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Valvular heart disease results when one or more of the four valves of the heart does not function properly. Either the valve will not shut completely, which is known as a prolapse, or it will not open enough so that there is a stenosis. Valvular disease may be the result of congenital defects, heart attacks, or infections.

In some situations, valvular heart disease may not be linked to coronary disease. However, there would be times when there is a connection because heart disease may lead to heart attacks that may result into the damaging of one or more of the valves. Coronary disease results from the accumulation of fatty deposits in the coronary artery that could worsen until the deposits become hard and block or disrupt the flow of blood that might trigger a heart attack.

Heart disease has been found to be the leading cause of death in women who are passed the age of 25, which is against the usual belief that breast cancer is the top killer of the female population. While men who are in their 40s have a higher risk of getting the disease compared to the female population, more women get the disease by the time they are of menopausal age.

Knowing what causes heart disease can be helpful because one would be able to make the necessary modifications in lifestyle. The main risk factors for a heart attack are smoking, stress, lack of exercise, being overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes, and high blood cholesterol. For women’s heart disease, another contributing factor is menopause because estrogen has the control of bad cholesterol as one of its functions.

When one knows what causes heart disease, he or she might also be able to prevent valvular disease in a number of cases. This is because the disease might be a cause of heart valve malfunction.

It has been found that 61 percent of deaths in 2003 as a result of stroke involved women. Women comprise 40 percent of all cases while only 3.33 percent of the cases of female deaths were due to cancer. The number of women with heart attacks doubles or triples once they attain menopausal age. This is because the estrogen level starts to decline during that age so that the level of bad cholesterol in the blood begins to rise. This is explained by recent findings that estrogen keeps the amount of bad cholesterol in check aside from its other functions.

In summary, those who are of menopausal age should realize that heart attacks are the top killer for the female population. Although valvular disease may not always be the result of heart attacks, knowledge about the various causes is essential in the attempt to be free from this disease.

Amanda Jones is an avid researcher on Heart Disease and the ways to prevent heart disease. Find out more information about your heart and heart disease at

Although men are commonly known to suffer from a heart attack, it doesn’t mean that women should not think about the same problem anymore. Women, like men are susceptible to any kind of disease and that includes heart problems. Keep your heart in shape by feeding on some of these helpful information.

One of the things every woman should watch out for is high blood pressure. If left unchecked, high blood pressure can lead to a fatal heart attack. Women who love to sleep a lot and eat too much salty and cholesterol-rich food are prone to high blood pressure. Lessen cholesterol in your body by eating heart-healthy foods and by exercising regularly.

Experts claim that you can determine whether you have a greater risk for heart diseases or not just by looking at your belly. Too much fat in the belly can mean that your artery walls are blocked with cholesterol and bad fat. Prevent hardening of arteries by including more antioxidant-rich foods in your diet. Fiber has also been found to prevent blood clot and inflammation of the arteries. Combine these two to ensure that your heart remains healthy.

Keeping your relationship problems to yourself can also contribute to various heart problems according to studies. Women who hold back their emotions are more prone to heart attack and stroke than those who know how to vent out their feelings. If you want a good way to keep your heart healthy, try shedding those tears. Crying has been found to help the body release hormones that get rid of stress.

Always be a step ahead of your enemy, which in this case is heart attack. You can do that by taking note of some of the signs and symptoms of heart attack for women. They may include shortness of breath, jaw pain, vomiting, sleep disturbance and anxiety. You will be able to seek help immediately at the first signs of a heart attack if you know these things.

Remember that a healthy heart is always a result of a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity. Exercise in most days of the week to keep not only your heart but your entire body fit and sound. A visit to the clinic every three months will also help you keep your heart in perfect shape.

Jeannie Yiu is an expert writer on anything about the vanity dressing table. Check out her recent blog post about the jewelry cabinet here.

A look inside our arteries at the well documented mechanisms of how high cholesterol starts and fuels heart disease and atherosclerosis in general.
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A well-balanced meal, proper nutrition and ordinary work out are the main concerns of excellent health and strength. Meals and nutrition have an effect on health. The meal must supply the required nutrients, important for energy, help growth, and maintain catabolic operations and restore processes that are very important to stay well. The defensive task of proper nutrition is a useful process. Insufficient and inappropriate meals are not only accountable for below nutrition, but also influence to develop numerous continuous degenerative disorders such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disorders.

Heart disorders have no geographic or cultural considerations. They take place across the world, in all countries and in all sections of cultures, however differences among sex, age, and family income level and education status do exist. They are serious and are accountable for a lot of deaths in various countries around the world. Because they are frequently deadly, biomedical investigations across the world is focused towards avoidance of heart disorders at the premature stage.

Fighting against heart disorders is one of the difficult troubles of medicinal science. Remedial healing, although difficult, is only one part of the care of cardiovascular patients. It is costly and regularly away from the reach of the ordinary people in developing countries. It would a benefit to avoid the disorder through numerous obtainable methods such as following the fundamentals of proper nutrition and consuming a well balanced meal daily.

Folic acid is important nourishment everyone must have. It is a naturally obtainable nutrition. Usually this sustenance is suggested for pregnant woman. But it is extremely essential to stay away from heart disorders as well. Folic acid is a significant nutrition for construction of red blood cells. Clearly a shortage will cause anemia. A weak patient with anemia will have a lot of heart associated disorders. This is a methodically verified cause for folate insufficiency. This is the main reason why we require folic acid for heart disorders.

For More On Nutrition Search Natural health expert and founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Dr. David Diamond about heart disease and statins.

Recently there have been quite a few online article reporting on a recent study that supposedly found vegans are at an increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Is there any truth to these articles and should vegans be worried?

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