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While I hold a vision of a wholesome future, we are currently confronted with a crisis of global proportions. Scientists have shown that Earth’s biosphere is in the throes of experiencing its sixth mass extinction. Five previous mass extinctions almost wiped out life on the planet. They are attributed to extraterrestrial forces such as comets or asteroids hitting the earth. The current extinction is driven by forces much closer to home, for it is recognized that human civilization is the primary cause behind the current crisis.



For over four hundred years, Western civilization has chosen Science as its source of truths and wisdom about the mysteries of life. Allegorically, we may picture the wisdom of the universe as resembling a large mountain. We scale the mountain as we acquire knowledge. Our drive to reach the top of that mountain is fueled by the notion that with knowledge, we may become “masters” of our universe. Conjure the image of the all-knowing guru seated atop the mountain.


The path that Science is currently navigating has inadvertently brought us to our current moment of global crisis.

The first half of Modern Science was preoccupied with reducing our world to separate bits and pieces. These efforts have provided information that has enabled humans to look out into the deepest regions of the universe and peer into the inner workings of a single atom. While the technology derived from reductionist science is miraculous in its nature, our use of it is destroying our civilization.


New science recognizes that life is more than the study of its individual parts. The revised curriculum balances our historic reductionist perspective with the evolving concepts of holism. By focusing on the power of interactive, autopoetic communities, whether they are comprised of energy waves, chemicals, cells or humans, we will be able to realize the peace inherent in our oneness.


As human beings engaged in the great work of re-creating our selves, our species and our planet, our mission is to seek creative responses to the challenges before us. Traditionally, reductionist science has sought resolutions by delving deeper into the material fabric of nature. In contrast, new science directs our attention to the heretofore-invisible matrix of entangled immaterial forces that shape and energize our world. Our holistic pursuit compels us to pull back from studying the trees, and own the scope and magnitude of the forest. From that perspective, we are obliged to recognize the power Noetic Consciousness plays in shaping our lives, our world and our challenges. This new life-sustaining awareness echoes the words of physicist R. C. Henry in his recent essay in Nature, “The Universe is immaterial–mental and spiritual. Live and enjoy.” (Henry, 2005)


Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. is best known for his best-seller Biology of Belief. A cell biologist by training, his breakthrough studies have made him a leading voice of the new biology, bridging science and spirituality.,

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3) Keeping up with marketing changes – The market changes all the time and you need to be up to speed with the world.  Reading current articles can help you keep up with those changes. You can find the best articles on the article publishing sites. They have the information bucketed by subject or by author. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds to have the information delivered straight to your inbox.

If you are looking for a shinning light to help guide you through the marketing world, current articles in marketing are it. They will always be here, offering you insights into the market. They are a great way to boost your understanding and sales. You have to understand where to find them and how to use the information once you get it. A good marketing and mentoring program will make all the difference. Take the time to get the education you need to succeed.

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Content Writing Services at This video shows some of the best computer tips and tricks that every computer user should know. It is really aimed at Windows computers.

1. Know What Antivirus you Have on Your Computer.

Virus Removal Software

2. Do not download, open emails with attachments.

3. Do not let people use your computer or know your passwords.

4. Know your computer hardware and software. Delete the software you never used.

5. Maintain Your computer. But don’t defrag a SSD drive:

Should I Defrag a Solid State Hard Drive (SSD)?

Computer Maintenance Tips – Ultimate List

6. Zoom in on any page. Use Ctrl and + or – on the keyboard to zoom in and out.

7. Open task manager. CTRL ALT DEL. Start a process.

8. Copy cut paste. Go to and search for cut copy paste.

9. Backup your files.

10. Control startup programs.Open msconfig.

11. Open a DOS window as admin. Paste in the DOS window.

12. Ipconfig to check internet?

Network Troubleshooting Commands

13. Find a network to connect to?

14. Hide desktop Icons and change desktop image.

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While it is of course true that everyone has an individual rate of learning, there are certain standard child development stages that every child should follow in general sequence. Some children may reach certain stages before other children, but this does not necessarily mean that the child who is “behind” is doing anything wrong. They must conquer one stage before moving on to the next, and there are often many stages happening at the same time. Some involve cognitive development, others physical or emotional. If you find yourself comparing your child to the neighbor’s child, stop comparing strengths to weaknesses and vice versa. While developmental stages are a guideline to see how you child is fairing, it certainly is not an exact representation for everyone. By reading child development articles, you can learn how you can affect the growth and development of your child.

By knowing and understanding child development stages, parents can get an idea of what they can expect out of their children at certain ages. It is obvious that a two-year-old will not be able to ride a bike, but these stages are much more subtle than that. Understanding these stages can also eliminate much of the guesswork and aggravation out of parenting. It can be fun to observe your child moving from one stage to the next.

An example of what physical development stages in babies look like is as follows: first infants will learn how to lift their head while lying face down. Then they will be able to support their own weight on the arms. Next they will learn to roll over, and soon to follow they will be able to roll into a sitting position. After that, babies learn how to roll into a squat position, and from this position they learn how to crawl. Child development stages continue in this way for many more years. The sequence is standard, but the normal ages at which different children will be able to accomplish these feats differ by a few months. This is a significant amount of time when the child has only been alive for under a year.

As a parent, it is important that you educate yourself about child development stages by reading child development articles. Parenthood is difficult enough without having to guess about where your child is in his or her personal development. Lingual, emotional and other forms of development follow similar sequences, and by reading child development articles, you can learn how you can encourage your child’s development and continue in helping them grow and learn.

Read more Child Development Articles.

Statin Drugs: What You Need to Know! Leading natural health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola talks about the dangers and side effects of taking statin drugs and how to optimize your cholesterol levels naturally.
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