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Social Studies, when a student enters the fifth-grade, provide much focus to American law and importance of several historical figures. Its a more comprehensive approach to what was introduced back in the fourth grade. Studies Weekly engages gradual immersion, so students wont get confused with the subject matter. Moreover, references to fourth grade lessons are provided, giving students a much needed refresher, whenever necessary.

The US Constitution and the Fourth Amendment

Students, after learning the different forms of government back in the fourth grade, are now asked to apply their knowledge on the American government. Studies Weekly provides comprehensive discussions on the US constitution and the Fourth Amendment. Naturally, students will find the legal terms quite confusing and memorizing them is even worse. Our strategy is to make them understand laws and legal concepts, fostering more knowledge than mere memorization.

Historical Personalities and Events

A nation is formed not just by land divisions, but also through the efforts of great men and women. The fourth grade introduces students to some of them. The fifth grade, on the other hand, makes students appreciate their achievements and what they have done to make the world what it is today. This topic is quite comprehensive, touching on other subjects like science and literature. Some schools even require students to interview hometown heroes, and submit a reaction paper after. Our publication has got everything covered.

Timelines on Local and World History

This topic is in preparation for the in-depth discussions on world history in high school. Students are introduced to the different timelines around the globe, starting from the prehistoric ages. School discussions dont go as far as tackling every scenario, personality and human intention that led to the events highlighted compared to high school. Studies Weekly provides a little more, just to make sure students fully comprehend the significance of each event.


For an adult, ancient artifacts are things of beauty, embedded with history and classic grandeur. For an average fifth-grader, however, they might just be old jars, relics and bones. Studies Weekly bridges that gap between the fifth grade and adulthood by stimulating the interest of kids in archaeological finds. Stories and historical backgrounds are provided as well as references to modern times, so students can relate to them.

The American Civil War

The civil war, in spite of the casualties, comes as a defining moment in American history. It ended slavery and stamped the territorial integrity of the nation. Students, at first, will view it as just another long lesson printed on their textbooks. But with our help, they will realize the pros and cons of the event. They will also get familiarized with the colorful personalities who were instrumental in the war. Unlike textbooks, which present lessons in a cold and academic manner, we take a step back and provide entertaining write-ups about the different events that transpired as well as the personalities. Think of the articles as a cross between a textbook and a storybook, without altering any of the facts.

Gesseo is an expert teacher trainer specializing in social studies lesson plans and preparation.

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