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This video demonstrates how to cite a magazine article or a newspaper paper article, retrieved from a database, on your Works Cited page. I use the updated 2016 MLA guidelines from the 8th edition of the MLA Handbook.
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What Can Be The Best Topics For Writing Articles For A School Magazine?

Writing TV has a bunch of videos on technique and a free download of Stephen King’s audiobook on the craft of writing:

I mean, if you’re going to learn from anyone, who better?


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When citing a magazine article in MLA format, start with the author, last name first, and continue with the title of the piece and the publisher. Find out why the title of a magazine article should be placed in quotation marks with help from an English professor in this free video on writing research papers.

Expert: David M. Harris
Bio: David M. Harris has taught English at Vanderbilt University and elsewhere.
Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge

How to cite a magazine article in APA style

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Hello and welcome to the video reference series presented by In this lecture, we will discuss how to cite an article presented in a magazine in APA style.
As usual, the citation starts with the last name of the author first, and is then followed by the initial of the first name and then the initial of the middle name. The year that the article was published in is enclosed in brackets included by the month and day if they are available. This is followed by the name of the article you have included.
Then, you include the italicized title of the magazine.
Then you include the volume number in italicized font.
Finally, you put in the page numbers which AREN’T italicized!
Here is an example of this citation. Notice how the page number is not a single number but a range. This is where the article starts and end. You can see how the magazine title and volume number is italicized. This is it for today. As always a copy of the citation is included in the description and you can copy off from it if its urgent. Take care! And, thank you for visiting our videos!
Sample Citation in video:
Last name, First initial. Middle initial. (Year, Month Day). Article title. Magazine Title, Volume, pages.
Mehta, P. B. (1998, June 6). Exploding myths. New Republic, 290, 17-19.
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How to use a newsletter template from Microsoft Publisher to create content for your magazine.
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How to write an article in English for publication in a magazine or newspaper. Autor: Gimeno Sanz, Ana Mª Autor:

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