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HD. End of season at Kellermans ,”nobody puts Baby in the corner”, the final dance, they perform the final dance to “I’ve had the time of my life” Johnny and Baby on stage –
Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes – (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life
Baby Houseman – Jennifer Grey
Johnny Castle – Patrick Swayze
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Offsite- Mahabaleshwar – May 2016

Best Life International Dinamina News Paper Articles 22/08/2014
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Best Life International Dinamina News Paper Articles 07/08/2014

Your Physical area of life is directly proportionate to the power of living your personal truth of mindful inspiration, of bodily excitement, and of your souls fulfillment. The Physical area of your life is beautifully woven to your thoughts being alive and forwardly moving in an inspiring direction. It is time for the health of your body’s enthusiasm and excitement to come alive! Alive with vital movement is your destiny as I now take you on a brief vitalistic journey of how to engage your body’s balance for sustaining years of life ahead. What you think about is your truth which internally is a divine gift as it surfaces the mind and heart daily; therefore what you think about lovingly is exactly what you bring about to love fully. Your body diminishes cellular function when the mind is not living fully its truth. You deserve the life your mind creates for you as love, wisdom and gratitude exists for your plan and beliefs within. This acknowledgment takes mental stimulation which when focused on reaps physical vitality and an energy that sparks your longevity in life.

The body is connected and committed to your minds desires. They are a team and shall be treated equally. Allow the minds wisdom to show you its visionary fruitful buffet of the joys you want in life and there your body will flourish with the thrill of life’s adventurous journey. Your body brings you the dance with life la dolce vita! The sweet life of loving and caring completely brings the spice to your life! You deserve to feel, to be felt, and to abundantly balance the treats that your body generously receives from nutrition, exercise, the activities you love to do, sex and making love, and personal hygiene. Your body’s health therefore allows your mind to take you where you physically can walk and enjoy life with ease vs discomfort.

Your body is the vehicle that carries your minds ability to achieve your peak interests, as well as your walk in life to the experiences and adventures that life gloriously and gracefully has in store for you. We know that when we walk a path from within dedicated to the things we truly love, our body is at ease with unlimited energy. When we try to do things another wants in order to fulfill their values and go against our own truth inherently, our body has dis-ease which can cause undesired discomfort, slowing down and irritability. Recognizing the drawbacks to living someone else’s desires and life plan is a beneficial exercise for actualizing your own health. So, stay true to where your mind is yearning to be, discover and attune to your hearts desires and make a list of what you truly want to do in your life that you must be physically able to move daily toward in order to happily and fulfillingly manifest. Evolution of life brings great results as we accept this fact of the divine design in life. Love is always there in life for people that have traveled with us, though form changes at times that leads you to greater activity, energy, and a life that you find bountiful in all ways.

The medicine of empowering your life to be balanced and wholesome mindfully, bodily, and soulfully is to have a plan each year that you can refine as time goes by, yet you must have a plan that you love and look forward to getting out of bed each day to enjoy and feel alive. Allow your body to feel and be felt, the present loving care you receive and give out enriches your strength and endurance for a long healthy fun loving life. Your body requires your attention and the breath of life to your body is the attention of someone who loves your body as much as you do and for you to love that persons equally – your plan of fitness and health needs to be a “we” plan to continue the shape the health of bodily care that loving each other requires!

We can laugh about relationships and endure certain irritable situations, though to allow our body the gift of its desired pleasure with the one we love, lust for, and make love to invigorates the plethora of fuel for the body’s performance in all that you do. To fulfill the body through your nutritional care, exercise and touch from a loving partner in life is to provide the healthiest momentum to your fitness level, to adding years to your life, and advancing your activity level as you live your amazing life of calm and exciting times.

The slower you move, the slower you will become. The more vital you are in creating shared bucket list plans in life as shown in the Jack Nicholson-Morgan Freeman movie The Bucket List, the greater the spectrum of healthy and energetic movement over time will be yours. Do you feel inspired with who you are sharing your life with as you know their goals and yours are a “we” plan? Are you alone with a personal plan of events leading to the vision you hold within. Write out a year plan and unleash a new energy component within you for your life ahead. It is very worth this exercise to plan out a year, then to have five year life plans that add to the depth of your journey ahead. These idea’s are the seeds to the mind and body that bring forth your minds exuberance of thoughts for the mind to wake up each day ready to get on with a plan of action and therefore successful and loving feelings at the end of the day.

Do you allow your body be stimulated by your daily routine and also by your nutrition at home and the touch it receives for nurturing tender loving care? Does your mind experience stimulation of personal material as well as shared conversations with who you are in a relationship with? Who you are with to share invigorating active life events with, and your body’s daily exercise routine, will bring enthusiasm to your body, to your love for life, and therefore an appealing excitement for the duration of your life. Your diet and cognizant appeal to how your routine everyday is for your nutrition, your rest, your activity, your minds learning tasks, your meditation, and your love in life makes a purposeful impact on the life and the aging process to be either dwindled or invigorated from this moment on. Have a clear road map, be thankful, eat moderately, drink water, breathe fully and deeply, connect your bucket list to someone who can engage fully with you, smile, grasp life by the mane and feel the thrill of life, and count your blessings. Believe in your heart the things you know you want in life. Let’s get physical!!

In gratitude to all of you who teach me to fly better each month by your feedback.

I am graciously dedicated to the discovery of the magical and inspiring gifts of femininity that allow our physical being to thrive in human potential and opportunity, and also to survive in the realization that within every perceived crisis is a blessed gift. Be filled with radiant vitality and mental clarity for living your authentic self. Thank you for spending this time exploring your beautiful nature and how to access your greatest powers. Every woman is worthy of deserving her dreams. I’ve noticed woman need help and support to reawaken their allure of femininity, and the independent successes that they dream of….The Secret to The Beautiful You is the gift of our soul, resonating with the minds mastery and our shining beauty that illuminates our lives, as we are all stars of the universe….full of light for generations to follow. Live with bold genius, knowing that sweat and tears, failures and challenges, and our hearts greatest calling will bring forth our feminine power in success and love for impacting feminine legacies.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the new technology gadgets being launched so frequently. Gadgets have made life easier for humans whether it’s car, kitchen or just sweeping the driveway. Sometimes, using these new gadgets seems a sheer waste of good manpower, and at other times, we are thankful for their presence in our lives.

There’s nothing that is going to surprise us anymore whether it’s Roadways Animal detection for cars (RADS), Wi-Fi Internet Radio, supercomputer for cars that does not require any woofers or speakers, USB Audio Tube giving PC users surround sound and light, etc. These new technology gadgets 2010 have added a new dimension to our life.

The advancements in the field of mobile technology are astounding. The new mobile phones being launched are all tiny portable PCs, having almost all the facilities of a PC and the best thing is that they can be used on the move. With the number of applications they use for games, shooting picture, shooting movies too, dual cameras, speakers, with even ebooks, music, movies and so much more, one is not confined to a table and chair to use the PC. You can download these applications in these new technology gadgets and carry on with your work. You can access all these PC applications on your phone now even when you are on the move.

There have been new developments in the field of medical science too. There is a portable EKG monitor which provides instant heart readings. This is good news for patients with cardiac problems. Then the portable oxygen supply in the form of backpacks is good news for asthmatics and athletes alike. But apart from the medical implications, increased supply of oxygen provides more energy thereby letting you work more and even good for losing weight. Then there is very good news regarding the anti-ageing properties of oxygen. Isn’t this new technology gadget absolutely great???

But the best news is for all the women who slave away in the kitchen. The new gadgets in the kitchen are now a woman’s best friend. The vacuum cleaner for meat, which cleans out the bacteria from meat, making it safe to be used; a digital coffee maker, which uses fingerprint technology to identify the user’s personal taste; a milk jug that tells you when milk gets sour these new technology gadgets have really made cooking and being in the kitchen not just easy but very interesting!!!

We provide latest information about new gadgets, new technology gadgets and about other accessories.

Identifying Articles through America History & Life

This short Library video will show you how to identify journal articles and other scholarly sources through the database America: History and Life, one of the key search tools for history researchers at University of Guelph.

America: History and Life allows you to search listings of scholarly journal articles and other sources, including many in full-text.

It covers North American history from prehistory to present, and please note that this includes Canadian history, in spite of the database’s title.

America: History and Life can be accessed through the database list under the “Find” tab on the library website,

You may also be able to access it through a link in the library subject or course guide associated with your course or research topic.

If you are off-campus, you may be asked to log in through the Library website before proceeding to the database.

This is the main search screen for America: History and Life. Enter combinations of your search terms at the top and apply any search limits (such as date of publication) at the bottom.

It’s a good idea to brainstorm a working list of a variety of terms to combine in your searches.

Start by entering some of these terms. In this example, I’ve indicated that I want to find items that mention the words “telegraph” and “military.”

At the bottom of the same page, you can add any limits to your search in advance, like limit by peer-review status, limit by historical period, limit by date of publication, and more.

If you don’t get the results you want, try adjusting your search terms and/or refining your search using the options in the column on the left of the page.

Click on the title of the item you want to get further information and, if available, to access the full-text.

Before accessing and reading the whole article, review details such as the abstract to determine if it’s going to be useful. An abstract is a short article summary.

The official subject headings listed in the record are particularly useful. If you see one that’s relevant, click on it to see if there are other items classified in the same way.

Links on the left-hand side of the page will indicate if the full-text is available in the database or elsewhere. If the article isn’t available in full-text in the database, click on the “Get it! Guelph” icon to check if it is available through another one of our resources.

Don’t forget to try a variety of different searches using different combinations of terms to achieve different results.

If you have any further questions, just ask us.

For more details on how to access help, visit our website at

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SUMMER BODY HERE WE COME!!! hope you guys got some new ideas and exercises to add to your workout routines OR got inspired to get fit!!! PS body goals = loving the body you’re in and feeling good about yourself, whether that involves working out or not 🙂 XO – lauren

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First let me apologize for not getting out a weekly blog for some time now. Like many people, I have a lot going on at any given time, and we all must prioritize the most important things to do. I am no exception to that rule. Let’s take my life over the last few months as an example. In September, my doctor decided to make a small change to my medications, which meant that I needed to be hyper-vigilant in monitoring my moods. In the middle of September through the last of October, I was working on a big project at work, which required me to put in 60 – 70 hours of work a week. I had my family relationships to maintain. I had a blog going, and I was working on writing a book on Thriving with Bipolar disorder. Like everyone, I also had a house to maintain with cleaning, paying bills, and grocery shopping to name a few things.

So to prioritize your life or anything for that matter, you need to make a list of all the things going on, just like I did up above. Then you need to decide which ones are critical to sustain if you find yourself in a position like I did where you can not do them all. For me, I had a health situation with the medicine change, that by the way, did not go well. I got slightly depressed after 3 weeks, and then had to change back, and it took 3 more weeks for me to start feeling like myself again. The next important thing was to do the work necessary to keep my job. Working 60 – 70 hours a week can be hard on a “normal” person, but add slight depression on top of that and it takes a bigger toll. As a result, most everything else was on the back burner. I was able to barely stay in touch with friends and family, but those relationships did suffer a bit. I was late on paying one of my bills. I didn’t get much cleaning or grocery shopping done either. Then there was the blog and the book I was writing. Unfortunately, I did not have time for either one of those.

Now it is the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s time of the year. I’m glad my emotions are back to normal, my work hours are back down, but now it’s time to focus on family and friends during this time of the year. I also want to get my book completed. All that being said, the blog will again take back seat to these other things. I hope to get back to a weekly blog after the first of the year.

I hope you got some helpful tips in how to prioritize your life through my real life example, but let’s review the steps. First, make a list of all the things you are involved in that are important to you. Then decide what’s necessary to sustain your health and quality of life. For me that was monitoring moods and keeping my job. It might be different for you. However, I found that health tends to take top priority then maintaining your income. Once that’s in place, relationships tend to follow those, then maintaining your house (bills, etc.). Most other things need to be prioritized in order that you feel are most important.

So until next time, have a great 2010 holiday season!

I hope you gained some useful insights, and for more information visit me at

You can contact me at

You can follow me on twitter at

I wish you the best in all your pursuits.

Author: Cassandra L. Good

Cassandra L. Good works and resides in Colorado, USA. She has been employed at the same company for nearly 18 years despite having been diagnosed with Bipolar II Disorder.

Her new goals include helping other people with bipolar disorder to live a life that is rewarding and fulfilling. She wants to teach people how to move from surviving to thriving with bipolar disorder.

Articles Of Faith
In This Life (Lone Wolf Records, 1985)

01 – Remain In Memory 00:00
02 – Doesn’t Have To Be That Way 02:16
03 – Wasn’t I Right 04:45
04 – Wheedle Dee 08:02
05 – Around In Circles 10:49
06 – Nowhere 12:56
07 – Trains 16:09
08 – Wait For Me 18:44
09 – Never Really Understood 20:51
10 – Cambridge 24:17
11 – In This Life 29:23

Seven Articles of Life

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