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One of the fundamental premises of article marketing is the development of trust between the writer and the reader. The author makes a promise with his article and the reader reciprocates by visiting the author’s site.

1. Give and Take: Every transaction involves some give and take. You offer a product but expect the customer to pay for it. You express respect for someone and expect respect in return. Similarly, articles also serve a purpose. You supply information and expect the reader to visit your site. So far it is alright. But many authors make the mistake of blatantly advertising their products in the articles they write. They think that readers will be impressed with their product features. However, it is not so. Readers are interested in the information they are searching for and not for your products. Although it is correct to say that your products will solve the reader’s problem but the article is not the right place to advertise. You can sell your products on your site.

2. The ace up your sleeve: It is your responsibility as an author to provide the complete information to the reader. He must not feel that you have cheated him by promising to provide information in the title but not keeping the promise in the article. However, stopping at giving information will not suit your purpose. If the user is satisfied with your article, he will thank you and move on. There is no reason for him to visit your site. So you must have something more that will entice the user to click on the link in your resource box. You must mention that if the reader visits your site, then he might find more valuable information. Or you might create a pull by offering a free download of your e-book from your site. Do not just depend on the article but make a conscious effort to give a reason to the user to visit your site.

3. Promise of value: Your article titles must promise value to the user if he reads the article. Therefore, they must be constructed in ways that will make the value immediately apparent. For instance, a title like – ‘5 latest ways to improve presentation skills’ promises to give the reader 5 ways. So any reader who has read a lot about presentations will be attracted by the title ‘5 latest ways’. And then you must ensure that you explain the 5 ways. If you do not, the reader will be disappointed.

Keep the above 3 principles in mind while writing all your articles. They form the basis for successful article marketing.

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Fundamental Rights [VI] Article 19
Freedom of Press, RTI, Bandh/Hartal, National Anthem, Cow slaughter ban, Dance Bar judgement, and much more…

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