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Feature Article

How to write a feature article

I model for my students how to transition from an outline to the actual writing of a feature article with special focus on quoting from a source.
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Feature articles are a forum for a writer to express their opinion using a fact-based argument geared toward a particular agenda.
They use a different pattern than newspaper reports.
The Writer
The writer is as much a part of the article as its content. Many represent ‘larger-than-life’ people
Personal Agenda
Personal beliefs are very much a part of an article, with commentary as important as facts
Language and Structure
Feature articles are a free-flowing conversation, with use of figurative and emotional language.
Big Bold Headline!
A feature article usually starts with a very short sentence to get the reader’s interest and state the issue. However, this can vary.
Argument begins here. Feature articles will interweave facts and/or statistics. Quotes are not quite as important. Usually directed toward a point.
May have single line statements to hammer a point home.
Continues on a powerful conclusion.
No Formal Structure
There is no formal structure, and sequencing is ordered by argument rather than events
Provides Background
Generally will discuss an issue with background and links to many sources and analogies
Usually finishes where it begins, and takes an argument full circle
A feature article will address its audience, often directly referring to them as ‘you, we, us, our’
Like an essay, a feature article is directed towards constructing an argument using facts, evidence and discussion.
Unlike an essay, however, it features a personal conversation between writer and the audience.
While there is no formal structure, it uses specifics and evidence to justify its opinion. It works like a public debate.
Feature articles usually have the following characteristics:
Use figurative and speculative language
Often use humour, analogies or puns
Incorporate facts in argument
Anecdotal and conversational
Often speaks to audience – uses 2nd person syntax (“you”)
Use emotional language
Feature articles are personal arguments
Use their own structure and style
Address an audience directly

Reading Staretegies of English Laguage.
This video will tell you about
What is a Feature Article
What is a Profile Feature Story

This video will be helpful for people who have interest in English as a Teaching Language or Who work as Content Writer or Who Just Simply Like to write or read articles, books etc.

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