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This week Craig looks at the expressed powers of the President of the United States – that is the ones you can find in the Constitution. From appointing judges and granting pardons, to vetoing laws and acting as the nation’s chief diplomat on foreign policy, the Commander in Chief is a pretty powerful person, but actually not as powerful as you might think. The Constitution also limits presidential powers to maintain balance among the three branches of government. Next week we’ll talk about the president’s powers NOT mentioned in the Constitution – implied powers.

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Usually we can have a look of the outside look of laptop battery. It’s so huge comparing with the common batteries in other gadgets. Many people have no idea of the inside part. And I am still wondering what’s the inside constitution? Last week I came to my friends’ repair house. And I have witnessed the whole process that he had this dell D610 Battery rippled apart. It’s not so mystery as I imagined before.

In fact, most laptop battery cells are constituted of a battery case which included by six batteries or eight. The six batteries are connected by a number of charge and discharge detection circuit protection. When our laptop battery has strong dendrite, we could change battery cell to mend its life. The huge case just enveloped the six batteries which has the same look as ordinary battery.

In addition, most present batteries are made of lithium. It’s better than other materials. Comparatively, it’s more economical and practical. As we all know, there are millions computers has brought out each year. And the batteries are produced along with them. There is large demand of notebook computer batteries. That is why lithium has applied to laptop battery, like Toshiba PA3399U-2BRS Battery, HP 417066-001 Battery and HP DV6000 Battery.  Everyone is familiar with the battery in the light lamp. Then you should be clear about the working principle of laptop battery. It’s similar to each other. Then you know how to preserve your laptop battery.

Before, I was curious about the inside of it. But it’s really common as other batteries. The only difference is that it has a sealed covering. This adds some mystery to the battery. In daily usage, there are some tips that we should follow. Otherwise, it has many symptoms. Then you will keep it for longer lifespan. Though dell W1605 Battery has got strike, I can try to handle it by myself as my friend told me how to repair it. But this is not a try, so you should be cautious if you want to have a try. It’s full of surprising but also dangerous.  You might ruin your battery at worst.

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You have a trouble or you inquire about a product, service, business opportunity or some other subject you want. So which do you do? You fire up your computer, visit your favorite search engine (this could be Google, Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, Ezinearticles, Facebook or where ever) and you ENTER A SEARCH.

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Once I narrowed my search down to two items (Submit Your Article vs. Magic Article Submitter), I purchased both products to test them out. After just a week, I canceled my Magic Article Submitter subscription. It was a nice tool but way too complicated for me to learn and take full use of everything they offer. It is probably better suited for a more advanced user in my opinion.

Submit Your Article, on the other hand, is extremely easy to use. I have since upgraded to their Gold package so that I can take full advantage of everything they offer (more on this later).

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Submit Your Article Review — What is Submit Your Article?
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