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“A recent study shows that approximately 13 percent of people who were involved in a vehicle collision suffered spinal injuries that could lead to death or paralysis. With this finding, the researchers emphasized the importance of wearing a seat belt.

How Seat Belts Prevent Spinal Injuries

Several studies suggested that occupants wearing seat belts are twice more likely to survive in a car crash compared to unbelted passengers.
According to crash worthiness experts, there are five reasons why seat belts can significantly reduce fatal injuries:

1. Protect the spinal column, neck, and head
Shoulder belts can prevent the head and upper body from hitting the vehicles interior during a crash.

2. Prevent complete ejection
Several studies suggested that passengers ejected out of the car are four times more likely to die and 14 times more likely to sustain spinal injuries than those who remained inside.

3. Gradually reducing the bodys speed
Since crashes usually involve high acceleration followed by sudden deceleration, a seat belt has been designed to effectively slow down the bodys speed.

4. Spread the crash force to the strongest parts of the human body
This safety harness has also been designed to load the crash force on the strongest parts of the body which are the shoulders and hips.

5. Distribute the crash force to a large area of the body
With a seat belt, occupants are less likely to sustain serious injuries since this safety equipment effectively distributes the crash force across a large area of the body while preventing the neck to twist out of control.

Statistics About Car Crashes and Spinal Injuries

According to a government data, there were more than 6 million reported car crashes which resulted to 41,000 deaths and 2.5 million injuries in 2007 alone.

With the high rate of car crashes, especially in California, this kind of accident is the leading cause of spinal injury for people aged 65 years and younger.

To show the seriousness of this problem, researchers studied more than 20,000 cases of crashes between 1994 and 2002. Out of this number, more than 2,500 occupants sustained spinal injuries, with 10 percent of them dying in a hospital.

Majority of occupants who sustained spinal injuries were not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident, according to the finding. However, experts believe that aside from being unbelted, speed was also one of the biggest contributing factors to crash injuries.

The researchers believe that traveling at a speed of 75 mph is too dangerous since drivers have no time to react to sudden changes and obstacles.

On the other hand, traveling at a speed of 60 mph may still be dangerous as drivers are stretching their brains and responsiveness.

Experts believe that the most reasonable speed is 50 mph when traveling in highways.”

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