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Australian fire fighters are now recognized as one of the world’s most expert. Fire fighting therefore has also been important for shaping the country’s national characteristics. The country has thankfully not been invaded for two centuries but it has constant threats from fires. Fire fighting is a local government state government activity. The Australian Government created by Thomas Sabo Jewellery colonial federation in 1901 may help with emergency financial relief after a fire but fighting the fire is a local and state government activity. Throughout the nineteenth century, there was an official feeling that little could be done to fight bushfires except by individual local action.

There could be no equivalent of today’s early warning system. There were no weather forecasts and no way of spreading them quickly even if they had existed. Daily newspapers often took days to reach parts of each state. Local authorities could not impose fire bans because fires were an essential part of everyday living, such as in cooking and lighting the home. Therefore, before about 1900 there was no colony wide system for fire fighting. Fires were an act of nature that had to be survived and endured. Gradually public opinion forced more action by government. After major fires, there were occasionally calls for more government activity. Even if the fires were an inevitable act of nature, official steps could be taken beforehand to minimize the risk of fire. The Berrigan Brigade in NSW claims to be the oldest brigade in Australia. The first official mention of it was in November 1900. A 1906 NSW law authorized local governments to form bushfire brigades throughout the state. During World War II, there were fears of bush fires damaging national security.

Emergency bush fire committees were created to confront that risk. The NSW Rural Fires Act came into effect in September 1997. This arose from the investigation into the 1993/4 NSW bush fires.

There is now – for the first time a single rural fire service with a single chain of command. There are now about 69,000 volunteer fire fighters in about 2,400 brigades in 143 rural fire districts. They fight fires in about 90 per cent of the Thomas Sabo Charms area of NSW and are responsible for about 1,200 towns and villages. The fire fighters are supported by other organizations.

For example, the Australian Red Cross often provides the meals, cooking meals in community halls. In the event of an evacuation, Red Cross registration teams record the names of those who are relocated so that relatives can know that they are safe and that any missing persons are identified quickly. Bush fires can be an appalling tragedy but they can also bring out the best in local community spirit and bravery.

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Government loses Article 50 court fight

Basically, if you do something which upset the natural regularity of human behavior and dignity, this restrict ones full ability to the think clearly. Therefore, for instance, say someone watched America’s Most Wanted…I think that this article might be sacred for some. But believe in me, if you see me out to the end, I can almost pledge you that you can observe something unexpectedly.


The story starts with King Saul, the first king of the Jewish people. As king, Saul had a group of constant responsibilities: to guide, protect, and represent the Jewish people. And amongst those divinely ordained responsibilities, the king of the Jewish people when given the opportunity was meant to completely wipe the Amalekite people off the face of the earth.


Saul showed great promise at first. He led the Jews into battle. Most were inspired by his leadership. And then he did something which would cause the world to forever scratch its head. The Amalekites were defeated, the king captured. Saul had the ultimate opportunity to accomplish his divine mission. But for reasons that are beyond the comprehension of many, he let the king live. Through the king they would replenish their people, and the Amalekites would eventually cause untold harm to the Jewish nation. Why, Saul, why?


The bleeding hearts might say: How could you possibly criticize him? Saul is the ultimate in true compassion!!


It might be so. But I look at him the same way I might look at a person throwing food to a starving Nazi, or someone providing shelter to a fugitive serial killer. Perhaps there is such a thing as “bad compassion.”


Oh, but it gets so much more confusing.


This is just the first step where I look at King Saul (and many, many others) and proclaim loudly: What the heck were you thinking?!


So, Saul serves as the prime example of extreme compassion, right?


Maybe. Probably not.


Let’s take a peek at another portion of his history:


King Saul had gotten into his head that a young man named David was out to get him. This was terribly wrong information, but even if it were true one could easily argue Saul’s actions were minimally overkill.


While David was fleeing from the king, he came to a town called Nob. This was a town of spiritual leaders. They believed David was there on a mission from the king, and therefore gave him food and a weapon to defend himself.


When Saul found out that David had been to Nob, and that the spiritual leaders had aided him, Saul was infuriated and went to Nob. Their explanations of what occurred meant nothing to Saul. Saul ordered that the entire town be executed!


So there you have it. The epitome of compassion? It certainly doesn’t appear that way. How does a man go from being kind and caring to sick, demented murderer, to ordering the mass extermination of of a bunch of peaceful prayer leaders without proper cause or justification?


So King Saul’s a nutbag, right?


Well, I’m not so sure. He let a murderer live, yet called for the wanton killing of a whole lot of innocents. One’s first impression could easily be that he must have been bipolar, or perhaps just an unstable lunatic. Or your average power hungry despot making selfish decisions randomly on the spot.


The Jewish sages see things in a totally different way. They see everything as cause and effect. His earlier actions led to his later actions.


Listen to this:


According to these wise folk, a person who is kind and compassionate to the wicked will eventually be merciless to those that deserve compassion.


Essentially, if you do something which is disruptive to the natural order of human behavior and decency, this interferes with ones entire ability to think clearly. So, for example, say someone watched America’s Most Wanted and heard all about a man who has raped and murdered seventeen women, and saw him wounded in his backyard, and out of a misguided “respect” for humanity he took him into his home and fed and sheltered him. This criminal deserves no compassion. No sympathy whatsoever. To treat him with the love and kindness you would an innocent, harmless individual sends a shock though one’s moral fiber. Decision making gets clouded. The ability to make simple ethical conclusions is disrupted. The initial act of severely misguided compassion will ultimately lead to deeds of wanton cruelty in the name of justice and righteousness!


Do you think this is real? Do you think that such phenomena exist in the real world?


I have NEVER seen a better example of this than what I have witnessed of the Israeli government over the past couple of decades.


Israel is surrounded by Muslim nations that include minority, albeit sizable, populations of non-repentant terrorists who have made it a mission in their lives to hurt and kill Jews. They don’t hide this fact. Ever. They shout their hatred with fury, and teach it to their children like it were basic math skills.


No other country in the world would show compassion under these circumstances the way Israel does time and time again. Imagine the United States government negotiating with Osama Bin Laden! Or offering cities within its borders as a peace offering to a nation currently involved in launching attacks against her. Unthinkable… unless of course you’re Israel.


I lived in Israel for eight years where I came inches away from being kicked out of my home as the government’s way of showing Arabs we’re serious about peace. One of my neighbors was shot in the face while driving home, leaving five children forever without a father. Someone else showed how serious THEY were about peace.


So what happens to a people who forever bend over backwards to demonstrate their willingness for peace with those who wish us harm?


They go batty.


And they make decisions that are contrary and unreasonable.


Three years ago that same government aggressively and violently kicked 8,000 Jews out of their homes. Why? To give that land to the Palestinians. I’ve been to the places that were emptied out. What was there? Was it a haven of aggression and hostility? Hardly. All I saw were families. Nice, friendly, innocent families, living there originally with the FULL support of the same government that would eventually kick them out. 8,000 men, women, and children were torn from their homes and kicked out to an indefinite unknown. It sounds like I described one of the countless acts of anti-Semitism our history has seen. How much more painful is that I’m describing an act of my own Jewish government!?


But it was inevitable. They’re just imitating King Saul. They continuously take pity on the violent. For someone who confounds their soul so severely, it’s only a matter of time before they viciously and permanently yank a mother and child from their home.


It’s painful… but true.


Once again, I find myself look at King Saul and yelling, “What the heck were you thinking?!”

If you’re involved in auction activities, no doubt you would know the golden rule. This ‘golden rule’ is simply this. Attend as many events as you possibly can. You need to do this, because not all auctions will have the kind of bargains you’re looking for. The more you attend, the better the odds are in getting what you want for the price you want it.

Canadian government auctions are a great way to diversify your auction participation. Whether you’re based in the States or Canada, this is an opportunity for you to get involved with proven money saver auctions.

The Canadian economy is big. As a matter of fact, Gross Domestic Product exceeds $ 1,2 trillion. Even more important to note, the government is a big participant in this economy. This obviously then leads to a great deal of Canadian government auctions held around the country where a number of different government owned and seized goods are sold.

The Canadian government has a federal, provincial and local city level. Auctions take place on all of these. If its federal auctions you’re looking for, you’re starting point is the Crown Asset Distribution. This is a federal agency tasked with disposing all federal surplus goods. They have centres across Canada where a range of assets are sold. These are typical government surplus such as cars, trucks, Suv’s , laptops, computers, office furniture, telephones, etc.

If you don’t fancy federal auctions, perhaps you can consider attending provincial events. The ten provinces in Canada are:

Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
British Columbia
Prince Edward Island
Newfoundland and Labrador

As individual territories they conduct auctions from time to time. Also you will be able to find some juicy, potentially lucrative auctions on a City level. Many eager bidders have made good money, by attending events at cities like Saskatoon, Vancouver, Winnipeg, etc.

The auction method depends entirely on the relevant administration authority and can either be held by the agency themselves, outsourced to third party vendors (private auctioneers) or sold online.

Whatever the case, these auctions are a great way to get goods on the cheap.

Jake Johnson regularly writes on Canadian government auctions. His expertise relates to profiting at auctions through innovative techniques and strategies. Read more on finding profitable government auctions in Canada.

The legendary Indian spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) once said: “The earth has enough for the needs of all but not the greed of a few.” His words have since proved to be quite prophetic!

The world today is in chaos and by that I’m not merely referring to the tumult taking place in the Middle East; what I’m talking about is the imminent extinction of hundreds of millions of people as a result of global warming. In both scenarios the United States plays a central role!

I have already pretty much detailed out how and why global warming is happening and which nations are most responsible for its acceleration, as well as who’s doing what and who is not to rectify the situation in my article entitled: Global Warming–How It Could Spark World War III.

That said, I’ve included a list of figures below to illustrate to what extent each nation/region is responsible for greenhouse gas pollution in the atmosphere (greenhouse gases are widely held to be the engine behind the accelerated global warming seen today):

USA: 30.3%

Europe: 27.7%

Russia: 13.7%

South East Asia: 12.2%

South/Central America: 3.8%

Japan: 3.7%

Middle East: 2.6%

Africa: 2.5%

Australia: 1.1%

The Truth Behind The Lie

To many in marketing circles the concept of manipulation of social evidence is nothing new. Basically what it entails is manipulating tools of evidence to further one’s goals.

Thus for example, until fairly recently in internet marketing circles, the practice of manufacturing bogus testimonials was fairly widespread. The objective being to convince visitors to one’s website to purchase products on the strength of those manufactured testimonials.

In the arena of global warming much the same has been happening. In the same manner that a defense counsel in a court case will produce its own expert witness to discredit that of the prosecution (or vice versa) so has the Bush II administration paraded a string of bogus experts to decry global warming as just a myth!

In 2007 a good number of environmental scientists and climatologists publicly stated that they’d been pressurized by various Bush II factions to manipulate data to downplay the seriousness of global warming!

Which simply begs the question: why is the Bush II administration going to such lengths to hide the truth about global warming?

Snatch ‘n’ Grab Operation Gone Awry

It is now widely accepted that the invasion of Iraq had little to do with terrorism, less to do with democracy but everything to do with oil! The question still remains however, why did the US go to such lengths (which included manufacturing evidence) to illegally invade a sovereign state under what at best can be described as a thinly disguised pretext for war?

Was it merely a question of the then single remaining superpower claiming its right to wield that might as it saw fit irrespective of international law, just as Nazi Germany once did?

Or was it a case of a few vain men hoping to claim their slice of immortality through a legacy festooned with the glory of having secured new oil reserves for a nation with a quenchless thirst for the stuff?

Or perhaps the U.S. oil reserves were so desperately low that Bush II and his New World Order buddies were prepared to force a snatch and grab operation that could easily have escalated into third world war, so as to shore up those dwindled oil reserves?

Or maybe, just maybe, the U.S. desperately needed to stockpile a vast amount of oil for something far, far more sinister.

To keep at bay a monster it helped so much to create!

Threads Weaving A Disturbing Tapestry Of Events

These days more often than not fact is stranger than fiction. When we look at the Bush II Administration’s policy on global warming it is beyond perplexing why they have gone to such lengths to deny its existence.

For sure, his Have-More buddies in oil and other environmental-damaging industries have plenty to gain by muddying the waters, but what if there’s really more to this repudiation of global warming than that!

What if this is a carefully concocted plot that has been kept under wraps for years?

Here’s what we know thus far about global warming. The data has been around for well over a decade and has been readily available to government officials. Since the turn of the 21st century scientists across the globe have been warning of the extent of global warming; warnings that apparently fell on deaf ears! (Well at least as far as the Bush II administration was concerned.)

But supposing this was not actually the case.

What if the Bush II administration did listen, but only to those scientists who’d concluded that the world had reached the point of no return? And that global warming could not be reversed anytime in the foreseeable future and thus by proxy neither could its ensuing effects!

Fuelling Up For A Global Catastrophe

In other words there was no point implementing measures to curb greenhouse gas emissions (thereby slowing down global warming) and that in fact the best policy was to forge powerfully ahead and ensure that America was readied for the ensuing catastrophe no matter the cost!

If it meant manufacturing a war, so be it! If it meant causing the deaths of hundreds of millions of people to achieve that aim, so be it! After all this wouldn’t be the first time in history that the few had been sacrificed for the many! Oh! Except in this case it is the many sacrificing for the few, or more specifically, The Have-Mores!

When looked at from this perspective, that the U.S. is fuelling up for a long term global catastrophe, it all begins to make some sense! Especially considering that Saudi Arabia still has the greatest oil reserves in the world and has never said no to U.S. oil demands!

Bottom line, it is quite conceivable that the U.S. under Bush II has been insuring against (or at least trying to) a global catastrophe predominantly of its own making! But alas even the best laid plans go badly awry. Iraq didn’t turn out to be the pushover they’d expected and the oil is not gushing the way they had envisioned.

Think that such a scenario is way over the top? Think again! Remember Iraq? Remember Hurricane Katrina?

The way the Bush II government handled Katrina was so shameful that Google for some reason best known to it was compelled to replace post-Hurricane Katrina satellite imagery with pre-hurricane images on its map portal (Damage control? Trying to hide America’s shame from the rest of the world? At whose behest one wonders?).

As you can well imagine, when it came to light, the whole sordid affair was an extreme embarrassment to Google (And certainly not good for business! The search engine business thrives on the premise that results are accurate and impartial and not manipulated!).

But the point I wish to emphasize here is that if the Bush II government could shun its very own citizens (albeit mainly citizens of color) in such a cavalier fashion why would they give a damn if their actions resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of Africans or peoples from other parts of the globe who are going to be worst hit by global warming?

In World War II the Nazi’s genocide weapon-of-choice was hydrogen cyanide gas, what irony that in the upcoming global warming related genocide, gas too is the weapon of choice; carbon dioxide gas!

Stop Global Warming

Ba Kiwanuka is the webmaster of

Separation of Powers and Checks and Balances: Crash Course Government and Politics #3

In which Craig Benzine teaches you about the US Governments Separation of powers and the system of checks and balances. In theory, the Legislative Branch, the Executive Branch, and the Judicial Brach are designed to keep each other in check, and to keep any branch from becoming too powerful. In reality, the system was designed to keep the president from becoming some kind of autocrat. For the most part, it has worked. Craig will call in the clones to explain which powers belong to which branches, and to reveal some secret perks that the Supreme Court justices enjoy.

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What if I were to offer you a sure-fire investment that would, if implemented properly, guarantee to at least double or triple your money in 3-4 years. The investment is so simple and straightforward – you could be completely hands off. You would not have to do a thing. It would require no monitoring of a fund or stocks – not even a yearly review, such as a mutual fund or IRA.

It would require nothing but an initial investment. Then just sit back and let others do the work. In a few years, reap the reward.

Okay – you may be saying – where do I sign? And by the way – what’s the investment?
Well – the investment is a pipe dream. It’s not real. There is no real investment which is that easy and simultaneously sure fire. Or is there?

Trying to find affordable and reliable care for your children while you are working is one of the biggest challenges you will face as a single mother.  Unless your children are already of high school age and can be trusted to be left alone after school, one of the biggest out of pocket expenses you will face as a single mother is child care and after school care or daycare. 

What’s worse is that, even if you could afford to send your child to daycare, most of the best daycare centers and preschools have waiting lists that are years long!  Unless you are lucky enough to have family or friends who are available to and willing to baby sit for you for free, finding the money to pay for daycare is going to be a challenge.  Thankfully there is government daycare assistance for single moms.  Here is how to find single mothers government assistance for daycare.

The first place you should look for government day care assistance for single moms is your employer.  Larger companies will often provide child care to employees or be part of a building co-op that offers low cost child care to those who work in the building.  Even better, there are many government programs that offer grants to companies and businesses that offer affordable childcare to employees or that provide their employees with financial assistance to help make daycare more affordable.  Ask your manager or supervisor if the company can offer you any assistance in finding affordable childcare.

The churches in your neighborhood (or near where you work) might also be able to provide you with some assistance.  Churches are another type of organization that gets grants to help provide affordable health care to those who need it.  If you are seeking government daycare assistance for single moms, you should ask your pastor or call your local church for advice.  Even if that church does not have daycare facilities on site, they might be able to refer you to someone that you can afford!

Your town’s social services office is another place to go if you are in need of help finding affordable day care and you are single mothers.  Government assistance for daycare is available and social workers are experts on the subject!  A social worker will know which daycare facilities in your area are the most affordable and know which programs offer government daycare assistance for single moms. 

Finally, the government websites (.gov) of your town and state will have information on government daycare assistance for single moms.  The federal government is also very interested in helping single mothers.  Government assistance for daycare information can be found by doing a search for information on just about any .gov website.  The most relevant information for you, however, will most likely be found on your local .gov websites. 

There is help available if you are looking for government daycare assistance for single moms.  In our country, we revere single mothers. Government assistance for daycare is just one way that we show it.

Pieter West travels the world on a regular basis and have written about numerous subjects. He has an extensive knowledge about, finances, DIY, parenting advice and many more subjects.

So today, Craig is finally going to start talking about politics. Now up until this point we’ve specifically been looking at government – that is answering the questions of who, what, and how in relation to policies. But politics is different in that it looks at why certain policies are made. We’re going to start today by looking at public opinion – specifically how the public does (and does not) influence our elected officials.

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