your first paragraph interesting. Keep in mind that online users have very limited attention span. If they read your article’s first 100 words and if they don’t see anything worth knowing, you can be assured that they will not waste a single more minute and they will close your articles in a heartbeat. You don’t want this to happen, do you? So, make sure that your first paragraph is very powerful that it can hold the interest of your readers all throughout.

4. Write fresh topics. Instead of writing the same old topics over and over again, consider giving your readers, particularly your loyal followers with up-to-date information. Write about fresh topics that have direct impact on your chosen niche and give your readers some information that they haven’t heard before. This is one of the best things that you can do to impress your readers.

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We all love to hold those great parties where everyone comes to have a good time. This could be for an extended family or even a business lunch where employees or executives all gather in one place to discuss future business etc. Whatever the event, it is clear that some form of expert help is needed to make the party go with a swing. To see what is available in the local area, try looking up ‘BBQ catering’ or ‘corporate catering’ online this should bring up many selections to choose for sure.

Although we all have favorite foods that we would like to have served at some functions, the experts will have firsthand knowledge of what will be acceptable at the venue depending on what message is being put across. For example, family gatherings could have big bowls of hot chili dishes with great salads and breads available too. But this may not be the look that needs to be projected if there is big business to be discussed.

At these events, something a little more sophisticated may be needed, like shrimps or oysters etc, and these will certainly need more careful handling than other foods. Whole rafts of ice may be needed to keep everything chilled since no one wants to remember the bad food poisoning they got from some affair or other so this may just be where professionals have the edge over the amateur event planner.

Indeed, it is the planning which makes or breaks these special events and so much has to be done beforehand to ensure smooth sailing on the day. The event may be attended by literally thousands of people so it is imperative to make sure that there is enough food to go round too. One thing that most people forget is that there will most certainly be vegetarians around too and if there is no main dish for this section of the group, a good impression will not be had for sure.

The decorations used for the event are also important since the company may be looking for business from attending parties. The company colors are sometimes incorporated, if appropriate, and it is important not to overdo the choice of color since this could make the whole thing look rather messy.

Finishing off the tables with fine china and silver cutlery may be just a little too much if the affair is less formal but if the company wants to be remembered then they will certainly need the experts to suggest ways of doing this. Add fine wines or imported hard liquor and those who know about such things will be very impressed indeed.

The venue itself is important too and many companies these days are hiring wineries or such places for their big days of celebration. The effect of very old buildings and wonderful fields full of grapes sets a lovely atmosphere for those attending and the participants even get a free tour if they so wish. This truly is a great way to show appreciation or just to drum up some extra business along the way.

Stewart Wrighter plans on using a Roseville BBQ catering for his company’s retreat this summer. He recently hired a Sacramento corporate catering company to provide food and drinks for a Christmas party for the employees.

Do you want to surpass or outplay other marketers who are now using article marketing? I am sure you would. Here’s what you need to do:

1. High quality articles. It’s unbelievable but there are a lot of article marketers who are not really concerned about the quality of their copies. Some of them are even using software to generate articles that are not readable at all. You can outplay these people by manually writing your articles and making sure that they are informative, well-written, and easy to understand. By doing so, you can be assured that you’ll be able to impress your readers and convince them that you are really knowledgeable on your chosen niche and that you are a great source of information. These are what you need to get these people to check out your website and sign up to your opt-in list.

2. The more articles, the better. You can’t really dominate this field if you submit just one article per week. If you have the time and the energy, it is highly recommend that you write at least 5 articles per day or 25 articles per week to easily boost the number of your inbound links and to generate more attention online. You can do this by writing topics that you know very well (so you will not need to perform time-consuming extensive research), by keeping your articles short (600 words or less), and by extending your writing hours. However, if you are just like any busy online entrepreneur who have so much on your plate, it would work if you can outsource your writing tasks to talented ghostwriters that you can find on various freelancing sites.

3. Impress the publishers. Aside from giving your potential clients great reading experience, you also need to make sure that you are going to impress the publishers so they will accept and publish your articles right away. That means, no time to be wasted on editing and resubmitting your articles. Publishers love articles that are very informative, free from blatant ads, those that do not contain URL, and are relatively short. They will reject articles that contain inappropriate content and those that do not contain keyword list, resource box, and article summary.

4. Maximize your resource box. You can increase your chances of getting people to click on your resource box if you can use a maximum of 3 URLs (preferably 2 anchor texts and one absolute URL). Of course, you will need to make it sound compelling and powerful to easily increase your conversion rate.

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If you struggle to come up with ideas for writing multiple articles time after time, besides addressing your writing skills, it’s probably down to how well you can research your material. That may seem a strange concept, but researching is an art just like writing is, and the only way to get proficient at it is to practice – even when you don’t want to. Never copy or plagiarize, use anything you find; use it for research only, just to get ideas, and get you creative juices flowing. Frankly, with plenty of practice, it shouldn’t even occur to you.

Here are some of the best places to research you article writing material:

Study article sites. Study the form of other writers, and see how the professionals write their articles. Many top writers will have their content ghost written for them, but that’s not to say they cannot write their own excellent content. Those who are most successful only employ ghost writers after they’re written several hundred of their own articles, then they are better paced to judge the quality of what they receive from their outsourced material.

Search engines and forums provide a first-class source for content. Start a swipe file for yourself, so that you can record the URLs of any useful and interesting posts, comments, or other information you find. I simply copy and paste, then save mine to a word document, so that I can simply go back and study the content whenever I like. An instant, and easily accessible reference library!

Check online to see if there any (free) seminars you could go to. Internet marketing or writing seminars will prove to be another goldmine of information for you. You just have to bear in mind that many of them are simply pitch-festivals, but use them as a research tool, and take plenty of notes. They’re excellent venues for meeting like-minded people, and you can come home with more than a few ideas for content.

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