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PSY 460 Week 2 Individual Environmental Article Psychology

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Resources: Electronic Reserve Readings (ERR), the University Library, or other resources
Research an article concerning a current event that is impacting the field of environmental psychology.
Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word analysis of your selected article in which you address the following items:
 Summarize your article, including a brief description of your selected current event.
 Analyze the influence of your selected current event on the field of environmental psychology. Be sure to provide specific examples in your analysis.
Cite your article properly.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
PSY 460 Week 2 Individual Environmental Article Psychology
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The importance of personal research contributing to knowledge cannot be overestimated. Though most of the last discoveries and inventions were made with the participation of big companies, labs and associations, the greatest thoughts are born in a single mind. In order for such thoughts to develop into a proven theory, which practical implications might help the modern society, there is a large amount of work to perform. The success of the work is tied, not only to the efforts of the researchers, but also to many small day-to-day worries. One of the ways to solve worries, such as earnings, expenditures, equipment, travel expenses, is through scientific grants. In that regard, the present article will try to clarify the importance of scientific scholarships to support personal researchers and their studies.

The Problem

Filling a gap in knowledge and making a contribution to a certain field is not only about an idea. This idea, to be researched and tested, requires time, money as well as efforts, proportional to the level of the problem it is about to solve. Even though omitting individual needs, there might be other people involved that needs should be accomplished, besides the expenses of any hardware and software which might be needed. These costs might be hard to bear by big organizations, and so, the load of individual research can be understood.

The Part of Scholarships

The function of scholarships in the problem can be seen in providing the minimum necessary assistance that will help the researcher begin, complete, or implement the research. The major conditions in that matter is for the research to be deserving consideration, an aspect verified at the phase of research proposal. With the aid of scientific scholarships, the researcher is able to cover the expenses involved in the project/research, and at the same time, acquire a salary like the one offered at similar positions.

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