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Hey there, this is Ali and today’s video discusses about SEO friendly articles. I know there are individuals that want to get into content writing thing but they find writing an exhausting task. So, I’ve developed a 5-step approach to simplify the whole process for writing SEO friendly articles. Let’s start with our first step!
First of all, you should understand that there are two types of websites. The one that offers informatin and the second that either offers a product or offers a service. And, after that you need to develop a structure for your article. Like, you could be writing a How-To article, a listicle or an article starts with How, Why or When word. Once you decide the structure of the article, the next step is to start with the intro paragraph. Later, write subheading focused on your main topics and the move to the closing paragraph (also known as CTA or Call to Action). Now, before you hit the publish button, do proofread the article to fix any grammatical mistakes.
Steps to write SEO friendly articles
1. Decide a structure
2. Start with interesting intro paragraph
3. Elaborate about your main topic
4. Write a closing paragraph/CTA
5. Proofread

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in this video i am going to show you, How To Write SEO Friendly Article On WordPress Or How To Write SEO Optimize Article On WordPress ( Explain in Full Details ) i hope u really like this video.

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I Hope This Video is helpful to For All Bloggers
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How to Write SEO Friendly Article on WordPress

How to Write SEO Friendly Article on WordPress :-
How to write an article ? In this video I talk about seo optimization of article writing in Hindi.


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How to Write SEO friendly Catchy Headlines or Article/ Blog Titles? - Article writing job PART 4

In this video, I will teach you how to write a catchy SEO friendly Title for your article/ blog or generate Headlines. You will learn various Tips and Tricks of writing a powerful catchy headline that will attract visitors.

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Title Generator Tools/ Topic idea Generator Tools



1.Title starting with Numerics tends to rank high in search Engine

2. Titles starting with Who, Why, How performs better.

3. Alyways try to keep the Primary keywords towards the starting

4. General format that works best is

5. Text “1st Primary Keyword” Text “2nd Primary Keyword” Closing compelling text.

6. Try to write the title using 50 – 60 characters or 5 to 8 words.

7. Too short titles or too long titles doesn’t perform well.
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How to write SEO friendly article for blog/website - WordPress Tutorial

This video tutorial goes to people who seek for seo friendly article.

Hi guys my name is rana and in this video I’m going to demonstrate how to write seo friendly blog post or other words how to write seo content for website or blog. in this video i will explain step to write seo friendly blog post in WordPress, even you have got any other type website method would be the same. so make sure you watch this video till the end.


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