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Write a good newspaper article

The morning newspaper to some, if not all, is a piece of literature that is read on auto pilot. It is like the daily road traffic update that one only hears when the newsflash is relevant to the road one is on. With the proliferation of many articles and other write-ups out there, the daily newspaper has now become white noise.

The newspaper might be at an all-time low nowadays, but all hope is not lost for the revival of good newspaper articles. It can begin again with you. You can do just that by offering readers newspaper articles that takes them straight into the heart of the action. Write a good piece that will make them feel the joy of the victory, the pain of the loss, and the rollercoaster of emotions. Here are some tips on how to write a good newspaper article.

The right tools to write with. Writing a good newspaper article is not as easy as you think. The least you can do is be prepared to write one so you can take away a big chunk of the challenge. To prepare for writing a good newspaper article you should have the essentials. You should have a computer or an analog typewriter so you can encode your article. Having a dictionary and a thesaurus with you as you write will be a big help when you are tongue tied. An editor is also useful in having a fresh pair of eyes look at your work. Have a good a delivery system in place so that your article will make it into publication in time. Lastly, have a pen and a piece of paper ready at all times so you can instantly jot down ideas, facts and other developments relevant to the topic of your article. Lead in. A weak first sentence is like driving your readers away as soon as they set eyes on your article. Start strong with your article with an opening that is both enticing and powerful. It is customary that you answer the six questions at this point. The six questions are who, what, when, where, how and why. Keep in mind, that other writers will also start their article this way. Try to put a fresh perspective to your lead sentence. When you establish the premise of the article, take the reader to the scene of the news. Be unique but be truthful Follow the inverted pyramid format. In article writing, the inverted pyramid format is an old trick to reel in new readers. It is basically starting big with the hard hitting facts and details. Then, the facts that are of less relevance should be at the end part of the article.

End strong. A good article is like a good song. It opens strong to catch the listener, or in an article’s case, the reader. The body of the song takes the reader on a rollercoaster of emotions, leading to an impactful crescendo and the end. You should end your articles the same way too. To do just that, you must have a very smart conclusion to make sense of all the facts that you have presented in your entire article.

In this Spider Web Show tutorial video, we discuss what makes up a good Theatre Wiki article.

I created this video using my Logitech webcam software.

How to Become a Good Writer to Write Blockbuster Articles
Simple tips to become an effective writer who can write blockbuster articles and become popular.
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5 Effective Ways To Write A Good Blog Post Title

Blogging is an art that everyone is trying to master. One of the ways to master blogging is by writing blog post titles that always get the reader’s attention. In this video, I will share with you 5 ways to write blog post titles that will make people want to read your content and increase traffic to your blog as well.

If you know what the word talisman means, do you know what the word bilk means? Only use words in your blog post’s title that an overwhelming majority of people will know the definition of. Two synonyms for bilk are cheat and defraud which could be used in a blog post title instead of the word bilk.

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“How to Write a Good Article”

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