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There is one simple important rule that you need to adhere to when it comes to advertising with articles. And the rule is that the more quality articles you are able to produce at a very fast rate, the more money you will make from your web site.

How? When you advertise your business with more quality articles, you will pull in more targeted prospective clients to your business. For example if you are able to make 8 sales from 6 articles that you submit out across the web, how many sales do you think you will make if you increase the number of articles you have out there to about 40 within 3 days? You would get amazing results – don’t you think?

Everything boils down to one simple fact; you need to acquire the skill to write fats. And here are a few tips to help you write articles faster than you can imagine.

Ideas come as you write. Produce new titles from them

When writing articles, you will notice that new ideas other than the ones that you intend focusing on tend to come up. Create new titles from these ideas and paste them below your article even as you write your first article. This way you move onto the next article by picking up one of the titles that you have written below your first article.

One note of caution though. Don’t try to squeeze all ideas that come to you into a single article. Doing this will make your article long and lack focus. Long articles can be broken down into shorter articles. For example a 1000 words article can easily be broken down into 250 words articles. That means that you will have 4 different quality unique articles instead of just one.

Repeat the process

Keep creating new article titles below your articles as you are writing other articles. Don’t let those ideas slip away because ideas will always come and go. Following this process will enable you write much more than you are currently doing. One you are able to write articles fast, advertising with articles becomes easy.

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One thing I have learned about article marketing is to have a greater chance at getting more traffic you must write more articles. I have no idea why some people spend an hour or more writing one article.

My thought on this is why are you so slow?

Because the rewards do not justify taking that long there really is no need for you to spend that much time on an article. You need to become quicker at how you write and you need to write more articles every day if you expect to compete online.

So how can you pick up the pace in your article writing efforts?

1. Start with the mechanics of how you write your articles. If you are bad at typing or you should consider purchasing the Dragon Speak and Write software.

You will also need a microphone to speak your articles into. I have also downloaded a nifty little piece of software to dictate my articles into called Article Notepad which you can get online for free.

This allows you to sit and speak your articles directly into the microphone and have them appear right in front of you on article notepad. I am doing that right now as I write this article.

Taking a typing class and learning to type faster is another thing you can do if you don’t want to dictate your articles. If can double your words per minute that means you can double the amount of articles you produce every day.

2. Become faster at finding good articles to write about. You also need to become an expert at choosing keywords for your articles. Google offers a free keyword tool to do that. is a great place to go and get article ideas. You might even set aside a block of time to do nothing but research article ideas and put those in the swipe file for future writing.

3. Develop an outline for your article. Make a list of everything you want to discuss in your article. You can write on a piece of paper or in a Word document so you can refer back to it when you begin writing or dictating your article.

Take the time to arrange your article in a logical sequence. This will help it flow better for your readers as well is make it easier for you to write quickly.

4. When you sit down to write focus on writing. Set a goal of knocking out an article out in 10 minutes.

If your research has been done and you are set up and ready to get started this is very doable. Don’t worry about any errors you are making as you write, because you can go back and proofread and correct those.

5. The finishing touches should just be looking back over the article to make sure everything reads well. Make any corrections such as grammar or spelling if you see any.

You can write at a faster pace if you put your mind to it.

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Whether you are a professional writer or just a business person trying to promote your company through article marketing, it can be very beneficial for you to learn to write ezine articles faster. Have you ever sat by the computer, starting at a white screen with a total blank as to what to write?

You’re not alone as nearly everyone has been there before, even the professionals. However, there are some simple steps you can learn to follow every time which will help prevent you from getting lost, drawing a blank and not knowing what to write. These very same tips will also help you to write each article faster.

This means you will have more articles written more quickly which translates into more free marketing for you. You may have heard the phrase quality over quantity in reference to writing and for the most part, this is true. However, when it comes to article marketing, it’s actually important to have a balance of both.

Good quality will be important to your business image and also will increase the number of people who read your articles. However, having a higher number of articles also works well in your favor. Some people believe you need a database of around 200+ articles before you will really start generating great quality from them.

One thing is certain: the more articles you have, the more advertising you will generate. So here is the first step on how to write ezine articles faster: Write your action steps first.

Don’t stress yourself out trying to think of a headline or attractive lead paragraph. Just jump to the real meat- the action steps. You can then fill in the rest later and it will be easier to write the headline and intro once you know what your article is really about.

Write your conclusions next. Sum up your article in a nice conclusion even if you haven’t finished the intro yet. So many people hit their word count and then just stop writing. This makes the article drop off suddenly and it leaves the reader hanging. Write your conclusions and then make sure your article actually contains everything your conclusion says it does.

Create a template for your ezine articles which includes the headline, intro, action steps and conclusion or summarizing paragraph. Don’t forget the quality author’s signature box and now you have a great system you can use each time you sit down to write an ezine article.

Lisa Mason is a freelance writer with a specialty in Internet content and SEO articles. She has written thousands of articles, hundreds of ebooks and thousands of website pages and related content. She is the author of How to Earn a Living Writing for the Internet.

Articles writing can be a life-long career. The more articles you write, the more earnings you get. Therefore, if you choose writing articles, learn how to accelerate your speed.


Want to write fast? Here’s how.


1. Know What You Want to Achieve: Create Goals and Plans


You’ll write faster when you know what you want to achieve. Start by creating some goals for your article writing business.


Writing as a second job? If you’re a writing articles to generate a second income, creating goals is vital.


Decide how much income you want to make, but also decide on how you want to expand your business over the next 12 months.


Create your goals in this format: “I …”.


For example, “I make 250 from my article writing this week”. Or: “I find five new clients this month”.

Notice that the goal-setting format includes “I”, and that it’s written in the present tense. If you’re thinking that your goals written in this format are affirmations, you’re right.


Be careful of writing your goals as “I will”, or “I want to”. The danger here is that these goals have no deadlines, which make them meaningless — they encourage procrastination.


2. Keyword Inspiration: Use It Every Day


When you’re writing articles, you know that your articles will be found by searchers using keywords. It’s great inspiration to generate a list of 20 or 30 keywords, and then generate titles from those keywords.


Once you’ve generated the titles, you now have a list of articles to complete.


3. The Simplest Outline Ever: Create a List


Each day, decide how many articles you will write, and then expand your titles by making a list of points you want to cover under each title.


Work on your articles until you get them done, or if you are writing as a second job, take your list of article titles with you to your primary job and work on your articles in your lunch hour.


Writing you articles quickly is a skill which develops over time. If it takes you two hours to write your first article, then you’ll be amazed that within a month you have cut that time in half easily — without any sweat at all. Within two months, you’ll write each article in ten to 20 minutes.


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