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Martyn Andrews investigates a growing concern that “invisible” homeless people are sleeping in cars to avoid the dangerous streets.

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This video was made over a year ago. I have since realized that terms like High Functioning and Low Functioning are inaccurate and harmful to others on the spectrum. I will put a link to an article explaining why I believe this in the description. I am choosing to leave the video up because I believe the point that I am trying to make is a very good one. Basically, what I am trying to say in this video is that Autism is invisible, and that some people have learned to hide it. And since we hide it very well, we are considered high functioning because we don’t “get in the way” as much as others might. But this does NOT mean that we have “mild autism”, It means that we are good actors who struggle immensely when no one else is looking. Just like non-autistics, Autistic people all have different personalities. Some of us are loud and some are quiet, some are artsy and some are techy, etc. It seems to me that autstic people are the extreme/intense versions of “regular” personalities. But that is just a personal observation.
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