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If you are wondering if article marketing is still effective for generating affiliate commissions and website traffic, watch this video. I explain why it’s still 100% effective, and how to get maximum results for your time and money investment.

I’ve been using some variation of article marketing for over 10 years. While it does take work, article submissions is one of the most reliable and long term ways to drive traffic to your website and affiliate offers.

Here are some article marketing tips you should follow:

tip #1 – Master the creation of headlines

Your headline is what pulls people into your article, both in terms of readability and search engine optimization. master the skill of balancing keyword research and clever copywriting to get the most results.

tip #2 – save your best articles for your own website.

No sense in giving away your best work, so it’s better to keep your best content on your own website.

tip #3 – If you are guest posting on a blog or popular website… create GOOD content for that site.

The better your article content and value you provide, the more traffic and goodwill you will create online.

tip #4 – build private blog network article links to your individual articles. This will enhance your search engine rankings significantly!

tip #5 – results come over a long time period.

Article marketing is like a snowball going down hill. At first the force is small, but the more articles you submit and get circulated, the better your results become. The results tend to compound and gain critical mass.

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Sales & Technology Speaker Frank Furness market with articles.

This 17 point plan includes:
Relevance & Keyword Research
Write 1,000 to 1,500 word article with good content & links
Get keywords in the title, body & tags
Complete the footer with relevant links
Rename the article and complete the properties
Upload to Blogger & complete the tags
Promote the article with Google Plus
Submit the blog to
9. Go to for submission to article directories
10. Submit the article to your website
11. Create an eye catching thumbnail
12. Create a post on LinkedIn with tags
13. Share your Blogger link with your groups on LinkedIn
14. Share your link on Twitter
15. Share your article on Facebook
16. Share on Pinterest & Instagram
17. Create a YouTube video
18. Send the article to local newspapers and magazines

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Outsourcing your traffic generation is the biggest secret in internet marketing. You should not be doing your Traffic Generation on your own! You really should be outsourcing or delegating to someone else or some other company, because that’s not really the job of the business owner or the entrepreneur.

I was talking with a friend of mine called Jeff Mills recently; he is a very successful internet marketer who is a massive proponent of Outsourcing. Jeff makes millions online and he teaches people about the benefits of outsourcing your work so you can focus on the core duties for your business.

When we were chatting Jeff mentioned some of the most important duties that you need to outsource, as these can be very time consuming.

The first thing that you should outsource is Article Marketing. What you will do is have someone else write those articles, 300-500 words, and at the bottom of the articles there will be a resource box – you make sure that your number 1 keyword that you want to get traffic from you hyperlink that back to your website, then you get your articles submitted to hundreds of article directories and get lots of back links to your site.

But here is something that you may not know… Go back into that article, strip the resource box from it and place that link through your article about 3 times and then you are going to submit it or syndicate it on 10,000 blogs. So now you have the same article on article directories, on 10,000 blogs with three back links in the article point back to your website.

There are networks out there that have lots of blogs on them where you can syndicate your content to them and it will appear on their blogs. This also has the benefit of almost instant indexing on Google. You can type in the title of your post and it will show pages of your post all on Google. It’s really impressive, and people are going to come across this content if they are doing a search of what your niche is.

The next thing that you should look to have outsourced is Press Release writing and Press Release Submissions. So what you do is take that same article, spin it into a Press Release and have it submitted to lots of press release sites.

You can go to where you can get it submitted for free, and they rank really well in Google too.

You see, doing all these kinds of things can be hugely time consuming, and you really don’t want to be wasting your time. I only mentioned a few things that could be outsourced there but the reality is, nearly everything can be.

You can get them to go to Facebook and create a Facebook profile for your business, they will create MySpace profile for your business, they will create videos and they will upload videos for you.

They will make forum posts, they will make blog posts, they will write articles and press releases all this for you for just a few hundred dollars a month.

It is a massive traffic strategy that is the way forward. If the big guys of the internet are using I don’t see why you shouldn’t too!

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