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Marine biology is a branch of science that deals with the study of aquatic life and underwater environments. You will be assigned both inland and offshore, depending on the topic. You may also find that other branches and related fields of marine biology can be equally or more interesting. Find out more about the details and features then decide which one will best suit your personal interests and needs. Here are some more tips.

About Marine Biology

The field of marine biology involves the study of aquatic organisms, the behavior and other interactions with the environment. It is considered one of the most diverse and interesting fields in oceanography. If you want to understand marine organisms and their different behaviors fully, you have to get a basic understanding of other disciplines and aspects of oceanography, like geological oceanography, chemical oceanography and physical oceanography. Biological oceanographers and marine biologists get to study these related fields during their careers to get a wider perspective during research.

Since there are several topics, marine researchers choose a specific interest and focus on it. Specializations can be founded on a specific organism, species, ecosystem or behavior technique. Marine biologists can select to review a certain species of fish or all kinds of fish that live in a given region.

Other Specializations

Marine biotechnology is a fast-emerging field that provides huge opportunities for marine biologists. The research shows a very wide array of opportunities and applications. A focus aspect involves the biomedical field, wherein scientists improve and test drugs, many that come from marine organisms. One type of an application of biotechnology research can be viewed in defense or industry, wherein researchers create non-toxic coatings that limit the build-up of organisms like zebra mussels and barnacles.

Molecular biology is another related aspect of specialization. Researchers will apply molecular techniques and approaches to different environments, in the deep sea and coastal ponds. They also apply these to different organisms, animals, plants and microscopic bacteria. Molecular biology can be used to identify the presence of a certain organism in a water sample via the use of molecular probes. When the organism is the same to other organisms or is microscopic, the data can be highly helpful.


Aquaculture is defined as the farming of shellfish, seaweeds and finfish. It is another field that is supported by molecular approaches and marine biotechnology. Aquaculture is quickly getting more attention since people are now looking for more fish and shellfish. Technological developments have also been made, making the approach more economically feasible. Economic value is increased as professionals discovered the way to extend the harvest and market season.

More Advances

Marine researchers are now looking for ways to provide drugs to affected populations of fishes raised in farms. The disease can be very detrimental for harvesting. Technology has allowed out fish tissue layers to be more permeable, thereby making the fish more receptive to antibiotic drugs and vaccines released into the water. As a result, healthier fishes can be raised in farms to provide for various populations.

If you are interested in Aquaculture and Marine Biology, why not to Become a Marine Biologist. Find out more: How to Become a Marine Biologist.

Abu Dhabi, the capital, is one of the biggest metropolis and the second largest city of UAE. Abu Dhabi is the home to many financial institutions and even has many important banks. The people of city have adopted the cosmopolitan culture and have achieved a lot. The relatively high income of the citizens of Abu Dhabi has contributed a lot towards the development of the city. The architecture and the infrastructure of the city are highly advanced and are in accordance to the global standards. Due to all these developments, the density of jobs in Abu Dhabi is also growing. People searching for jobs in Gulf, can end their search by winning over a flourishing career opportunity in Abu Dhabi.

Being the capital of UAE, the city has many cultural, commercial and political organisations, which adds to its attribute of being a job friendly city for foreigners. Of all the other career fields, jobs in the finance sector, has been growing very fast in Abu Dhabi. The city has significant financial institutions like the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, head offices of many important companies and Multi National Companies. All the important companies and MNC’s hire private agents or financial institutions to fulfil their finance jobs. To manage huge earnings of the people of Abu Dhabi and its investment require people, who are professionals in the field of finance which gives birth to more finance jobs in Abu Dhabi.

For the proper processing and development of a company or an organisation, its management requires finance professionals, who can handle the money well. There have always been the availability of petroleum and oil jobs in gulf, but because of the advancements, production of jobs in almost all fields is happening. People of Abu Dhabi are not well prepared to tackle these jobs, due to which, professionals from outside gulf, are invited to serve the advancements of the country. Banks and other financial institutions are very important for a common man also. Any developing country heading towards a metropolitan culture requires its financial institutions to be strong and dependable. Therefore, Abu Dhabi being the centre of development has the majority of finance jobs for well trained and highly skilled candidates.

Few of the finance jobs in Abu Dhabi, which can searched by a candidate, are:

• Jobs in banking

• Job as a finance Planner

• Job as an Investment manager

• Job as Insurance Agents

• Jobs as a Financial Analyst

• Jobs as a Mutual Fund Analyst

• Jobs as an Accounts Manager

• Job as a Claims Adjuster

• Job as an Auditor

There are jobs available at junior, middle, senior, all levels, giving opportunities to candidates from all backgrounds. The candidates are required to have good qualification and valid experience for the post applied. A large number of foreigners can be seen applying for the jobs in Gulf, because of the attractive remunerations paid by the companies. Especially, employees working in the finance sectors are paid really well, attracting more applicants from abroad.

The candidates looking for jobs in Gulf, can search through various mediums to find a job in their dream destination. Internet and newspapers are the two most important sources, which are highly trusted and frequently used by the job seekers. The increasing demand of workforce from financial sector of Abu Dhabi has lead to the set up many financial educational institutions in Gulf. This would help in the utilisation of young talent for the country itself. Therefore, for now and the times to come, the jobs for finance sector in Gulf is sure to grow and add more opportunities for generations to come.

Gurleen Walia writes on behalf of, a leading job portal for jobs in Gulf Region, Jobs in Abu Dhabi and jobs in Saudi Arabia, Middle East jobs. Info Edge foray into the Middle East is an endeavour to provide established client base with services that best meet their international requirements as well as expand our operations on to a global arena.

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Healthcare industry is one sector, which has been growing relatively high in almost all the economies of the world. The dependency of the common man on medicine and its other related services has increased a lot and people are opting newer measures to stay fit. All this awareness and urge among the people to remain healthy throughout their life, has given a boost to the healthcare industry. Like all the other countries, Gulf region has also witnessed great development in its healthcare sector. A significant number of medical institutions, hospitals and clinics have got opened in the gulf countries and are therefore creating opportunities for healthcare jobs in gulf . Even in the times of downturn, healthcare sector was one sector, which maintained its growth and hardly got affected by the same. According to a report, it is believed that by the year 2025, the healthcare market of Gulf will grow fivefold and due to this sound growth, loads of opportunities will get created for the specialist providers, which are meant to offer tertiary services to the healthcare industry.

Due to the growing healthcare market in gulf, large numbers of companies are investing there. The increase in the business of other industries also adds to the growth in the healthcare sector. As more number of companies, get opened in the gulf, larger employees are enrolled, due to which the requirements of the medical sector also grows. More the number of people, larger is the need for medical professionals to attend them. Other than hospitals and clinics, there are many other corporate sectors, where medicinal experts are required. Pharmaceutical industry is one of them. Pharmaceutical jobs in gulf are counted among few of the preferred job fields, which are opted by foreigners in different regions of gulf.

Due to the unavailability of skilled labourers in gulf, healthcare as an industry also invites applications from talented workforce all across the globe. Candidates with good qualification and experience in the respective fields get good salaries and they are valued high in the industry. There has always been the demand of professionals in the Oil and Gas industry of Gulf, because of it being the seventh largest reservoir of oil. Due to this, the candidates with higher degrees of qualification in the fields of finance, healthcare and tourism sectors are in scarcity. All this supports for the need of healthcare professionals and practitioners from foreign countries, to serve in the healthcare sector of Gulf. From doctors to nurses to pharmacists, people of all professions are required by the healthcare industry to serve the people of the gulf. Also, with the people getting more concerned about their health, healthcare sector is gaining the position of number one requirement for people across the globe. The changing lifestyle is also a contributing factor for the increase in demand of healthcare professionals in Gulf.

Many cities in gulf, has adopted the cosmopolitan culture, which is very much evident of the fact that people in gulf would have health problems due to the negative effects of the modern lifestyle. Personal trainers, gym instructors, dieticians are few of the other professions, where one can seek healthcare jobs in Gulf. Few of the main job options, which one can look in the healthcare sector of Gulf, are:

• Doctors

• Nurses

• Surgeons

• Clinical research jobs

• Pharmaceutical jobs

• Job as a dietician

• Job as a gym instructor

• Job as a personal trainer


All these jobs can be searched by a candidate, by surfing the internet, or digging the employment papers of gulf. The candidates applying for the job should be willing to serve the people of different cultures with full dignity and devotion, to cure their ailments and save them from diseases.

Gurleen Walia writes on behalf of, a leading job portal for jobs in Gulf Region, Jobs in Middle East and jobs in Saudi Arabia, Middle East jobs. Info Edge foray into the Middle East is an endeavour to provide established client base with services that best meet their international requirements as well as expand our operations on to a global arena. – Online Article Writing Jobs For Beginners – Having started a coupel different jobs from home over the past 3 years, I can help ya out.

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Are you looking for HR jobs at Texas? Well then you have come to the right place. In this article, we are going to give you an in depth idea of what kind of HR jobs you can have in this state. But first of all, it is important to have an idea of the state.

The State

By terms of both population and area, Texas is the second largest state of the United States. The name symbolizes “allies” or “friends” and was first used by the Spanish to the Caddo County. This state is located in the South Central United States. It has a large area of 268,820 square miles and 24.7 million residents.

The largest city of the state is Houston. This is also the fourth largest city in the United States. The second largest city of the state is San Antonio. This city is also the seventh largest city in United States. As a result, most of the economic and financial activities are concentrated around these two cities.

In 2008, the gross state domestic product of Texas was $ 1.224 trillion. This was the second highest number in the country. After Tokyo Prefecture and California, the economy of Texas is the largest in country subdivisions of the world.

Abundant natural resources, varied population and the geography are mainly responsible for the development of the state. This is one state which has the largest number of Fortune 500 company headquarters. There are about 346,000 millionaires in this state alone. This is the second highest number in the nation.

Agriculture and mining are the main industries. The energy business has risen due to the discovery of oil fields. High tech areas have also developed near the Austin and Dallas area. These are also great places for HR jobs.

The Job

When you have such a highly developed economy, it becomes easier to find jobs. Texas HR jobs are concentrated in the two big cities of Houston and San Antonio. But if you are interested in doing internship in HR, then you could very well consider being in Plano. If you have experience, then there are lots of companies looking for HR Managers in Dallas.

Texas HR work is also found in Danbury, Dallas and Austin. Are you interested in the position of an HR assistant? Then you could try your luck in Sugar Land. Companies like Pepsi are looking for HR coordinators in Plano. Richardson is a budding field for HR specialists.

HR work in Texas is also found in FortWorth. Are you interested in being an HR Analyst? HR jobs in Texas in this position are also found in The Woodlands. Finally, Lewisville, Post, San Marcos and Corsicana are some other places which are great places for HR jobs at Texas.

No matter wherever you are in the state, it is possible to find HR jobs. This is mainly because of the affluent commercial sector that thrives through construction, insurance and banking, wholesale and retail industries.

Tenet Healthcare, Whole Foods Market, Blockbuster, Kimberly-Clark, Landry’s Restaurants, Men’s Warehouses and AT&T are some of the Fortune 500 Companies in the Texas. These companies are always on the lookout of HR professionals.

So if you want HR jobs at Texas, you can contact these companies and you will definitely be able to find some work with them.

Silas Reed, Writer for HRCrossing, writes articles that inform and teach about different HR job profiles.  Please visit and sign up for a FREE trial to gain access to ALL of the many exclusive job listings we offer in the HR profession.

Finding the perfect job in Dubai can offer its own set of unique challenges. The UAE has not been immune to the global economic crisis and competition for available jobs is stiff. In addition, labor laws in the UAE can be confusing and seem to be in a constant flux. By educating themselves on the basics of UAE labor law, employees can avoid many common pitfalls that may arise during their time working in Dubai.

Rights that job seekers take for granted in their home country may not necessarily apply in Dubai. For example, there are no anti-discrimination laws in effect and employers can request anything from a certain nationality or age group to a certain appearance. There is also no minimum wage. An employee’s nationality is often a determining factor in the amount of pay offered, with Europeans and Arabs on the higher end of the scale and Asians on the lower end. Because changing jobs in Dubai is not a straightforward process, it is a common (although illegal) practice for some employers to hold employee passports as security against absconding.

An expatriate’s right to live and work in the UAE is tied to their sponsor, in this case the employer. Once a job seeker is hired, an employment contract will be signed. The contract is either fixed term or unlimited term. A fixed term contract means that there is a specified start date and end date. The contract cannot exceed three years, but can be renewed. Unlimited term contracts list a start date but are open-ended. They may be terminated by mutual consent or by either party giving 30 days notice. A new employee may undergo a probationary period of not more than six months. During this time the employee can be dismissed without reason or notice and he or she will not be entitled to any end of service benefits. Contracts may also include a competitive clause which states an employee cannot work for a competitor for up to two years.

Once a contract is signed the employee is legally bound to fulfill it. While laws regarding sponsorship have eased, allowing employees some movement between jobs if certain conditions are fulfilled, it still can be a challenging process. In most cases, in order to transfer to a new job the employee must complete one full year of service at their current position and obtain an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from their current employer. The NOC states that the employer releases the employee from any contractual obligations. If an employee’s work permit is cancelled without the NOC, a six month ban will be issued against the employee.

This means that while they can reenter the UAE on a visit visa during the ban, they will not be issued a new work permit for six months. There are certain categories of workers who are exempt from these rules, including employees of government departments and Free Zone areas (such as Dubai Media City, Knowledge Village, and Internet City). Free Zone workers are not under an individual company’s sponsorship, but under the sponsorship of the entire Free Zone area itself. As such, they can transfer to a new job within the same Free Zone without an NOC. Employees sponsored by their spouses also have greater freedom of movement between jobs.

While Dubai offers an exciting, multi-cultural work environment coupled with tax free income, employees do need to be aware of how job regulations can affect them. The government of Dubai is currently reviewing labor laws, particularly the six month ban rule, in light of the current global economy. Changes giving workers more rights and greater flexibility to move from one job to another may be on the horizon.

Ahmed Juma is a local UAE businessman and the owner of Emirates-Ads, a free UAE classifieds site with extensive listings of jobs in Dubai.

Oman is a small country bordered by the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. It has a vast coastal plain and has small population where many religions co-exist but Islam is the dominant of all. Oman is governed by Monarchs and 50% of the population is indulged in agriculture and fishing jobs. The Sultan is making efforts to make its people educated by setting up universities so that the country can be benefited in a way that its own people take up jobs in Oman and earn good salaries.

Like other countries in the Middle East, jobs in Oman are also being created on a large scale. In past few years the government has taken vital steps by entering into friendship treaties with other countries and attracting them to invest in Oman. Banking and finance jobs sectors are important for every countrys economic stability. Omani banking sector is highly efficient and stable which responds to regional and international developments and it is also trying to liberate financial services within the framework of World Trade Organization. More and more Omani citizens are gaining knowledge of finance related studies and many colleges are offering courses in banking and financial sector. The government has set up specialist banks which support efforts made for national development in housing, fisheries, agriculture and industry.

People from different countries arrive with an aim to work and find jobs in Oman. The expatriates are generally the labor force which comes from countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, and middle-east countries. But a large number of foreign workers are also skilled labors and are given handsome salaries with attractive perks. Some foreign workers are given accommodation facility, pick and drop facility and free tickets to travel back to their home country. When their tenure ends the company gives them big bonuses usually money which makes Oman a destination for lucrative career.

A person coming to Oman to work will experience a lot of cultural difference. Omani society is very conservative and has stringent punishment for small crimes. Male and female interaction in public spaces is not encouraged in Oman. This has helped in curbing the crime rate but a foreign worker has to make sure that he/she is on the right side of the law. But overall, you will enjoy working in Oman if you go with an open and free mind with least expectations.

The country in the past has spent a lot on its infrastructure and has attracted many western countries to set up their business here. With improving lifestyle and disposable incomes, more and more people want to secure their hard earned money and property. This has led to the growth of different financial sectors such as insurance companies, real estate companies, financial planning companies and money management companies to establishing their offices in Oman. These MNCs require working force and have job vacancies in large number for Omani people. A person should have a graduate and post-graduate degree in finance studies with 2-3 years of work experience to get a job in Oman.

Though other sectors are emerging in Oman but, the region is famous for its oil and petroleum reserves and its economy is based on these natural minerals. But, there are huge prospects in other emerging sectors as well which have many vacancies and job in Oman. Due to lack of supply and availability of resources citizens are partially benefiting and hence, companies hire foreign professionals.

In the times of globalization, the people living in Oman are well aware about the advantages of education and its benefits in their countries growing economy. Hence, many parents are sending their children abroad in order to gain knowledge and come back to their country to put their knowledge into practice by getting good jobs in Oman and contributing to the countrys development.

Deepika Bansal writes on behalf of, a leading job portal for jobs in Gulf Region, Jobs in Oman and jobs in Saudi Arabia, Middle East jobs. Info Edge foray into the Middle East is an endeavour to provide established client base with services that best meet their international requirements as well as expand our operations on to a global arena.

So far as work from home opportunities are concerned, article writing jobs from home is considered one of the most profitable niche to start making money from home. Most of the time we would have seen that those people who are doing articles writing jobs from home earn more money compared to other work from home programs like data entry jobs from home, typing jobs from home, ad posting jobs from and email sending jobs from home. This is not because article writing jobs are the highly paying jobs online rather its due to huge demand of articles and web content worldwide.

Article writing jobs from home facilitates people to write articles and web contents on behalf of any organization. This requires creative thinking and more precised way to express your feelings on respective products and topics. As per the online stats those who are engaged in articles writing jobs from home make more than $ 200 a day for just writing articles, blogs and products reviews. Last week I met one of my friend, He is also a good article writer and write articles for several web development companies. When I asked his pay scale. I was totally amazed. Actually he works as an article writer as well as proof reader.

It means if you are having excellent command on English and love to write convincing articles then article writing jobs from home is the best option to move ahead. Now here is one question. “From where will you get the article writing jobs ?”. Article writing jobs from home can be found on various freelance sites. But there is one problem, as these freelance sites are free to register, there are more than thousands of article writers like you bidding on the same project on which you bid. So it difficult to get selected soon until or unless you don’t have excellent rating or expert certificates.

So, in order to get an article writing jobs from home you would have to find out real writing jobs. Real writing jobs include, products and services reviews, movies reviews, image reviews and other reviews writing. Here you can earn more than $ 25 per reviews or articles that you publish or submit.

I think this is the best way to work from home and make money online very easily.

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