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The script used by the customer service agents during their calls is often the primary reason why they cannot bring their work up to a certain quality. Customers are changing their tastes and preferences on a daily basis. There is little room for formal frigidity anymore in answering service. The BPO agents have to dynamic and charming, to say the least. When the callers choose to speak to a live agent, they want the person to be interactive and friendly. They like telemarketing agents who go out of their way to solve their problem. That makes them feel special and privileged. Customers are often tempted to stay on with a particular brand when they feel that the telephone answering agents are amicable with them. However, problems arise when the supervisors at call centers prune down this freedom of the agents.

The BPO workforce has always been a dynamic unit. Changes have come into it from external and internal sources. By external sources I mean the attrition that has happened because of better opportunities and the lure of better money by rival call centers. By internal means, I’m talking about the pressures of telemarketing services that has prompted many to quit the business process outsourcing sector once and for all. If we examine the causes of the workforce trends changing over time, you will have to look at several aspects. For example, women constitute about 30% of the employees in call centers and yet there are only about 4% of them in the upper levels of the organization. Why is it so? Let’s find out!

Women, especially in the developing countries like India, where there is a social pressure to raise a family have to rethink their career when they reach a certain age. Then they have to think about shifting gears on their career paths and work out time to start a family. This demands that they either quit their crazy job hours at call centers or take a sabbatical. In other words, they have to put a speed breaker on their way. This sets them back badly. The management of BPO companies is not sure anymore as to how many days she will keep working. They are hesitant about entrusting them with the job that requires time, effort and lots of commitment. It becomes a difficult choice for the woman to continue working when they are saddled with additional responsibilities. Soon they find themselves handing in their papers.

Experienced transcription service agents know that flattery can go a long way in ensuring a sale. It’s a trade secret that few want to talk about but many would like to use. Customers often want to feel special about being associated with your brand. Your call center agents must make them realize that. You can speak to them about their problems and issues with the products/services that they have brought from you. When you talk of matters that are slightly different from hardcore business, you create opportunities to cross sell and up sell. Moreover, the customers realize that you are genuinely interested in their lives and problems. The human connection is necessary for telemarketing services, and a bound script cannot provide that.

We have a dynamic customer service team that takes good care of our clients and customers. Our inbound call center department often receives lavish praises for quality order taking services.