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Biology 112: Finding Research Articles at the PCC Library

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When you are looking to be a nurse you have to make sure that you start to develop specific skills as well as you can. There are a lot of people that do not understand how they can start preparing for nursing school in any stage of life.

If you are young and you know that you want to be a nurse you can start by developing your intrapersonal skills. Many people do not think about all of the different times they will have to use these skills as a nurse.

There are a lot of reasons why you need to develop these skills before you go to nursing school. Often times you will have to make sure that you understand how you are going to talk with people that are upset or even scared.

When you cannot talk to people normally it will be difficult to talk to people that are upset. You want to make sure that you understand how you are going to go about finding how you are going to be comfortable talking with people.

Start talking with people as much as you can. When you talk with people concentrate on really listening to what they are saying and take the time to understand what they need you to say in return.

Taking the time to concentrate on others and really understand what they need will help you when you become a nurse. You have to concentrate all that you can on the others around you and you will be able to be more effective as a nurse.

When you are in school you have to work to get good grades in your science and math classes. There are many different ways to go about finding a route that will eventually lead you to being the type of nurse you want to be.

As you understand these routes you will want to choose one and stick with it. There are a lot of people that do not understand that even when times get rough it will end up paying off in the long run in your profession.

Although you are going to have difficult time in classes, the classes are preparing you for your career. Sometimes, the facts and the numbers that you learn are not going to be what will prepare you for your career.

There are many different skills that you have to understand when you are a nurse. Often times, you will be under a crunch to meet a deadline or to get a patient his or her medication and treatment as soon as you can.

When you are in school and you are trying to make a deadline you will learn how to prioritize your to-do list. You have to make sure that you understand what you need to do to make sure that you are able to get through your career.

You should also take the time to sign up for science and math classes as early as high school. These are the classes that are going to prepare you to be able to succeed when you get into your college classes.

If you get admitted to a four year university you can get a Bachelor of Science in nursing. This is the best way to get certified as a nurse and you have to make sure that you understand what you are striving for this option.

When it is not plausible for you to attend one of these schools you should instead take the time to look for an opining at a community college. There are a lot of people that are able to successfully transfer to a four year university after a junior college.

If you are not able to go to a junior college you can always get a certification in a hospital. There are many different hospitals that will allow you the opportunity to get certified under the wing of the doctors and nurses working there.

When you get a certification in the hospital you will only be able to work in that hospital. If you are able to pass the state boards you will be able to practice nursing anywhere in the state that you are certified in.

No matter how you go about it, you have to make sure that you understand how you are going to get into nursing. The more you understand now the better preparations you will be able to make so that you can get through all of the hoops and finally be a practicing nurse.

Tom Selwick has worked as a traveling nurse for the last 16 years. He has worked in many local clinics and the ER and recommends looking into a career in travel nursing.

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Tom Selwick

Most article marketers testify as to how effective and lucrative article marketing is. Indeed, it has become one of the most popular money-making tools on the Web. However, not every aspiring article marketer has the luxury of time to constantly write articles to keep the profits rolling. Read more to find out how to solve this problem and start getting article marketing to work for you.

Article marketing may not be as easy as you think. It requires skill, time and hard work. What you need to do is outsource – get someone to do all the work for you while you sit back and count the profits you make from your online business.

Selecting a writer to do your work for you may be a bit tricky. You have to be careful in choosing your writer as this will very much determine the success of your business. There are lots of freelance writers out there, but there are only a few who could get the job right. Below are a few tips you can use to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Start by asking your writers to write. Prepare at least two types of text for your writers to work on: one technical article and one simple text. Give clear instructions on how you want to get these done. Through this, you will already be able to tell which writers are able to follow instructions perfectly.

This is also a good venue to test their writing skills. If you’re having troubles with a writer’s grammar and sentence structures, you might want to keep looking.

To check whether they really did their homework, ask for a few writing samples. Compare the work you assigned with their writing samples and see if the writing styles match. This is a good way to see if your writer can be trusted and depended on.

Lastly, do a little research about your writer. Check for ratings or any type of recommendations that may be under his name. Finding positive feedback is a good sign that your writer is capable of getting the job done.

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Reunions are opportunities for old high school friends or relatives not seen in years to come together and relive fond memories, share recent news and pictures, and pick up nearly forgotten conversations.


For some, however, those days do not exist, not because they are unwilling to revisit the good old days but because they are unable to find information on such reunions. In the business of planning military reunions, it is not common for old friends to gather and speculate on missing buddies, and wonder what had become of them. With the many resources available to vets and reunion planners, however, there is the opportunity to fill in these gaps.


Internet Military Databases

When people think of the word veteran, more than likely the image of an older person comes to mind. We tend to think of our veterans as having served in long ago wars, people one might not find too often using the Internet. Quite the contrary, the percentage of senior citizens who use the Internet has gradually risen over the years, with a good number of Internet sites dedicated solely to improving the quality of life for the aging. One must note, too, that a military veteran need not be a older person – considering Desert Storm happened just more than a decade ago, veterans of that era may be in their thirties and forties!


The Internet provides a good number of resources for retired and former military seeking to reunite with old friends. and, for example, provide large databases of reunion information. A simple search for your former group may yield results. Further search through sites dedicated to each branch of the service may also prove beneficial.


Veteran and Military Publications

Access to any number of regular military publications is also very helpful in tracking down information on upcoming reunions. Many of the major national organizations for veterans, including the Paralyzed Veterans of America, Disabled American Veteran, the American Legion, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars has a corresponding publication sent to its members. From there you can search for information, and as many of these organizations are online you may find additional news through corresponding message boards.


Military Reunion Planners

Companies dedicated to planning military reunions and gatherings are naturally a good find. A simple search engine search for “military reunions” will yield a wealth of resources on such companies. When you find an organization like Armed Forces Reunions, Inc., you may find they are involved in planning the next meeting of your former group. You may be surprised, too, to know how many people were hoping you would show.


Kathryn Lively is a freelance writers who writes content for various websites, including Armed Forces Reunions, Inc. at, national planner of military reunions.

How to find journal articles using the MultiSearch database provided by the University of Canterbury Libraries

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One of the tasks, that may keep you from starting an online newsletter, is gathering materials and writing a regular article. Whether you plan to send your newsletter quarterly, monthly or weekly, there is that looming task of finding an article topic and writing about it.

The task will be easier if you keep in mind that your article does not have to be a long, complete research work. In fact, longer articles are not as likely to be read. If your article will be much longer than 750 words, you may be trying to cover too much material. Break it up into two articles, which will take care of your next newsletter too!

Other items for your newsletter, such as ads for your product, can suggest an article topic. Your welcome comments at the beginning of your newsletter could also lead to an article, or vice versa, your article might lead you to make some interesting comments. Questions or comments from customers are also good article topics.

You can set up your newsletter in many ways. To get ideas, go to other websites and sign up for their newsletters. Here are some examples of possible topic combinations for a newsletter to get your creative juices flowing!

Scenario: you create a product from trees that have been damaged or killed by disease, which creates very interesting wood shapes and colors. This keeps this wood from being burned in a slash pile or sent to a landfill.

Newsletter Theme: what is beetle killed wood?
Since an important part of your market lives in cities and areas where beetle kill (especially mountain pine beetle) isn’t a common sight, this could be a very interesting topic.

Welcome Comments: describe the visual devastation of the forest in many communities.

Newsletter Article: write about the life cycle of the mountain pine beetle and how it affects specific types of trees. Provide stats on the beetle kill areas and a photo of a mountainside with red trees.

Newsletter Ad: show photos of one or two of your products created specifically from a beetle-killed tree. Offer a special discount on these specific products from anyone who mentions the newsletter.

Scenario: you own a small hotel or resort.

Newsletter Theme: an upcoming event, such as a community event, like the International Choral Festival in Missoula, Montana or a natural event like a salmon run.

Newsletter Welcome: show pride in your community. Discuss how many people participated in the activity last year or some other statistics or anecdote about the event. Welcome your readers to attend and that you hope they will stop by and say hello, even if they aren’t staying at your hotel.

Newsletter Article: Write an article about the history of the event or the importance of the natural phenomenon. If your business has historical ties to the event, write about that. Or, if some expert in your community has already written an excellent article, ask them if you can send it out in your newsletter, and say something nice about that person in your comments. Every year, you can use a new angle for your article about that event.

Newsletter Ad: offer free cookies or an hour later checkout or something to anyone who registers by a certain time before the event, and who mentions the newsletter.

Scenario: you are an artist or photographer, a highly competitive field, where exposure for each piece is important.

Newsletter Theme: feature a particular piece. If you have accumulated a lot of work, you have a lot of potential articles. You could think of each newsletter as a mini-show.

Newsletter Welcome: mention a show where this work is or was featured. If another organization is producing the show, say something nice about them. (Make sure you get “good guy” points by sending a copy of your newsletter to the principles in that organization.)

Newsletter Article: discuss a particular piece that is in the show. If there is a good story connected with the piece, tell it. Or, discuss a technique you use in that piece and what prompted you to use that technique. Or, you could write about the show or venue, if that will help your cause! For example, if you are donating a piece for charity, weave your piece into a story about the charitable event.

Newsletter Ad: offer reproductions of the piece to your readers. Make a signed copy of the newsletter part of the package.

If you have a weekly newsletter, you will have to come up with 52 topics. If you start a list of topics, and add to it every time you think of a new idea, you can pull those ideas out when your mind goes blank. I frequently send myself an email when an idea occurs to me. That way, my work isn’t interrupted, but I don’t lose the idea. I have found that the more newsletters and articles I write, the more ideas I get. Over time, you will find your newsletter taking its own style and content.

This article is based on a discussion topic from the Social Networking for Business course at Dickinson Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula, Montana.

Finding HBR Journal Articles from a List
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On the Library homepage, you can select “Articles and Databases” in the left side menu to view a list of all of the electronic databases.
If you are working off-campus, you can access a full list of the library’s electronic article databases by logging into the mycommnet portal and selecting “my library info”and “Naugatuck Valley Community College Library”
We’ll be looking at a database called Academic Search Premier – it contains articles from a wide array of subject areas.
The advanced search page looks like this. It has an area for you to type in search terms, and some other options where you can apply limits to your search.
Choose a keyword based on the topic you are interested in studying. For example, “memory disorders.”
Putting your search terms in quotation marks will search for an exact phrase.
Choose “limit to peer review” so that your results are all articles from peer-reviewed journals.
Finally, click on “Search.”
Your results list will look like this. You can click on the title of an article to view the abstract, or summary, of that article. Click on the print button to print this information, including the abstract.
To obtain the full-text of the article, click on the “PDF full text” icon.