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The recent hot issue in Thailand nowadays is about Referendum for the new charter of Thailand. After the temporary draft which announced by the Council for National Security, revolution group in 2007. Most of people are against them and accused they want the power in their hand and was going to practice dictatorship. So, they was in hurry to appoint legislature of constitutional drafting.

Afterward, the constitution have been pass the processes until it completely replete. Before this term, people had against in many issue in the new charter such as to insert Buddhism for the formal religion of Thailand, reduce the number of people who want to submit legal drafting, add more access for people who effected from the wrongdoing of the government’s officer.

In my opinion, the law always good for every one but it depends on the user no matter lawyer, politician, judge or jury. Any person who get involve the law in their profession must be honest and dignified. So, the message of the law is 60% important and another important factor is 40% of the user.

However, most of people in Thailand do not want to accept this constitution as a result of revolution. They think this draft come from the Council for National Security which is the group of people who was did a revolution. But most of them do not know that if they will not accept the Council for National Security has rights to announce their own constitution and use it. That will be a real charter which the people against as well.

So, I would like to accept this constitution to let my country more stable. I need honest politicians in my democracy country. I study at law school now, and I want to see my country grows up in the real democracy border. I hope everything will be better on 19th August 2007, fair vote of real democratic people.

It is very well known that very many people in western countries are overweight, some grossly so, but it seems that many people are puzzled as to why this is and what they can do about it.

In general terms a person will tend to become gradually overweight if he or she takes in more calories per day than are expended during the daily activities of life. The excess calories are converted to fat which is stored in the body and gradually accumulates over time. This is probably a mechanism which could have served our ancestors well, for living in an age where food was much scarcer than today it would have been an asset to early man to be able to store energy reserves in times of plenty against the inevitable periods of famine. Today though this physiological trait tends to work against us as we are able to afford mostly as much food as we want and many of us eat more than we really need, and, more importantly, more of the wrong kinds of food.

The daily energy requirement for a person today is also on average, a good deal less than it used to be. Generations ago it was commonplace for both men and women to work long hours at physically demanding jobs, expending a good deal of energy in the process. Today we sit at office desks all day long, ride in cars and trains, and generally strain ourselves very much less.

It is difficult for some, in this day and age, to eat healthily as they may not have the time or the inclination as ready meals are so available, to prepare and cook fresh vegetables and meat. Statistics show that in this country during the second world war people actually consumed a far more healthy diet than they do today,relying as they did on little protein and a preponderance of vegetables. When you consider the reliance of today’s generation on fast foods, takeaways,and ready prepared meals from supermarkets, topped up with lashings of everyday snacks such as crisps, cakes, biscuits fizzy drinks and the like it is easy to see how many people consume far more calories per day than they need.

The blame for a lot of this must lie with the food manufacturers who are concerned with their profits and tempt people with advertising and attractive packaging to buy ready made foods rather than than fresh products. The whole scenario is somewhat similar to the tobacco industry where, for a long time the clout of commercial interests was stronger than the perceived health threat, only with our modern junk foods the health threat is more insidious and less obvious.

The only way forward I believe, is education. The government makes only token efforts to educate the public in healthy eating habits and we must therefore educate ourselves.

So, if you accept that you need to lose weight to improve your looks and safeguard your health you must seek to reduce your daily calorie intake and increase your daily exercise a bit. You should start by reducing your intake foods that are obviously high in refined carbohydrates ( if you can’t cut them out substitute low GI carbs) and foods that are high in fat and carbohydrate combined, as are so many of the ready prepared and junk foods on offer.

If you must have a snack try nuts or dried fruits instead of crisps or biscuits, and, try to drink more wate during the day.

If you are serious about losing weight you will probably need to go further than this and begin a proper diet or weight loss programme. I hope to cover more on this in due course.

It is not impossible to lose weight if you eat sensibly and don’t expect too much too soon.

Author Rob Esmund is a retired dentist with an interest in nutrition and weight loss,the latter stemming from many years of second hand experience with his wife’s dieting attempts, coupled with independent research. More information on weight loss at my blog

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