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A classroom ready video
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6.1 How To Write In Middle School - The 6th Grade Persuasive Essay

A classroom ready video teaching the persuasive essay.
CC standards 6.1a, 6.1b, 6.1c, 6.1d, 6.1e, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6,
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Proven TK-8th grade writing curriculum — More information at

The students in this 6th grade class work on writing fluency.
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Articles A An The – English Grammar For Kids
Learn how to use Articles A, An & The in English Grammar.
Watch the movie on article brothers to A, An & The to understand more about the usage of articles with nouns.

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Learn the ten tips for writing an article, which take you from Grade 5 to grade 9. See what a grade 5/6 article looks like, how to improve it to a grade 7, and how to go further to grades 8 and 9.

1.Start each sentence with a different word
2. Write about the future
3. Not only…but
4. Show me…show me
5. Pair your verbs for emphasis
6. Extend your simile or metaphor
7. Anecdote
8. The contrasting power of ‘but’
9. Humorous comparison
10. Go to town on triplets. More anecdotes. Load your sentences with techniques which fit
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