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Do you wish you could put out hundreds of articles on the internet, with a minimal amount of work? With Magic Article Rewriter, you can do that. This top-notch article rewriter by Alexander Krulik allows you to take your articles and change them to articles that can be rewritten into thousands of readable articles. You could post one version to your blog, submit several to article websites, and post another group to web 2.0 sites. By placing this extra content on highly ranked web sites, you will bemaking high quality backlinks back to your site which help to increase your results in the search engines.

Unlike other article spinners, Magic Article Rewriter does not machine spin your articles. You do have to put in some labor to make sure your articles are rewritten properly. However, the software includes some really handy features that makes the rewriting process much easier. Usually, when you spin an article you have to insert the spin code manually. If you go through this process manually, you will see this requires a lot of work.Magic Article Rewriter solves this problem by including several features that make article rewriting easier.

Start by importing one of your articles into the program. Activate the spinning tool and then select the text you would like to spin. The software then shows you many possible synonyms to choose from to use as a variation. Magic Article Rewriter has a built in database of over 30,000 synoynms which makes it easy to come up with alternate text. You can select as many synonyms as you want, and the variations will be inserted back into your article. Using the spinning tool, you can go through your entire article and transform it into something unique.

Perhaps the most important feature of Magic Article Rewriter is the token feature.It allows you to save your set of synonyms together as tokens. With a click of the mouse, the software will replace all the tokens you have saved with their variations. As you use the software more and more, you will start to build up a large database of tokens, which makes spinning your articles faster and easier. This is the one feature of Magic Article Rewriter that other article spinners dont have.The more you use Magic Article Rewriter, the easier and more efficient it becomes.

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