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Internet attraction marketing articles are the perfect way to create interest in your network marketing business. However, unless you structure them correctly your efforts can be wasted and the flow of prospects into your leads funnel will be severely restricted.

An article needs to be educational in nature and has to teach the reader something that they can take away and implement in their business. Unless you are teaching your prospects effective business building strategies, there is almost no reason why they should follow your links to your web properties.

Internet Attraction Marketing Articles

The other important aspect of your articles should be their cosmetic make up. While the information is vital in breaking down any trust barriers, your article also needs to be visually appealing. If this sounds confusing let’s explain a visually appealing article.

Avoid making your piece look like a huge mass of words. That is, use paragraphs and use them regularly. While your information may be great the reader can easily turn away because it can look hard work to read.

Paragraphs should be no more than two to three sentences long. The article has to appear an easy read and a piece that is spread out will look a lot easier to read than one which has just a couple of paragraphs.

Try this yourself. Scan the article directories and look through the content submitted. Make note of the ones that immediately appeal to your reading senses. It’s quite likely you will be more drawn to those which have several paragraphs than those with one or two.

Take a look at this article for instance. Notice that it is broken up into at least eight or nine paragraphs. This is what we call visually appealing. While the content is vitally important and aimed at teaching you the correct way to structure the piece, it’s also meant to look easy to read.

If it was just a couple of paragraphs would you be as inclined to read it? Probably not and the simple fact is while this information will increase the number of people who stick around and read your content, the mere fact it looks like hard work to read will turn most away.

Internet attraction marketing articles need to teach the reader and make it as inviting as possible to spend the few minutes to read it. Once you understand this concept you’ll experience an increase in the number of people who absorb your content and follow your links to your web properties.

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There is no question that Youtube has completely revolutionised the world of belly dance lessons and belly dance education. It is almost inconceivable to remember how we became aware of other belly dancers, not to mention the wonderful stars of the great age of belly dance.

My own belly dance learning, other than my tutor Sausan, was from the incredible U.S. publication titled “The Belly Dance Book”, edited by Tazz Richards. This book actually had pictures of Taheia Carioke and Samia Gamal; to me, this was precious.

Imagine my excitement when it became possible to easily search in Google these names and watch their dance footage. Access to belly dance performance lessons and teaching videos not only makes fair the belly dance scene, it also poses some questions. The first that comes to mind is how is it that not every devoted artist or famous belly dancer has got an Internet presence. Do these artistslack the desire, Internet entrepreneurship or business know how to exploit this new world medium?

One case in point, for for some time Dina of Egypt has been accepted as the number one Cairo bellydancer, yet her choreographies are often only available to us from phone cameras taken in badly lit dance clubs. There is no web presence nor even short demos to tantalise us to buy any professionally shot belly dance footage. Again, it could be the fame Dina has is is all she wants, however, I sometimes wonder what expert advice she has been given about the fact that many people are making profits from her exceptional skill. Does Dina know that other people are gaining financially from the views their Youtube account draw by including her trademark name.

Of course, there are others such as Sadie or Aziza who have gained fame and probably remuneration through having the benefits of incredible films, hordes of Internet fans worldwide and access to publice their latest DVD or master-classes.

The next question is does having easy access to our bellydance heroins take away from their mystique? When we look at Aziza in teaching mode and then if we are lucky enough to view her live, it is really more wonderful. My believe is that the flat screen medium of the laptop computer can never do justice to a real performance. She is, however, a bellydancer who has created followers and prestige through smart web based trading.

Finally, there are some of us who wish to connect with others online and also desire to put ourselves out there. For some, the web is a passive medium to be utilised for watching, consuming and often leaving posts. I feel unhappy, whether it’s misguided or not that some of our most loved belly dancers may have missed out on the boat on this one. You can bet your last pound that some out there are most definately gaining the profits.

Maysa Dancer is an belly dancer and writes articles on many subjects centred around belly dancing. Find out more about Maysa at>belly dance lessons located at

Writing great Internet marketing articles is not easy for everybody. If the truth were told you would probably find that most people either can’t or know nothing about writing articles for the Internet. If you have trouble writing articles then this article should get you going in no time flat. Here are 4 tips that will help you write better Internet marketing articles.

Keep Things Simple

The first thing you should do is keep everything simple. Things do not have to be complicated. You want to keep things on a level your readers can understand. The last thing you want is for people to have trouble understanding your articles.

Providing Value Is Something You Have To Do

The next tip for writing great articles is to always provide value for your reader. Give your readers a reason to read your work. Make them feel like they got something out of your article.

Keywords Should Be Targeted

Something you should do when you write articles for the Internet is to target keywords. You want your words to flow well but you also want the search engines to be able to find them. Therefore keyword research is important.

Keep Your Audience In Your Mind

If you want to write great articles then you always need to remember your audience. You want your words to be written for the intended audience. You would want to word an article for senior citizens differently than you would for something written for a teenager. Targeting your audience will automatically make your writing more effective almost automatically.

The four tips for writing great Internet marketing articles are to keep things simple, provide value to your reader, and put the right keywords in and to keep your audience in mind. If you take these tips and use them when writing articles for the Internet you should see real results from your writing efforts.

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I talked about the basic election system here, how our national media is reporting, what the Internet articles are saying on Hillary’s email scandal, the ultimate reason why Hillary is bad even as a politician etc. If you wanna skip to the media part, go to 2:50 or so.

You can read some of what they reported on their website and also watch the video hopefully *Use google translate or something!X)

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The company I’m going to discuss in this article is called Global Domains International (GDI).

I am going to talk about three things that struck me about GDI and led to me writing this article. There are many companies out there that offer domains and hosting. This article is going to discuss one that has been making an impact on the online community.

1. The GDI product and why it matters.

2. The reality of the business opportunity.

3. How to realize success with a GDI home business.


So what makes domain names SO important, and what is so special about GDI’s domain names?

Let’s start with some definitions:

URL – The address of a web page on the internet.

Do you see the last three characters .WS? This is called an extension, and you have been seeing .com, .net, .biz and so on for years. They probably didn’t mean much to you, and there’s no real reason to talk too much about them here except for one important point which is helping a lot of people make money online!

When a business decides to create a website, one of the first things that must be done is the domain name for the business must be bought and the domain registered. Then, web hosting must be found for the website. The domain name is critically important for many businesses because:

…it can tell people about your business before they ever see the site,

…it can describe your company’s product or service, and

…it can help your website get good ranking in the search engines which deliver about 85% of website visitors.



People and businesses from all over the world are seeking the “perfect” domain name. Even people who just want a web page for their family or to house their professional resume want something that makes sense and is short enough to be easily remembered.

“Yeah, Grandma, that’s right! We just posted pictures of the new baby at our website.”
What kind of domain name would YOU want to give Grandma over the phone?

GDI has registered the .WS extension. It is just as good as .com, .net, or any of the others.

GDI is now offering .WS domain names for sale, and people from all over the world are beginning to check them out and buy them. When GDI sells a domain name, by the way, they include web hosting, which every website needs, and email support.


When someone goes to a GDI .WS website which sells the .WS domains, they are shown information about the home business opportunity. Should they choose to purchase a domain name for $ 10, three things happen at once.

1. The owner of the GDI .WS website they entered through (who is now their sponsor) gets a commission, and will continue to get this commission every month that they keep their domain name.

2. The person who signed up gets the domain name, the website hosting, and the email account all for $ 10 a month. By the way, their first 7 days is free, and they will not be billed until after that. That way, if they decide not to buy the domain name, they can quit in that 7 day trial period without being charged anything.

3. The person who signed up also gets set up with exactly the same home based internet business opportunity as the owner of the GDI .WS website THEY entered through. If they are satisfied with the service and product, they can make money by referring others to GDI, either by selling the domain names or by encouraging them to take advantage of the internet business opportunity.

In fact, many people who sign up with GDI use their domain name for their new business and simply use their domain name to create their own website! Many of these people will never buy another domain name, but the person who signed them up gets paid every month when they pay for their domain name.


There are four people named Chip, Kevin, Jack, and Laurel. You may have heard of Kevin and Laurel, they own and run Cognigen, one of the largest, free internet business around. Anyway, these are the people I signed up under. Remember what I said about buying at least one new domain name a month? Every time I buy a new domain name, they get paid. While they, like me, probably have a lot of people in their downlines who only have one domain name, they make enough money off me to pay for their membership in GDI.


You will get a lot of people who only buy one domain name, but sometimes you get people who buy several domain names. Remember all those billions of people around the world coming onto the Internet? They’ll be looking for domain names, from China to France to the United States.


When you get someone to buy a domain name through your portal, not only do you make a commission, but so do Chip, Kevin, Jack, and Laurel. You make commissions on domain name registrations and sales down through 5 levels, and you can have as many people on your first level as possible. Let’s just say, as an example, that you have 10 people on your first level, each of them gets 6 people, each of them gets 3 people, each of them gets 2 people and each of them gets 1 person. That’s 970 people in your downline, and you get a commission from each one of them every month.

Remember, that does not include people who buy more than one domain name.

Of course, no one can guarantee what anyone will make with a business like this, but, as you can see, the potential is there. At this moment, thousands of people from all over the world are getting their own GDI .WS website, but it is still an open field!

Global Domains International was ranked #37 in the top 500 growing companies by INC magazine and was featured in the Network Marketing Business Journal in July 2006. Network Marketing Business Magazine is a leading trade magazine dealing with the network marketing industry.

Recommended Product? Absolutely!

Dwayne Desveaux has making a living on the internet through internet network marketing since 1999. For more info or questions please email or visit his site:

If you’re an internet marketer who is outsourcing your content creation to an article ghost writer, I’ve got a good tip for you.  There are lots of writers out there, and many of them have a little bit of expertise somewhere else.  For example, some can do some programming, some can make videos, some have a tech background and so on. 


But since you’re an internet marketer, why not hire an article ghost writer who has some experience with IM?  This is a great way to make sure that you and your ghostwriter are “on the same page.”  There are several reasons why this is a good arrangement.


It Makes Communication Easier


An article ghost writer who is also a marketer will have a good understanding of the IM lingo.  For example, if you say “These are autoresponder messages,” they’ll know exactly what that is without having to ask you.  They’ve probably done an autoresponder themselves, so they’ll know the drill completely.


They Can Handle Other Marketing Needs


A writer with an IM background may be able to help you in more ways than just supplying content.  If you’re having them write marketing articles for you, they can also do submissions and manage your account.  You can pay them a little extra to spend some time each week monitoring your article stats and building more backlinks.  This turns them from simply an article ghost writer to an all-around virtual assistant.


Expertise That Can Make Great Content


Finally, if you’re in the IM niche, your article ghost writer can use their knowledge of this niche to create your content.  There are lots of “secrets” in the trade that only somebody who has done it before would know.  For example, if you hire them to write an eBook on product creation, they can write from their first-hand experience creating their own.  They don’t have to research and get information second-hand. 


Knowing about internet marketing is a great skill for an article ghost writer.  If you hire one who is also a marketer, they can give your content an edge that other writers can’t.  They can write from experience and handle extra tasks for you, making them much more than just your ghostwriter.  You can find yourself a full-scale virtual assistant who can handle all your content creation needs and much more.

I write your content so you don’t have to >>  I’ve got hundreds of satisfied customers under my belt.  This article is copyright 2010 by Greg Scott. Anyone may use this article as long as all links in the article and resource box stay active and the article is not altered in any way.

‘Going Ghostal or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ghost Blowjobs’

We discuss shitlord Andrew Blaze


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No doubt that advertising helps us in increasing our sale and revenue but also keep this in your mind too that advertising itself is an expensive job. One has to put a big amount for his product’s advertising and it’s also risky. There are many ways to advertise your product i.e. through magazines, news paper, and now the day’s very important source for advertising is internet.

Internet advertising is very important. For a successful business the thing which play key role is your market. And to targeting the market, the best and successful way is internet advertising. And internet advertising is very effective for this purpose. Is it peopling not relying more and more on internet? In last few years technology enters in our life fatly and its effects us too. Today we can’t ignore its importance as it covers our whole life.

When we talk about advertising the first thing is your advertising result, your advertising response. With out any argument, seo services uk internet advertising gives you direct and quick response. This quick reply is best for both the customer and the seller. Just on one button, customer not only gets information about the product but meanwhile he can buy the product too.

In advertising the first peyourety must be your interesting advertising. It is your advertising style which attracts the people, they come to your product and the way you explain your product they decide to buy it. So your advertising must be interesting, attracting and must get importance of your customer.

Specifically talking about internet advertising, there are many sites, web pages which help you a lot in promoting your business. But to get this opportunity the step you have to take is a good research work for different sites, pages. Find an effective copy, work hard for headlines which can easily get the customer’s attention must work on your notes which easily explain your product and help the customer so without any tension, customer must buy the product.

Keep this thing in your mind that internet advertising doesn’t mean that you just enter yourself on internet and advertising will become on your figure tip. No. actually for internet advertising the first thing is your knowledge about internet. If you haven’t enough knowledge for internet then try to search those who can help you to get out your self from this situation. You can easily find those resources and sites which always welcome you to help in advertising your product.

Keep this point in your mind that internet advertising is a very quick response advertisement. It is all on your advertising presentation, that a person accepts your way of advertisement or it rejects it. So be keen when you are doing work on internet advertisement. Its great source of interact with your customer and firstly you get option and customer’s reaction. Internet advertising is all about how you come with your product in front of your customer. So be interesting and try to cover the entire item which you want to tell to your customers.

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If you’re looking for great ways to generate free and long-term traffic to your website, you should look into the possibilities of Article Marketing. This is a great way to naturally optimize your web pages in terms of getting top rankings in popular search engines. The principle here is simple: the more significant your articles are to the queries, the better they rank in the listings.

Information is a must

While it’s not a bad idea to sprinkle popular keywords in your article, Article Marketing is really more than just sneaky spamming techniques. You should invest your energies in producing top quality articles that actually have significant content. Remember, you’re not just optimizing your pages for search engine crawlers here. You’re essentially trying to impress human readers, first of all.

Catchy Title

It’s not enough that your articles provide necessary information about a chosen topic or product. You should also deliver your articles in the best way you know how, and this delivery prowess should begin from the title. Remember, information travels fast on the internet, and you’d want to come up with competitive ways to catch your readers’ attention. Try to be as original and clever as you can when titling your articles online. Make sure that they’re also optimized for search engines, and that they contain the necessary keywords.

Short and simple

Have you ever listened to someone who took an hour to tell a story which could have been told in five minutes? Well, trying to read a long winded article about a very simple topic on the screen can be doubly irritating. This is because it’s even harder to read on-screen than in-print. As much as possible, you should write short but meaty articles when you’re into Article Marketing. Writing fluid but compact articles on your website make you sound more of an authority on the subject matter too.

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Having worked in 6 countries on 3 continents, I have observed that women all over the world have their career life defined in 2 sections (pre-family and post-family).

I climbed the corporate ladder in an international commodity trading company and became an exclusive country representative of the company before I resigned so that I can focus on raising my 3 young daughters. Just as I have observed in my life, most women who decide to start a family are torn between 2 things: wanting to continue to grow in their career and wanting to start and build a strong family.

Unfortunately, in most countries, these 2 desires have been made to seem incompatible. Job demands on a new mother do not decrease; and in most cases increase the higher you go up the corporate ladder; which results an insane amount of hours at work. At the same time, the kids need you (the mother) to be physically present in their lives mostly in their early years.

So, what do most women do? Well, they are left with just 3 choices:

1. try to achieve the ever elusive “work-life balance” while prospering in their career,
2. hire help to take care of the kids as they focus on their career
3. put their career on hold with a view to pick up where they left off after the kids are grown.

Each of these options has its own frustrations, advantages and limitations which we will not analyze in this article whose object is to present the 4th option which addresses all the concerns that career women have:

1. Be tightly involved with the raising of my kids
2. . Work around the schedule of the kids
3. Make money at home (a second income for single income family)
4. Have the intellectual stimulation & adult conversation that young mothers crave for in their free time
5. Have the balanced life with considerable financial means to enjoy the free time that you create as you set your daily schedule.

That fourth option is being involved in creating an online business. My own research and due diligence has led me to believe that the best option is getting involved in internet marketing. While the learning curve in this industry is steep, the payoffs in terms of solving the above dilemma are unequalled:

1. creating considerable financial income – immediate and residual
2. Removing time and space limitations – work from anywhere as long as you have a computer and an internet connection
3. Engage in adult conversations, learn new skills and expand your repertoire of expertise
4. If done right, you leave a legacy (financial and otherwise) because you have the resources to pursue your heart’s desires and make a difference in the things that matter to you.

And a side benefit, you engage in personal development in ways that you couldn’t before. So, do your due diligence and start on your journey to find a balanced life as a career woman and as a mother.

You deserve it!

Eliane Kabwa
Internet Marketer & Marketing Coach