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“Made Whole”  Legal Dimensions in Medical Ethics

December 4, 2015

When an ethical dilemma arises in the health care setting, attorneys may be consulted by hospitals, providers, or families. Ethical reasoning is similar to legal reasoning in that both are dependent upon fact-finding followed by the application of abstract principles to concrete situations. The ethical codes governing attorneys and physicians emphasize similar fiduciary duties to clients and patients, our professions, and society at large. As noted attorney William Winslade observed, the aim of both professions is to make people whole.

This three-hour session will begin with an overview of hospital accreditation requirements relating to ethics consultation. Next will be a discussion of current principles and frameworks for ethical reasoning, as well as current recommendations concerning the qualifications of ethics consultants. The balance of the session will comprise case studies from ethically challenging clinical situations. For each topic, relevant ethical principles, standards of care, statutes, and case law will be reviewed.

Rebecca Rae Anderson, J.D., M.S., L.C.G.C., is a Courtesy Associate Professor at the Munroe Meyer Institute at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and an Associate Professor within the Department of Health Promotion, Social & Behavioral Health in the College of Public Health at UNMC. She also serves as Vice Chair of the Department of Health Promotion, Social & Behavioral Health in the College of Public Health at UNMC. Prior to this, she was an Assistant Professor and Courtesy Faculty within the Section of Humanities and Law, Department of Preventative and Societal Medicine in the College of Medicine, UNMC. She was admitted to the Nebraska State Bar and the U.S. District Court Bar in 1978 and became a Licensed Genetic Counselor in Nebraska in 2013. She has served as a reviewer for a number of scholarly journals and has authored many articles and books.
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It’s probably guaranteed that in every single kind of organization, we will need to make a presentation. Presentations to a few individuals and maybe even hundreds. The presentation may take numerous forms.

1 – Details that’ll be given to a possible customer or client. Your client will then take the details away with him or her and check it. Possibly it is an approximated quotation or additional information on your services and products.

2 – Facts and figures that will be given to a business associate and used as an element of a business meeting. The facts and figures might be end of the calendar month economic statistics which will then be filed.

3 – Promotional material regarding your company that’s to begiven away at an event. Once again prospects will take information away with them.

4 – Changes and guidelines that will be provided to employees to take away and perform within their departments.

The presentation alone is very important and the starting point to creating a good impression is by using unique presentation folders. Consider it. Should you be going to work with 1 of 2 organizations, 1 organization passed you details in a plastic bag and the other passed you information and facts inside a tailor made presentation folder.

Which organization will you be far more impressed with? Obviously it would be the company which had the customized folder. You’d probably have noticed they are more professional and able to take that little step to make a excellent impression. Just what exactly makes a excellent presentation folder?

A personalized presentation folder must carry on your organization theme. If the information that it’ll contain, is generic details given each month, then use your business colors, logo as well as style. If the folder is to be used to pitch a company concept then carry on the business idea into the design of the custom made folders.

Think of the quality of card used to produce the folder. You might have currently created a good impression by not utilizing off the shelf folders. Don’t ruin that by using low quality stock that rips when holding the details. The presentation folder will probably be held by a large amount of people and continually opened and then shut. The particular folders need to be durable as well as strong whilst still looking good.

There are lots of companies on the internet that will already have designs made-up. After that you can simply just insert your company logo and name and it’ll be already printed for you. If you can’t find the design that you’re searching for, then look in your local yellow pages for any printing shop who can give you a estimate. Be aware that at times special discounts are given for large purchases.

Most significant is that your personalized folder provides contact information for instance your web site address, telephone numbers and email address. If it doesn’t, make sure a little pocket is added for you to insert your company card. Creating tailor made folders for any presentation is an excellent method to enhance business as well as increase your reputation as one of top quality and excellence.

Mika Sanchez
19 years old

From the blatantly bizarre and degenerate to the awe-inspiring, some of us go to extremes in our quest to break world records. Unfortunately, not all records are of the variety that we aspire to. The individuals on this list are all holders of tragic and sordid records that can only be gained through deplorable bad luck, foolhardiness, or simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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10. Longest Survival with an External Heart
9. Surviving the Fastest Car Crash in History
8. Living the Longest with a Bullet in the Head
7. Most Burns Suffered by a Survivor
6. Longest Time Spent in a Coma
5. Owner of the World’s Longest Tapeworm
4. Longest Time Spent Without Food
3. Most Heart Attacks Suffered
2. Heaviest Kidney Stone
1. First Full Face Transplant

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Beyond The Water Butt – Reduce Your Water Bill by Recycling Rainwater

Historically man has been catching rainwater and recycling it for millennia. There are early examples from Egypt and Roman times. Some are more complex than others, but the simple message is: catch the water falling from the sky and use it later.

In most countries nowadays health and safety concerns mean that recycled rainwater may not be used as drinking water. Its uses are limited to flushing toilets, washing clothes and watering the garden. There are many parts of the world where rainwater is regularly used as drinking water (also known as ‘potable water’) especially where there is no public water supply, or no other available sources such as rivers or lakes. It is important to adhere to your national and local water regulations. The rest of this article relates to using recycled rainwater for flushing toilets, supplying clothes washing machines and watering the garden.

Because these three areas account for about 50% of domestic water usage, householders can make substantial savings ion their water bills by harvesting and recycling rainwater. Toilets are by far the biggest user of water, with around a third of all water used in a house going straight down the pan.

Most countries have rainfall data which is obtained from regional weather stations. Typically records will detail the average monthly rainfall for the last thirty years. Like weather-forecasting in general, rainfall prediction is a very imprecise science.

In the UK, for example, we know it rains more on the west side of the country than the east, and that Scotland enjoys more rainfall than England. If you are considering installing a rainwater recycling tank it is worth obtaining the average rainfall data from the Meteorological Office because most manufacturers will be using them.

The important facts that you need to establish are:

How large is the roof area from which you will be collecting water?

You must base your calculations upon the flat area and not the pitched area. The Meteorological Office data will tell you how much water will fall in an average year on one square metre of your roof. Multiply these two numbers and then divide by twelve for a rough guide to the monthly rainfall that you will be able to collect in your rainwater harvesting tank. The amount of rainfall will determine the size of tank that you need.

How many people will use the rainwater?

In an average house, a normal person uses around 140 litres per person per day. If you are using harvested rainwater for flushing toilets, washing clothes and watering the garden, this will equate to 50% of your rainwater usage. As a guide, you should work out your water requirements for 14 days, since it is very rare in the UK for 14 days to go by with no rain. If this total is less than the tank size detailed above, then you have a big enough tank. If it is greater, then you may simply not have enough roof space or too many people in the house. Ultimately it is the roof area that determines the amount of rainwater that you can harvest.

Do you need mains water back-up?

If you are using the rainwater recycling system for flushing toilets then, yes, you do. If it is just for garden use, then the choice is yours. Please note that if you have mains water back-up, then hose pipe bans will apply to you.

There are three types of mains water back-up; all are activated when you run out of harvested rainwater.

The first back-up system delivers 100 to 200 litres of mains water into your tank whenever it runs out of rainwater. The second version requires a header tank which stores the back-up mains water; the latter remains within the pumping system. The header tank frequently includes a built-in pump. Mains water is only used when there is not enough rainwater. Electricity is required to power the pump. The third version uses a header tank in the roof space. The rainwater is pumped up to the header tank and usage is by gravity feed. When the rainwater runs out, mains water is fed to the header tank as needed. This system has the advantage of working even when there is no power.

Recycling rainwater to reduce mains water usage is simple and easy. If you are building a new property, you will make the property more attractive by including a rainwater harvesting system. If you have an existing property, then it may be possible to use harvested rainwater for the toilets, depending on where the cisterns and pipe work are situated.

To summarise, simply choose a tank and pumping system, get it installed and start saving on your usage of valuable mains water. You can now see that the systems are simple and easy to understand. And they are easy to install.

Rainwater recycling information is provided by Property and Energy Services as part of our campaign to make renewable energy and environmentally friendly products easy for you to understand and use.

Ian Lloyd

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The Amazing Structure of DNA Information Made Simple – An Animated Guide

This video series is presented for educational and enlightenment purposes only. The series was created by the Cassiopeia Project.

The Cassiopeia Project – making science simple!

The Cassiopeia Project is an effort to make high quality science videos available to everyone. If you can visualize it, then understanding is not far behind.
For more information visit:

DNA Is a Structure That Encodes Biological Information

Amazing DNA facts

Your DNA can store information from a million CDs, researchers say
Read more:

The future of data storage: Coding information in DNA

DNA 3D printed shoe (concept) built for the way you move
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◢ Feel the powers of the Solfeggio Healing Frequencies with this music therapy track that focuses on the 528Hz, also known as the “Love Frequency”. It is the “Miracle” note in the Solfeggio musical scale and were core creative frequencies that were used by ancient priests and healers in advanced civilizations to manifest miracles and produce blessings. Also known as the tone “MI”, the intent is to provide transformation and miracles (DNA Repair), used to return human DNA to its original, perfect state. The process of DNA reparation is followed by beneficial effects – increased amount of life energy, clarity of mind, awareness, awakened or activated creativity, ecstatic states like deep inner peace, dance and celebration. Tone ‘Mi’ activates your imagination, intention and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose.

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Top 10 Sinister Moves Made By Tobacco Companies — TopTenzNet

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Tobacco companies get a bad rap, presumably because they make profits by giving people all sorts of cancer. This article probably isn’t going to help their case, since we’re talking about nothing but the horrible depths they’ve sunk to keep cancer profitable, but it sure is interesting.

Text version:

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10. Free Cigarettes For Soldiers
9. Suppressing The World Health Organization
8. Trying To Take Down China
7. Paying Scientists To Play Down The Link Between Smoking And Alzheimer’s
6. Making Smoking Fashionable
5. Trying To Defraud The Government Of A Billion Dollars
4. Targeting Children, Then Denying It
3. Convincing Women To Smoke, For Feminism
2. Supporting Human Rights Abuse
1. Refusing To Inform People About How Dangerous Smoking Is

Source/Further reading:
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