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This tutorial highlights how to use an article’s citation and the library’s Journals tab to find out if our library has the article.
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In this video, you will learn how to search for journal articles using MLA International Bibliography and how to get the journal article you need.
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Need to find a source’s citation information? This video will walk you through the process of locating titles, authors, dates, and other general citation info you need to properly cite a magazine article.

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Demonstrates how to find the full text of an article when you only have a citation (basic information such as the article title, author, journal title, and date). Explains how to use the Journal Finder and the Inter-Library Loan Request Form at Bowman Library.
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Finding News Articles with ProQuest Newspapers

Search the full text of thousands of newspapers simultaneously, or use advanced controls to drill down to exactly what you need to find for your research.

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ProQuest Newspapers (University of Alabama Libraries Login) URL:


Hi my name is Jon, I’m a librarian at the University of Alabama

This video will demonstrate how to use the ProQuest Newspapers database to locate newspaper articles for your research.

Starting at the libraries homepage [], select the Databases link from the quick menu.

Locate ProQuest Newspapers under “P” on the A-Z list.

This database provides full-text articles from thousands of national, regional, local, and university newspapers and newsmagazines, and coverage is updated daily.

You can search for keywords or phrases, or by other parameters in the search bars and then further refine the results.

Because this database is searching the full text of news articles, you should use keywords and phrases that you’d find in news writing. For some searches, searching in specific fields will greatly improve your results.

For example, let’s say we want to write a paper about the effects of the tornadoes in Alabama in April 2011, and we need examples of local news coverage from that time.

Just searching for tornado and Alabama and 2011 will return a lot of irrelevant results.

So let’s start over, and search for “tornado” but look for articles only published in the Tuscaloosa News, which received a Pulitzer Prize for its coverage of the disaster.

You can do this by selecting “Publication Title” from the drop down menu.

If you aren’t sure of a publication’s title, you can select “Look Up Publications” under the menu tab to add a publication title to the search.

Alabama gets tornadoes regularly, so our results are coming from various years, although from the date graph on the left column, it’s clear that there is a spike of stories from 2011 and 2012.

You can use the sliders in the publication date graph or enter a date range to refine your results.

In this example, let’s first limit to stories from 2011 using the sliders. And then further limit to April 2011.

We can then order the results chronologically using the sorting drop-down menu at the top of the left column.

OK, so now we have a list of stories from the Tuscaloosa News mentioning “tornado” published after April 1, 2011

The tornados occurred on April 27, so let’s scroll down past this date and find an article.

Click on an article title to view the full text and record.

The menu on the right gives you various export options, such as email or “save as .pdf”.

You can also use the citation tool to generate a citation for the article in most major citation formats and paste it into your works cited page (just be sure to double-check it for accuracy).

That’s all for now, thanks for watching. If you have further questions, you can call us [205-348-6047], text us [205-377-0920], or visit to Ask-A-Librarian
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How to find the full text of a document in Falvey Memorial Library’s holdings when you already have article citation information (title, title of journal, volume, issue number, etc.).
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How to find journal articles using Library Search

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