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Publishing medical journal articles is easier when you know how the process is supposed to work. This video describes this process.
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Learn how to find a full-text journal article at UCSD when you already have a citation.

IOP Publishing offers advice and support to authors who are interested in submitting to their journals. For more advice visit

This tutorial highlights how to use an article’s citation and the library’s Journals tab to find out if our library has the article.
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Yogyakarta, 24-25th of May, 2018

The purpose of this workshop is to give a first-hand coaching or mentoring to the Faculty members who are ready with articles’ draft for international journal publication. The aim is to finalise drafts’ revision and to submit the articles to various relevant journals.

The workshop consists of three parts i.e.:
• The first part is editors’ views and practical guides on how to write good and publishable article based on examples
• The second part is a mentoring process, which requires the mentor to give comments and inputs on the writers’ draft
• The third part is an individual work in between mentoring sessions where authors will revise their articles based on comments and inputs given by their respective mentors

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Wondering how to write your first journal article, and get it published? Many postgraduate students face pressure to publish during their candidature. This article provides advice on how to take a chapter of your thesis and convert it into your first journal article for publication.
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Writing the Journal Article

This short podcast describes how to write the journal article for the computational lab on the protonation of pyridine