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Much new advancement have been made in the herbal weight loss supplements programme world over with newer discoveries and innovations being part of it. These natural programmes are no longer a thing of the past and in case as a starter you are worried about using these products then there is really no need to do so. Most of these products have been tried and tested and are extremely beneficial in the long run. A lot of consumers world over have experienced positive results and continue experiencing drastic changes on their body in the most natural manner. What’s more, the prices of all these products are most affordable and can be easily procured from health stores located in different parts of the continents. But it is recommended to always go in for products manufactured out of natural components rather than the ones prepared from the use of chemicals. The chemical preparation can cause serious harm to the body and is certainly not advisable for long term usage.

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Two years ago, I wrote an article entitled “China can not always be working for the world,” the article, the “Nanfang Dushi Bao” published, but the title was changed. Now, the title became the title of my new book.

Gu Lang appeared last year, disputes, people at the core of the reform of property rights more and more doubts, more and more bad reputation for liberal economists. In fact, I believe in neo-liberalism, there is a natural sympathy of the liberal. However, I have always been China’s strong criticism of liberals. They do not listen to my criticisms, but also into the causes of today’s predicament. I hope my new book on the theory that they be amended so that liberals can start.

Remember two years, Mr. Chen Zhiwu invited me in New Haven and the domestic liberal economist, a representative of food. The liberal is the kind sincere people in, so we did not nonsense, and soon entered the battle view. I was referred to my article, “China can not always be working for the world.” He once bluntly: “The words I heard on the trouble. Is not working how to do? Americans not working?” I say that China’s excessive reliance on foreign capital, inadequate protection of the rights of the workers, too few people to earn their own unable to develop, in addition to always working for other people outside the no way out, and so on. He immediately dismissed: “working is the people willing to. They are not working can you do? Wage is the beginning of the development. Wages so high, what

Competition Power? “I asked the Americans with high wages, how could it have become more competitive? He said casually:” You look at the United States are not competitive. Let your business come back. Let’s just say that the U.S. war, but we the workers low wages. “

The dinner debate, most clearly reflects my overseas and domestic liberal liberal different. My basic belief is entirely new liberalism: the full market competition is the basis for development is the foundation of social justice. But the most adequate competition is excluded

Monopoly Competition, is to make the smallest economies have opportunities to participate in the competition. To protect the market fully competitive, our country and society must protect the interests of the smallest economies. Why? Because “small is beautiful”, the smallest economies in the most efficient.

So, what is the smallest economy then? The smallest economies of the individual, the family. Community to ensure that these economies are fair pay, earn enough

Capital Enhance their level. For example, a worker’s family, earning not only to be able to maintain a basic living, but also

Investment Children’s education, so that the next generation of “industrial upgrading.” This is a long-term protection of national competitiveness. If you are like us, workers sometimes can not get salary, schooling of children is also affected by discrimination, then the children of migrant workers will never be, a permanent residence of the child will always be a permanent residence. Even if China’s future to the development of high-end industries, the children of migrant workers with access to education does not, you where to find the next high-end industry workforce? This development is no different from Banded, because the immediate profits at the expense of long-term development goals.

I would cite a vivid example. Ford Motor Company recently into a major crisis,
Layoffs 3 million people, the future might be closed down. This is probably liberal economist who proved the words: “The U.S. is not competitive!” Just imagine, the workers salary 56 million, plus a lot of

Welfare , Retirees generous pension on his shoulder, but also how and our annual salary of less than two thousand U.S. dollars of workers compete? In fact, these words 80 years in the last century is the truth. At that time, the eyes of people on the Nengkanmingbai: the home of the United States

Electricity Device, the U.S. car, sooner or later to be Japan’s defeat. Hurt the competitiveness of high-wage, seems indisputable. However, as the U.S. appliance market,

Auto market Have been occupied by Japan and South Korea, we see what is it? Strength and efficiency in the U.S. economy skyrocketed! Past two decades, the United States from labor productivity, per capita income and other indicators point of view, a length significantly higher than Japan and Europe. Why? Appliance factory closed down, the next auto plant will close down, but the collapse of these companies though, the smallest economies in the United States (ie, individuals and families) competitiveness is assured. People have high wages, high benefits, people send their children to college, transformed into the next generation of software designers, doctors, family as an economy escalated. So the whole society, the economy, of course there is stamina.

The Ford crisis, especially people with emotion. Such a large company into the plight of, we all know is too expensive, there is no way to compete, were forced to plant closings and layoffs. But how people lay off employees? According to “The Wall Street Journal,” reported that Ford is considering a number of dismissed workers to university tuition fees, 15 thousand U.S. dollars a year, ensuring four years of college tuition! Others are on the house the fire company also had to spend the money. Do you expect this company survive to carry on? But the people of

Market economy Mature. In large enterprises and small community between economies, there is a system to ensure the interests of small economies. People are not afraid of a Ford bankruptcy, fear that tens of thousands of workers, families of bankruptcy. As long as these small economies to survive, to remain competitive, the state will be competitive. After all, the latter is the cell of society.

Therefore, I propose in the book is a new liberal philosophy: China’s future depends on the full market competition. The basis of competition, it is the smallest economy (individuals and families) of the basic welfare and quality. Nothing to do with a few large enterprises down, GDP growth slow down does not matter, but people in health care, education, basic needs must be met. A migrant worker, must have sufficient capacity to invest in their children, so that migrant workers are no longer grow up. At the expense of the cost of these small economies, the development of large enterprises, is nothing but a transfiguration of the planned economy.

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Women have abortions for many reasons but whatever the reason and no matter how much they rationalise their decision they can still suffer from guilt and self hatred. This makes healing very difficult. If you are in this situation treat yourself with kindness and make a decision about whether or not you wish this experience to colour the rest of your life.

Why compound an already unfortunate situation by making yourself pay every day for the rest of your life. You will not forget the experience but you can move past it, learn from it and go on to have a healthy, happy life.

There are counselling services available from the centre or hospital where you had your treatment and it would be worth taking up any offer of these services just to give you the opportunity of talking over your feelings with another, especially someone experienced in helping others through what is no doubt traumatic on many levels.

Just for now stop judging yourself and assuming that others are either judging or have the right to judge you. You have made a choice and did the best you could with what you had and knew at the time. That is now the past. You deserve a happy, healthy life.

Punishing yourself does not change the past and robs you of a bright future. It is really important to forgive yourself now. All that pent up emotion and guilt needs to be released. Seek out the help of a local professional to enable you to do this, or if you can, come on a workshop and clear it all out. You may also wish to write an angel letter to the child you did not have.

How to write an angel letter. Start the letter like any other and address it to the baby you lost. Explain why you took this decision. Express all the emotions you feel over this event. Tell them you release them with love to their greater good now and that you are grateful for any lessons that they have brought you. Finish the letter with love and your name. Now leave it for 48 hours and after that time burn it.

This is not like a chain letter it is not for anyone else to read and it does not matter if you destroy it early or later, there are no negative repercussions. know as you burn it that you are now healing from this experience and forgive yourself.

There are some useful meditation CDs around to assist you with this process of healing and forgiveness. I know from years of running sessions and workshops that many women suffer health problems later and difficulty in getting pregnant if they do not release all the hurt and emotion tied in to any decision of this nature. The important thing is to just be willing to allow what you need to come to you and not push away any help that is offered.

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Imagine that are diagnosed with the HIV virus, the first thing you have to do is to keep your emotions in check: calm down. This is not going to be the death of you yet! There are several millions of people afflicted with this deadly virus but still lead normal and healthy lives due to the abundance of medicines available in the market which may not necessarily cure the disease but will definitely contain the virus. The secret here is self- motivation and that can make you live your life completely.

Your relations and associates are the ones that you should be looking to for support at this juncture and they will definitely help calm you down. Consulting with a social worker or a counselor will keep away depression. There is a wealth of information available online that will get you closer to people suffering from this disease and you can share experiences with each other. Regular health check ups to determine the body’s immunity levels should also be done by a qualified doctor. And finally remember that; you should come to terms to the fact that you are infected.

It’s important that you understand how the HIV virus multiplies inside your body and its effect on the immune system. The Viral load test tells you how much of the virus you have at present in your body and the CD4 test tells you how strong your protective system is. It’s important that you know both of them

Always understand that HIV is NOT infectious. Casual contact like sharing utensils, embracing or shaking hands will not spread the disease and this is what your relations and friends need to understand. HIV spreads only through sex, allotment of infected needles and breastfeeding. Do not work your self up just because you are suffering with the disease rather focus on your health. Regular health check-ups is important as the body’s immunity system is gullible to an array of diseases. Avoiding smoking and drinking will also help you handle HIV better. There are many medicines available in the market that can stem the HIV virus starting to increase in your body and your doctor would be the best guide to help you out in this.

Voluntary organizations can also provide you with a wealth of information that will get you closer to people suffering with this disease and this can also be a source of comfort to you. Latest advances in Medicine have actually increased the life span of an HIV patient by ten years or more since the inception of the virus. Some of these individuals, with the help of medicines are leading normal and healthy lives just like any ordinary human being. SO, DON’T give up hope, worrying will never help you, rather learn to accept the situation. Remember that you have to take care of your own health and no one can do that for you; do visit your doctor regularly. It’s your life so don’t despair, live it king-sized, you will in all probability outlive your expectation. is a health related blog dedicated to provide all the information about HIV and AIDS. Check out this blog to know more about Symptoms of HIV and Living with HIV AIDS.

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In an archipelago southwest of Japan, lies the island of Okinawa, which is home to the healthiest population of centenarians (people over 100 years old) on earth. They suffer fewer instances of cancer, diabetes and heart attacks. Their secrets include a more nutrient based diet and less stressful living.

Okinawan centenarians stay lean by eating fewer calories than they burn off during the day. They maintain a healthy weight. For them, meals are a social event where the focus is on the social interaction and not the food itself. They eat until they are almost full before they get stuffed.

It takes 20 minutes for the body to signal to the brain that is it full. Americans like to eat until they are stuffed. You can use a hunger rating system to monitor your level of satisfaction. During a meal, rate your hunger on a scale of 1 to 5- (1 is famished and 5 is stuffed.) By just taking the time to think about how you actually feel, you are less likely to overeat.

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Health News & Articles   Healthy Living - hot news

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Kamala Appel: Hello everyone, this is Kamala Appel AKA “The Key and KEA Productions.”

We are here talking about reasons for being healthy and I am here today with Katherine Isacks.

And we are going to find out more about her quest to help people with diet and nutrition.

Katherine please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background.

Katherine Isacks: Thank you Kamala, I’m a registered Dietitian and I work for two hospitals and I own my own business.

I work primarily in weight control and diabetes education.

I’m passionate about nutrition and helping folks control their health, reduce risks… that sort of thing. I’m thrilled to be here.

Kamala Appel: Great, thank you so much!

Well, you’re obviously someone coming from a lot of knowledge, but certainly there must have been things that you learned along the way that surprised you.
Was there anything about health and fitness that surprised you?

Katherine Isacks: Yes, actually I should not be surprised but I am continually surprised at just how many calories are contained in processed foods, foods
from restaurants (even good quality restaurants) as well as in fast foods.

I keep up on nutrition information from all sorts of different sources and I’m continually surprised at how many calories,

how much saturated fat and sugar is actually in our food that are prepackaged and also from dining out food.

Kamala Appel: Wow…

Katherine Isacks: Yeah, continual source of surprise (Laughter).

Kamala Appel: Now many restaurants display calories on their menus and you see that one meal is around 1500 calories and it’s like wow!

Katherine Isacks: Yes and it gets much worse than that by the way.

Some of the casual restaurants can easily go over 2000 calories and not to single one out as being worse than others, but

The rest of the interview with Katherine Isacks at the Reasons for Being dot com community website and in the Reasons For Being book available at

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In 2006/2007, the governments own statistics show that over 13 million of our population were considered to be living below the poverty line although this figure is rising at a rate of around 1 million every 2 years. (For single adults you are considered to be living below the poverty line if your income is less than 60% of average which is around £112 per week or just under £6000 per year) Most of these still have an income above which they will be required to fund their own legal expenses given that only single unemployed people with no dependents fall short of the £3398 benchmark with a benefits income of around £3328. Put quite simply if you have a child you are not entitled to legal aid in full.

Effectively this means that with the exception of homeless unemployed benefits people there effectively is not a single person in this country which would be entitled to 100% legal aid funding. If a person fails to provide their proportion of legal expenses they could face losing their homes in enforcement action, a move akin to the elderly in care homes being forced to sell their houses to fund their existence after a life of contributing to the very state which now denies their dignity. Once released the innocent will no longer have a home to live in, families will be torn apart further than they are already by the justice system and the state will ultimately have to pay for the damage it has reaped as a result.

Clearly with over 13 million of the affected population living in what is already considered to be poverty, the refusal to fund any legal representation in full will result in either their poverty being compounded or their legal representation restricted. Both of which are a breach of any socially acceptable standard in any developed country in the 21st century not least one which ratified the ECHR which this latest move so defiantly and blatantly ignores.

Article 6 Paragraph 3c.
“Everyone charged with a criminal offence has the following minimum rights:
(c) to defend himself in person or through legal assistance of his own choosing or, if he has not sufficient means to pay for legal assistance, to be given it free when the interests of justice so require;”

The only foreseeable outcome of this is that many more will be wrongly convicted of crimes since they will through the denial of adequate legal representation be unable to prove their innocence against a financially unrestricted prosecution procedure.

It naturally follows that there will be more appeals lodged on the legal grounds of not being provided with an adequate defence, which in turn will result in compensation being issued by the government through Article 5’s enforceable compensation requirements. Worse than that even the genuinely guilty would be entitled to the same and could be wrongly released (Look out for more incidents similar to the recent murders of two French Students).

My suggestion? Solicitors up and down the country should unite until this decision is reversed offering their services for appeals on a pro-bono basis receiving a percentage of the enforceable compensation awards. In this way, ultimately the state will be required to pay out more as a result of this ill-conceived and morally wrong ruling implemented against the advice of those they paid to advise them. 

Billy Middleton is the founder of, supporting and assisting the wrongly accused and their families to cope with the situation they find themselves in.