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Almost all of us want to look younger than we are and live as long as possible. Your genetic inheritance gives you a head start, but your diet also plays a vital part in helping you increase your lifespan. Today, we’re going to reveal the 10 anti-aging foods that make your skin look glowing.

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In this podcast I interview Kelly Starrett from MobilityWOD and we talk about the detrimental effects of sitting too much, various “little” lifestyle choices that can harm or help us in the long run, his new book that is launching in October, and more!






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Flexible Solar Panels - What To Look For

I have had the chance to use and test a few different flexible solar panels over the years. Here’s a few tips to help you when buying solar panels online for your RV or boat.

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Government liquidation auctions are for items that have been confiscated or for stolen property that has been recovered but never claimed by anyone. Government auctions have been very popular in the past due to the fact that that many of the items will be sold just for what they are worth and not for a penny more. The government is looking to get what they have put into auctioning off the items including resources to handle all of the property. There is very little markup, if any at all, so those who attend these events really do enjoy incredibly low prices.

Oftentimes, these liquidation auctions can be for estates across the nation that have been foreclosed on or confiscated due to tax reasons. At that point the government liquidation auctions step in and handle the entire situation, from the first bid call at the auction block to escrow accounts that all monies go into until full accounting and final settlement is completed. These government liquidation auctions professionals have the skills and use all know-how in the auctioning business to handle the situation with ease. Theres a misconception that auctions that are handled by the government are items from people who have been involved with illegal situations and the law states that these items can be taken away from them because of it. This is true but there are no remnants of this type of activity that the item was involved in.

In this great land we call the United States of America the laws that govern our country have to be abided by and in some cases there can be hurt and hardship caused to the recipient. Taking some time to get educated about some of the resources that have to be utilized in the auction process is something that should be done ahead of time. Items that are up on the auction block can be as extravagant as huge yachts, cars, farm equipment, semi trucks, construction equipment, and yes even estate sales, so you can see the diversity that you will enjoy during one of these auctions.

Using the Internet for the purpose of finding these professional government liquidation auctions will be the easiest way to find out where the auction is along with some of the different items that might be available at it. Now, if you play your cards right there could be some quality merchandise that you could purchase at one of the professional government liquidation auctions in your area that could be worth your while.

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Environmental jobs encompass the full array from economists to hydrologists, from environmental experts to designers. This field is extremely technical and also technological which would be an aid to explain exactly why these careers are some of the highest paid careers in the entire world. The most basic of these job options are generally Environmental Consultants, Environmental engineers, Meteorologists and Hydrologists. An assessment these types of jobs will certainly look at the fundamental career descriptions as well as remuneration packages.

Environmental Consultants
Environmental Professionals are utilized either by Public or Private Field businesses. They provide help these large companies in areas where enviromentally friendly legal guidelines is necessary. Including nevertheless isn’t restricted to areas such as property development, in which the specialist is required be a part of research to accumulate systematic data, particularly as it relates to issues for example air quality, waste water management systems and also general auditing and also examination.According to the Bureau of Labor, in 2008, an entry level specialist earned an impressive $ 913 US weekly in income whereas project Managers received the average per annum wage of $ 62,378 US in July 2010.

Environmental Engineers
Environmental Engineers assist in the environmental protection of the earth’s resources, specifically, air, land and water. They work with exclusive businesses, governmental agencies, as well as, independently. These people work to fix concerns such as polluting of the environment, waste administration, hazardous substance administration and also average person wellness. For a federal government paid environmental engineer, a net average salary of $ 92,750 US had been documented for federal employed employees while state hired employees accumulated $ 65,320 US yearly

Hydrologists, as suggested by the name, function to safeguarded and also preserve the waterways. This includes rivers, lakes, ponds, seas, oceans and even drinkable drinking drinking water and they seek in order to protect these types of waterways from possible contamination. Hydrologists assess the quality, the quantity, where the water can be found as well as the movement or shortage thereof of the water. These people seek to forecast disasters for instance deluges and also droughts by assessing the actual developments in water movement. They are also employed to assist designers in the design and construction of public works, dykes and bridges. The salary range of a hydrologist nets at about $ 73,540 US yearly.

Meteorologists are mainly scientists who research the changes within the atmosphere and also the effects of this around the environment with a view to forecasting weather and monitoring global warming. The salary ranges from lowest paid worker $ 38,990 US yearly to the highest $ 127,100

Eric is the President of AllEnvironmentalJobs, in which thousands ofenvironmental Jobs can be found, includng entry-level environmental jobs.