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This video is about Articles and it’s uses.
Article is of two types=
1) Definite Article 2) Indefinite Article.
Here I have discussed about a/an and it’s uses. “Article” seems to be easy but still there are certain unknown facts which must be known clearly and I have tried to discuss it in detail. I hope you will find the video helpful. In the next video of I will discuss about uses of “the” . So please👍👍👍 like, 👐👐share and don’t forget to 👉👉👉SUBSCRIBE my Channel “Plabita’s Tutorials”.😇😇😇 Your love and support means a lot🙋🙋🙋
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Don’t let your memes be dreams, people!

If you don’t want the web as we know it to come to an end, consider joining a protest in your local area.

Protests around the EU

#stopACTA2 events

Raise your voice and act now

Act Now

Disclaimer: This parody song and video do NOT advocate the use of violence and/or spitting on others at demonstrations.
Please protest peacefully 🙂

#article13 #saveyourinternet #stopACTA2 #memeban #deletearticle13
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