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Writing articles for the love of art is a great way to make money! When you love to do something and you follow that love, you will find a way to produce monetary value through the promotion of, or product of, that which you love!

Writing articles for money, is no different than painting a picture, or creating a pottery piece. It requires some thought, some interesting twists, some creative promoting and some sense of fulfilling a need!

The value of an article can only be determined by the person who pens it! Others may find no need for the information you write, does this make your piece of art of no value? No, the value lies in what you, the artist produce from your heart.

Often we place value to an artwork, by the number of people who appreciate the work itself, making the cost of such apiece more valuable.

In the case of penning an article, it is not only the piece, but the artist themselves, who add value to the art form.

Will someone jump out there and purchase your article? More than likely not, however, there may be someone who recognizes the talent you have for putting into words, certain ideas and concepts that others may not have.

You may be asked to do piecework or some other form of writing that will enable you to continue doing what you love, while receiving remuneration for your talents.

Don’t give up that which you love, if you need to continue in an avenue of work that you are not prone to, just to pay the bills, start writing on the side. Make a plan and a regimen that will deliver productive writing efforts.

It’s okay to start out with small writing jobs or volunteering your writing for a local newspaper to get accustomed to being read.

When you do that which you love, you will discover ways to market your wares in a successful paying manner.

Cheryl G Burke

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article : 5 Things that are Blocking You From Love

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I love You more – Article One 2010

Artist: Article One
Song: If The World Gives Up
Album: Colors and Sounds


Im ready, now where am I supposed to go?
Tell me, is it very far away?
Cause everything this heart inside me knows
Theres so much more than I could dream to be
Is there more I could become? / Whats a life thats left undone?

So love come find me
Everything reminds me
Everywhere Im lookin for you
When I hold back
You can push back
Gotta bring back
The love
You define me, put it all behind me
Cant you see Im falling for you
Tell me you will believe
If the world gives up on me

Im searching, I know that theres a door beyond
A life with so much more than this
Could it be the best is never free
Ill find a way, its going to take the all of me
Is there more I could become?
Whats a life thats left undone?

If the world gives up on me
I know youll be there
Cause I know youll be there through it all

Im becoming more like you
Yeah, youll be there
Youll be there
If the world gives up

Summer of Space (2007)

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The One I Love Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Elizabeth Moss, Mark Duplass Romantic Comedy HD

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The One I Love Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Elizabeth Moss, Mark Duplass Romantic Comedy HD

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This video is an article analysis on “Bullying Bias, Making Schools Safe for Gay Students”, by James Fleming. This analysis was created for a college course at Western Kentucky University: “Student Diversity”.
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