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Silk scarves play an important role in the lives of women, and I could say that no women could resist beautiful silk scarves at all.
When women wear a silk scarf around the neck, they just appear more beautiful and more confident. In my opinion, silk scarves are the great gifts for women, and if a woman does not wear silk scarves at all, she will disappoint the value as a woman.
In a sense, silk scarves are the best reflection for femininity. Along with the wind, silk scarves around necks of women attract countless mens attention. It is ridiculous for some people think that silk scarves reveal a kind of flirting feelings. Silk scarves are just like  close friends of women, and they take care of women gently around necks, and they dance along with the wind to comfort women while women are sad and painful.
Beautiful Hepburn explained the story of women and silk scarves perfectly in the movie Roman Holiday. Hepburn was sitting on the bike with the curiosity to the world, and the silk scarf seemed to understand her and danced with the wind. That beautiful scene made people remember beautiful Hepburn deeply.
At present, many beautiful hand-painted silk scarves appear on the market, and they draw womens attention immediately. Hand-painted silk scarves attach importance to creations of patterns on the silk scarves, and any great creations could make silk scarves unique in the world. Of course, patterns must be painted on silk scarves by hand step by step, so the craft is very slow and difficult. Just because of this, hand-painted silk scarves are rare on the market, and they have become luxury articles and women just fall over each other in their eagerness to buy them.
All women hope that their lovers could present them silk scarves, and at this time silk scarves just deliver love between women and men instead of simple self decoration. However, in the reality, many men just present roses, costumes, perfume, cosmetic products and so on while they are choosing gifts for their lovers, and I seldom hear that somebody presents his girlfriend or wife a silk scarf.
Now hand-painted silk scarves appear, and men could express their feelings by means of creative patterns on hand-painted silk scarves completely. I think that if some day a man presents me a beautiful hand-painted silk scarf, I will conclude that this man is very lovely surely, because he understands women.

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