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Foundation of agriculture remains weak, long-term constraints have not yet eradicated, and some will further increase, new conflicts and problems have appeared, some difficult to predict, 2010 will be a complex and difficult year.

In the just-concluded central conference on rural work, the central leadership pointed out that once in 2009, facing a major test of natural disasters, and unusual fluctuations in domestic and international markets for agricultural products adversely affected, “three rural” the difficulties, tenacious struggle to consolidate and develop the good situation of agriculture in rural areas, in order to expand domestic demand and promote economic recovery provides a basis to better support.

In response to continuing financial crisis in relations Key Time, agricultural and rural economic development still faces many new contradictions and problems, in particular, in industrialization and urbanization are accelerating under the influence of the external environment, agriculture and rural economy, complex, internal constraints highlighted. 6 years in a row to maintain a fruitful starting point to continue to increase production of food more difficult to achieve stable and rapid development of agriculture and rural economy compound the challenges. Therefore, efforts to increase urban and rural development and consolidate the “three rural” development based on expansion of domestic demand for growth in the entire country of great significance.

Five weak links to be solved Although the harvest of grain
2009, but cotton candy and other industrial raw materials feed crop production has declined, from one aspect that the current situation facing agriculture and rural development is still very severe, a heavier workload, the situation is not optimistic.

Agricultural production less efficient. Mainly because of the current production of a large number of rural households diversify agricultural production efficiency is low, the individual peasant economy against market risks and natural disasters is clearly insufficient. With the current industrialization and urbanization, the family dispersed organizational form of production operations by the challenges of market economy, individual peasant economy of resources, information and all aspects of agricultural market and price fluctuations in supply and demand severe asymmetry, leading to more efficiency in agricultural production declining trend. In this situation, part of the decline in agricultural production, decline in agricultural production, agricultural issues such as excessive price fluctuations may occur at any time. Imports of agricultural products and agricultural products in international market price fluctuations will also impact agricultural production.

Agricultural products are difficult not been effectively resolved. History of the world economy, with agricultural science and technology, including seed, fertilizer, Agricultural Machinery And other agricultural technology development and application of agricultural labor productivity reaches a certain level, agricultural production and agricultural surplus as the outstanding problems, which include the United States, France and other developed countries in the process of agricultural development occurred in recent years My problem is the variety of agricultural products are difficult to reflect this economic laws at work. Agriculture in the 90’s, after solving the food problem in the new century, the main problem facing the problem of excess agricultural products, if not properly solved, is bound to happen, “grain prices are low farmers.” The issue will directly affect the peasants producing, waste agricultural resources. Therefore, the development of modern agriculture in addition to ensuring the supply of agricultural products, the regulation of agricultural resources to increase the scientific and attach importance to agricultural products are difficult to solve the problem.

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In spite of your painstaking research, finding a location which is free from environmental pollution is quite impossible. We can say pollution on the earth is omnipresent and it is hard to escape from the effects of pollution unless you take precautionary measures to mitigate the effects of these pollutants. South Carolina is one among the states of US that is suffering greatly from the ill effects of pollution.

Environmental pollution is the major challenge on the table of the world. Our greed to technological advancement has sworn the pollution with many powers. It has now gained the control over earth, environment, and life of the inhabitants including humans. South Carolina also occupies place among the states that is majorly affected by the pollution.

Apart from the poultry, cattle breeding and tourism some industries also contribute to the economy of the state. The industrial sector of the state includes textile goods, chemical products, paper products, machinery, automobiles and automotive products.

The industries which are part of states economy is throwing a major challenge to the other sub sectors of the economy. Tourism industry and poultry cattle breeding are facing a great decline in the income generated in the state. The reason is only one; the toxic substance emitted from the industries is affecting the natural quality of the environment and is affecting the tourism industry in turn. Improper disposal of waste by these industries is causing a great change in the environmental balance and is affecting the food and contaminating the water in the state. The cattle and poultry industry being fed with the contaminated food is unable to yield the expected output

The irresponsible acts of residents of the state also contribute to the environmental pollution of the state in addition to the trash disposed by the industries. The residents of the state stand silent as spectators of the drastic environmental change that is taking place in the state and blame the industries as the reason, I agree that industrial waste generated in the state is the major contributor of the pollution in the state, but the trash generated by the projects handled by the individuals adds to it.

Careless deeds of residents and industries of the state are making the pollution rule the land. It is of no surprise if you soon happen to see the government of the state frames a law to enforce green living mandatory where you have to sacrifice your comfort zones. All your hard work to invent technologically advanced projects will go in wane. They will be soon out of your current life style. Though it sounds scary, it becomes inevitable for the government of the state to enforce the law to sustain the living atmosphere in the state if the same situation continues to persist.

The best way to escape all these horrifying situations is to find the ways to dispose the trash in effective manner. Disposing the trash in effective manner will reduce the effects of pollution on the environment making it sustainable for comfortable living. None other than dumpster rental company South Carolina will help in recycling the trash in environmental friendly manner. These dumpster rental companies will keep you away from all the trash disposal tasks and get your trash disposed in effectively at affordable cost. Dumpster rental companies of South Carolina are the best tools to face the challenges thrown by the environmental pollution in South Carolina. They even help you in maintaining sustainable environment is South Carolina there by supporting all the sectors of the economy to excel their growth.

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Writing articles is an easy job, but sometimes people get stuck somewhere, even the best article writer have times when they may face mind blocking problem. They simply cannot come up with new ideas.

This can happen maybe because you are having some trouble thinking of what to write or maybe you are getting distracted because of things around you. Another problem is that you know what to write but you don’t know how to write or how to begin. Well there are many things that would create problem in writing an article.

Below are the tips to get rid of such problems –

1. Leave it for some time and take a step back from writing an article and do something different, watch movies or play games, do anything you like – anything that takes your mind far away from the article writing assignment. This will help because it allows you to go far away from the task and you come back fresh and ready.

2. Complete your other assignment that is not so difficult for you to write. Write anything which is completely different from your subject in whom you are interested and save it to publish it later or publish it now; just don’t add it to your site but you can submit it to article directories.
This will increase a chance of completing the difficult one easily.
If you are not sure about your assignment, take your time re-reading the instructions and even ask questions to clear things if you need. It is always better to ask and get things done properly than to struggle with things that you don’t understand and risk of doing wrong things.

You have a better chance of getting the article in flow, if you follow the above tips
The worst thing you can do is sit there in front of your blank screen and look at it.

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