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It is necessary for many businesses to be able to successfully access the markets in all parts of the world. However, to ship products overseas, one must have knowledge of the many regulations that affect international traffic, obtain the proper licenses from the State Department, and many other tasks. Failure to comply with regulations can quickly result in serious fines and other penalties. Because of this, many businesses that deal in overseas markets are now choosing to outsource their exporting to qualified professionals.

Because of the complexity involved in handling international sales and volume of shipments, export control issues that affect the sales of these products, knowing the requirements and how the rules effect every shipment based on commodity, a high level of expertise is needed. It is important to understand just what the export control requirements are and the differences depending on shipment type. These differences can and do affect each shipment depending on the commodity, country of consignment, end user and country of end use.

Firms with new or large expansion into foreign markets beyond the domestic markets now can outsource all of the details of processing the orders to international markets to a particular export outsourcing company. Export outsourcing is the method that many firms now choose to have international orders subcontracted, including all export processing. Doing so allows a successful firm to focus on product development and fulfillment while conserving valuable company resources. A US firm that uses export outsourcing can concentrate on their manufacturing and domestic shipping.

When using an export outsourcing company, a US firm will be able to provide the order fulfillment, but ship only as far as the new domestic headquarters, and then pass the processing of the international order to the export outsourcing agency. This agency will carry out the entire stepwise process for an affordable price, making it an ideal option for businesses large and small.

What the US firm would do is to bill and ship the products domestically to the headquarters of the export outsourcing agency which then bills and ships the order to the global customer off shore. The firm performing this service will also typically ensure the shipments are also processed with the correct documentation on the invoices as well as the export declarations and licenses as needed. This will save domestic firms costs resulting from potential delays or penalties for lack of proper handling and international documentation.

Also known as export management firms, these companies are invaluable because they have the vital, detailed expertise in working with international trade, global business processing, global transactions on domestic imports and exports in the retail, food service and institutional and bulk food and agribusiness products.

The same can be said for the health, fitness, beauty aids, vitamins, hygiene items and consumer goods and commodities. Another market that frequently outsources its exports is the Military Aerospace industry. Shipping the technological components associated with the Aerospace industry requires a deal of expert knowledge on licensing and regulations, which export outsourcing companies can provide.

Elymat Industries Inc. is a professional export outsourcing company. Serving the Military Aerospace Industry for 35 years, we specialize in obtaining US State Department and Commerce Department licenses to ship these products overseas.

A very good way to help minimize the effects of a poor economy is to increase the size of your customer base.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to enter into the realm of exporting.

Regardless of what you may think, exporting your goods to another country is no mythical, mysterious thing which is only something that large global businesses are capable of doing.

Nor do you have to worry about customers in a foreign country not buying from you because they don’t know who you are.

If you can sell your product locally then your products will sell just as easily, sometimes even better, internationally.

Exporting your goods across international borders is no more difficult for the small business than it is for the Fortune 500 company.

In fact for you, the small business owner, it may be in many ways easier than for a large corporation, because you handle all the decisions yourself.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your business may have an easier time dealing with any customs regulations simply because it is smaller, and it is in the best interests of the government to facilitate the exporting of your products.

Depending upon the product you are interested in exporting, it might take only a single sheet of paper to make the customs agent happy. A simple form may suffice in handling all of your required paperwork for exporting your goods.

People in other countries are eager for your products. There are many places online, and at your local library, where you can discover the contact information for distributors, warehouses, manufacturers, and yes even customer lists, in the foreign country you are interested in exporting to.

The Internet makes it easier than ever before to conduct business internationally. You can easily and inexpensively communicate with potential agents, distributors, and advertisers, in any country you are going to export to.

You will always be able to find people in the country you wish to export your products to who will want to be a part of successfully importing your products to their country.

They are eager to work hard to maximize their own potential income, and in doing so, they will work hard to sell your products in their country, and therefore maximize your income.

If you have never before considered exporting, there’s no better time than right now. So dip your toes into international waters, and expand your potential customer base to include the entire world.

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