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7 Steps to Getting Your Article Published in a Magazine

Some things you might not know about pitching and submitting stories to editors.

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The Internal Assessment in IB Economics gives students the opportunity to write a commentary on a news article of their choosing. In this lesson I’ll help students get off to a strong start on their first Econ IA: Where to learn about the requirements of the IA, how to find a good article, and what to do before you start writing the commentary itself.

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Free online marketing articles can be a great way to drive traffic to your site. Are you spending a bunch on marketing and not getting anywhere? Try this free method to get the traffic you want and keep it coming. No matter how much traffic you buy, it is a fleeting proposition. The free methods will continue to pay you for a long time to come. Here are 3 tips on getting good articles into the market and have them working for you.

1) Write to Inform – You are the industry expert. As such, your readers will be looking to you to answer the questions they have. Take the time to learn about the industry you are in and the products you are selling. The informed writer is always much closer to a sale. Write to inform your readers of what your products can do for them.

2) Write Often – Staying current is the best way to catch the next wave of sales. If you make it a point to research and write daily, you will be in on the start of any new developments. Set a pace for your self and stick to it. The amount of articles you have on line can determine your success or failure.

3) Current Needs – Your readers have needs. You are able to target these need and meet them in your articles. Today’s Golden Nugget: “Check Forums and the Social Media Groups to hear what your customers want or enjoy learning about your product.” This can give you the edge on your competition. Listening to the customer and meeting their needs will always pay off.

Free online marketing articles are a perfect addition to your marketing efforts. They are affordable and will keep performing for a very long time. There are a lot of free methods of marketing. You need to look at a few of them and see if they fit into your marketing campaign. Find a solid marketing and mentoring program to get the education going fast.

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Freelance writing is one of the many ways to make money on the Internet and is perhaps the easiest and fast is to get into. I started making a considerable amount of money out of it after just a couple of months which compared to many other genuine online business ventures, is certainly quick and easy money.

I use freelance writing to fund my travels nowadays and I greatly regret not getting into it several years ago as I would never have had to come home on a frequent basis to start working again and saving up for my next jaunt around Europe. Freelance writing is not so well suited to people who like to travel quickly but if you’re on the road for a long time, and you tend to travel slowly, then freelance writing is an amazingly effective way to keep on your travels. Of course, it is good for just about anyone who wants to be able to work from home and be at liberty to work when and where they want.

It is very easy to find freelance writing jobs and there are quite a lot of sites and directories to choose from where people regularly post all sorts of jobs from web design to content writing. Finding these jobs can literary happen overnight but it will take a little bit longer if you want to find a decent and well paid jobs. Making sure you uploaded decent profile is a great bonus as is being a native English speaker.

To get started, you will typically need to send some samples to prospective employers and yes, you do need to be able to write well. However, it is not the same as writing for newspapers and a lot of the work is indeed rewriting for search engine optimisation. The cheaper projects tend to supply all the research material you need so you can get the job done super quickly.

The amount of money you earn is not only dependent on how much the employer pays you, but even more importantly, how fast you can actually produce an article. If you are writing articles based on research that you have been supplied by the employer, you could probably turnover 5 to 6 articles an hour of four and to five hundred words each. Any respectable employer will pay you at least $ 2.50 for a 400 word article so that’s already up to $ 15.00 an hour. However, if you are fairly good at what you do, you can probably earn almost twice that.

The only things you need are a computer and Internet access and if you have a laptop, you can pretty much work anywhere in the world so long as there is an Internet supply. If you want the freedom of being able to work at home or on the go, then freelance writing is possibly the best way to start since it requires absolutely no investment, not much time to get into are not necessarily great deal of specialist knowledge.

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There’s still no vaccine and no cure, but the medical community is increasingly focused on ambitious plans to bring about an end to HIV/AIDS. The NewsHour launches its series, “The End of AIDS?” with a look at intense prevention efforts underway in one of the cities most impacted by the epidemic, San Francisco. William Brangham reports with support from the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.

Getting Paid To Write Articles Online- With the recession, many people are coming up with new ways to make money online without investing a bunch of money for Business Opportunities. One way to see financial freedom is through writing for the content for the web. The writing industry is booming right now; especially in website content. Here are ways to get paid to write online:

Revenue Sharing Sites- The way to making money with revenue sharing sites involve consistency and determination. These type of sites are better for long term money, as you can gain residual income (passive). What is passive income? Passive income allows you to earn money even when you stop writing articles. Some example of this include Ehow and Bukisa. The best way to make money with revenue sites is to write ‘Evergreen content’. Evergreen content is nothing more than reference material that never gets stale. People will always search for this type of writing over and over again, unlike hot news topics that only holds steam for about a day or two.

Packaging and Selling Your Own Articles- Selling your own packaged articles can be a lot more beneficial as far as profit goes. You could make more with this method than with revenue sharing sites. For one, you could charge more for your articles; All you have to do is pick a niche, the write 10 quality articles on this niche. Package them and save them as a Microsoft Word document. When your customer makes a purchase, you can send them an email to their PayPal address with the documents in ‘attached file’. It is as simple as that. Your biggest challenge will be getting traffic to your article products, but that is another subject for another time.

Paid Up-front Sites- There are not that many online sites that will pay writer up-front for their writing. At least not any that pay in a reasonable amount of time; but there are a couple that are worth looking into to. Associated Content,, Brighthub and many others will pay writers up-front for their writing. While the pay is usually between $ 3-$ 4 per article (Associated Content and, Brighthub pays $ 10 per article, it is still a good way to make money if you can write at least 10-15 articles per day.

These are all good ways to make money online. The key is to use a combination of these websites and to not stay committed to just one. I know someone who make over $ 4000 a month writing for websites like these without any experience!

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Although many people think they have a good idea regarding the amount of pollution that is in the air in their homes, more often than not when testing occurs for air quality, peoples estimated numbers almost always fall very short of what the amount actually is. This is even moreso the case during the winter months, when windows have been sealed for the season and furnaces are whipping away at producing hot air to disperse throughout the home. The same warm air (for the most part) just keeps getting recycled over and over again. The degree of pollutants in the air of most homes is so bad that during the winter months, the air quality on average is more than times worse in the winter than it is in a home during the summer months.

So what can we do about these pollutants in the air? One of the neatest thing to do that many people do not realize they are doing is to get some indoor plants for the home, always keeping them out of the reach of young children and pets for safety (they both like to eat the leaves of indoor plants, but many of them are poisonous!). It will not take very long to do a good search on the Internet for safe products and ideas, and it will take even less time if you are specific about what you are looking for, what the prices of your options are, what many other people are saying about their experiences and a lot more information that you are going to find to be very beneficial.

It may seem cliche or like it is old news, but you should refrain from using aerosols indoors if you want to improve the health in the air of your home. They can cause respiratory distress in people who have asthma, lung diseases and even allergies. Instead, you can use other products that do not rely on pressurized gas to work! Always use ventilation fans, which pull contaminants out of the air for you.

Did you know that cleaning your humidifiers and even your shower curtains is going to improve the amount of clean air that is in your home? Most environments like the bathroom encourage the growth of mold, and if you spy some mold on your shower curtain or on your inner shower liner, you may as well be safe, throw it away and purchase a different one. You must understand that mold is a very, very expensive and difficult task to make! Change the air filters in your home on a regular basis. When you are thinking of pollutants in the air that we breathe every single day, be sure that you remember to change any and all of your air fresheners and neutralizers as you go along too.

For more information on in the air, please visit our website.

The main target of articles services, however, is to generate back links, which are basically links from the site on which the articles are hosted, pointed towards the customers’ websites. The article submission services are pretty straight forward but in order to create and deploy a marketing campaign that will provide terrific results, the help of expert professionals is needed.

A submission agency can submit multiple articles for you and can change the content and rotate the keywords as and when necessary. They submit the articles as per the website’s guidelines for which they have professional writers and editors. This way you get maximum article published and less rejected.

By creating and submitting a good article, you are not just informing your potential customers about your service, but are likewise sharing your knowledge with them. Article directories offer you an opportunity to publicize to people regarding your site services and products. Moreover you also get up to four inbound links with unique anchor text.

Having a webpage does help to increase the monthly revenue of a small business. However, if you are not found on the top search pages then you will not see the results that you are looking see. Most of the time, the proper marketing service can step in and help to take care of the hard work for you.

Saving time is always a perk. If you do not have the right time to hire a new staff member or the time to write and market articles on your own, this is where a service will truly come in handy. You can give your service a deadline and you can rest assure that the proper services will be delivered when needed.

Sure, you can give young companies a chance if you want to cut down on the costs a little, but if you want to minimize your chances of failure and maximize the return on your investment, you should better go for a search engine optimization company that has extensive experience in providing various types of SEO services like article submission services, press release submission, social bookmarking and so on.

The internet is definitely one of the most effective and useful inventions ever. Since it first appeared, the internet has continuously evolved and grown in order to accommodate the new technologies, that have been developed at an extremely fast pace. Every single day there are thousands and tens of thousands of websites that pop up. The most general uses for these websites include business ventures, blogs and news sites.

Article submission services are services that automatically submit your articles to article directories and publishers for you. Some of them may have their own submission requirements to be able to submit to the maximum number of directories, so it is important to follow their submission guidelines.

The article submission service you choose should give you your own personal RSS feed. This is a great way of keeping your readers informed of the articles you are publishing. You can also market your RSS feed to the different feed directories that are out there to bring even more exposure to your articles.

For more resources about press release submission, directory submission or about article submission service please review these pages.

It’s not something new that writing article can bring considerable amounts of traffic to your web site thus give you more profits.

Today all net has been flooded with articles, which purpose to capture instant traffic for their owners. Millions of articles writing and publishing everyday.

The competition has become a fierce battle and it’s getting tougher everyday to drive a great deal of traffic to our site.

With that being said you have to do something to stand out from this crowded place, and make sure that your article gets noticed in front of your potential customers one step ahead from your competitors.

Here’re 7 surefire tips you can do to give your article more superiority…

1) Eye-Catching Headline

No matter how good your article, if people not see ‘invite-to-read’ headline, they won’t bother even for just take a glance on the body of your article.

Here’re some tips you to write ‘invite-to-read’ headline:

> Write your headline based on something that derives from personal experience. Personal experience will always arouse others’ curiosity

For example:

“How I Made $ 17,917 In 3 Days Using Options”

> Use exact numbers in your headline:

$ 17,917 will make people see it’s real rather than $ 17,000 thus helping creates picture in their mind. Ideal mental picture, where they can see themselves in that favorable conditions. In this case, they can see themselves making that $ 17,917

2) Simplicity Your Words

Write your sentence with words that’s easy to understand.

For example, instead of using ‘ornamental’ you can use ‘attractive’.

If there’s certain specialized terms from your field explain the meaning for your readers.

For example, ‘7 PR’.

While it something common for someone with Internet Marketing basic, but it’s new lingo for accountant.

Your readers will appreciate for saving their times when otherwise they have to drill down all the net meanwhile on the other hand they got a lot to do.

Remember simplicity always works.

3) Shorter Your Sentence

Break your article up into short sentence. No more than 5 lines. Read through screen is difference with read though paper book.

Read through computer screen makes your eyes tired faster.

Beside, it’s easier to read and devour through short sentence rather than over-crowded sentence.

You can see this article as an example.

4) Inject Your Personality Into Your Article

Write something about yourself.

What’s your experience related with your article? Do you love something that related with your stuff? Or

You can slide some jokes in the body of your article (jokes not mean you tell something stupid).

This way you’ll appear more human, than unknown behind the screen which eventually will lead to create relationship with your targeted customers.

5) Change Confusing Words Into Understandable Words

For example: night-blooming cereus into flowering cactus.

This will make a whole world change for you.

Imagine you came across two articles with headline “7 Rules Upkeep of Night-Blooming Cereus” and “7 Rules Upkeep of Flowering Cactus”

Which one you’d like to read?

Trust me there’re a lot who have night-blooming cereus but don’t know its name.
Though I don’t have one but I know Flowering Cactus.

6) Give a Lot of Bullet Points

All books which discussing about copywriting will screaming benefit, BEnefit, BENEFIT…


Because for one thing only, it works.

So the same as writing article. Different purpose but same rules. For example:

What you have to before doing any business?
> research the market
> survey prospective customers
> determine your budget
> write proposal for bank’s loan

Another reason, this way you can tell exactly what you want to tell without need to write back and forth many sentences just to tell one point.

Not only confuse your readers, but also exhaust yourself.

7) Use Conversational Words Often

Try to use as many of blended words we use in everyday conversation as possible.

You can write “you’re” rather than “you are”, if in that way you break the barriers between you and your readers.

Final Note

Different cases need different approaching. Sometimes you can use all of the above techniques but sometimes there’s only one or two that fit with your current conditions.

Information on pasta storage can be found at the Knowledge Galaxy site.

Nanotechnology is today omnipresent in our lives. In fact, they are present in those areas of our lives, even without us being aware of it. As the areas of application of this technology are very vast, we would not discuss about them in detail in this article. We would rather stick to the use of this technology in cleaning shower enclosures and providing protective coatings to valuable materials.

Nanotechnology and protective coatings:

Nanotechnology is used as protective coverings in almost all glass surfaces for stretch free cleaning. It also improves the longevity of the material and provides protection from various external elements like wear and tear, dust, dirt, debris, moisture and other hazards. In fact it also helps in getting protection from the onslaught of harmful UV rays. And why just in glass surfaces, nanotechnology also provides preventive coatings in materials like fiber, metal, ceramics, marble, and wood too. This method also provides surface enhancements so as to improve the overall characteristics of the desired materials and objects. As has been mentioned before, the use of this method makes any base material water repellent, graffiti and stain resistant. Also, the entire process of nanotechnology is environment friendly and does not cause any harm to its surrounding.

Nanotechnology and shower enclosures:

Nanotechnology is best used in cleaning shower enclosures. These enclosures are an integral part of all modern bathrooms today. They provide a separate wet area in the bathroom leaving the rest of it dry. Most of these shower enclosures today are made from glass which requires maximal maintenance. This is being used widely today to keep the shower enclosures sparkling clean from inside as well as outside. And this is achieved through the use of protective coating that not only improves and but also protects the surface of your shower enclosures. Nanotechnology makes them water repellent which help in making them resistant to bacteria, stain, electric, scratch, and heavy impact as well as repellant to oil. Use this technology to get shiny glass shower enclosures in homes, as well as in commercial places like hotels etc.

Avail Nanotechnology services online:

The internet is the best place for products related to nanotechnology. In fact, there is a wide spectrum of manufacturers selling shower enclosures and other materials with protective coatings available in the online market to choose from. Choose wisely for great products. Authentic and genuine selections lie only in your hands.

Diamonfusion has become one the world’s leaders in Protective coatings of glass and Shower Enclousers by using Nanotechnology around the world with experienced and well established companies of various market.