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In this report I cover an article from the FT about how the executives and board members at the biggest US lenders by assets have been unloading shares in their own banks. I also talk about the aftermath of hurricane Harvey and how flood insurance could impact financial markets.

Hurricane Harvey Flood Insurance:

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Stock Market For Beginners | Investing In Stocks

Warren Buffet makes it sound easy but you cant deny that he knows how to invest his money.

What I love about this interview he talks about how he has left money on the table by selling too soon. Goes to show that even Warren and his collegues can never tell the outcomes of stocks, but the reason they are so successful is they invest for the long term.

At 0:40 he explains what they focus on
At 0:53 he answers how stocks come to his attention
At 1:16 looking at price first vs. looking at the business of the company
At 2:20 Would you ever buy stock basedon political pressure

It’s a short clip, bute getting a small peek into Warren Buffets mindset when it comes to investing is a great value to anyone interesting in investing.

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This article began by noting the recent hype in the electronics market, both positive and negative, that has surrounded nanotechnology and appears to be growing less extreme: today, rosy projections of a “trillion-dollar” nanotechnology based electronics market in 10 years or apocalyptic predictions about a “Faustian bargain” or a “Pandora’s box”[1] are heard less often. However, while the hype may have slowed somewhat, it is still there. Growing public awareness combined with the complex, diverse nature of the technologies that are commonly grouped together under the heading of nanotechnology virtually invites misunderstanding, if not actual misrepresentation. For example, in 2010, a respected journalist wrote a series of stories for AOL News with the title, “The Nanotech Gamble: Bold Science, Big Money, Growing Risks,” that faulted the U.S. government’s performance in identifying and protecting the public against alleged health hazards posed by nanotechnology. One interviewee asked rhetorically, “How long should the public have to wait before the government takes protective action? Must the bodies stack up first?” So stinging was the piece to the National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) and the National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO) that the director of the NNCO felt compelled to issue a formal rebuttal. According to the rebuttal, the author “takes an alarmist perspective,” “uses irrelevant examples,” and fails to balance the risks against the benefits of nanotechnology. As some observers have noted, the debate over the AOL News article (which was still simmering when this report was written) is at best a distraction from the research that needs to be done. Business, academia, the media all have an incentive to attempt to cash in on nanotechnology in the electronics market. Various manufacturers have tacked “nano” onto their products and processes, whether or not they deal in nano-size elements, in an attempt to boost sales. Companies that have nothing to do with nanotechnology have “nano” in their names to make them sound more technologically advanced than the competition. Some academic researchers worry that the nano buzzword is being misused to bring in research dollars for dubious technologies and applications, at the expense of legitimate research. Hype inevitably carries with it the risk of a backlash, because it can create unrealistic expectations for nanotechnology. Then, when expectations are not met, people tend to withdraw or worse turn oppositional. A blog entry on The Bespoke Investment Group’s website observed that: “Back in the ‘good ‘ole days’ of the mid-2000s, investors were riding a bull market wave and looking for ‘the next big thing.’ One of those ‘next big things’ was nanotechnology. Ever since the collapse began in 2007, however, the nanotech craze seems all but forgotten. As a result, legitimate nanotechnology products and applications are hurt along with the rest, as funding and markets dry up. The boom and bust provides a cautionary example of the dangers of hype, but nanotechnology has a more tangible nature because it is a set of technologies. This report takes a realistic look at the nanotechnology field in the electronics market and tries to provide a road map to the technologies and applications that are most likely to be commercialized in the next 5 years.

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If you are looking for translation services in order to conquer the German market you should consider some of the characteristics of German language and culture business. First of all, in business you need to speak the language of your target market in order to establish successful business relationships. So, you would have to rely on translation agencies in Ottawa, Vancouver or anywhere else, to offer you high quality German translation of your documents. In order for you to understand the business mentality and characteristics of the German language, here are some explanations.

German is an Indo-European language that belongs to the western branch of Germanic languages. With more than 100 millions of speakers, it is the most spoken language within the European Union. In Europe, it is an official language in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and more. German is also spoken but has no official status in Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and more. In Africa, it is spoken in Namibia, Togo, South Africa and Tanzania. In America, German is spoken in North American countries and in South America (Paraguay, Chile, Argentina and Brazil). As you can see from these numbers, German translations are important in reaching this huge market.

The German language uses 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, three vowels with an “Umlaut” (kind of dieresis) “ä”, “ö” and “ü”, and a special graphic symbol “ß”, “eszett” (both “s” and “z”). Until the 1940’s, German was printed in gothic characters (Fraktur) and written in “sütterlin”, which are different versions of the Latin alphabet. The spelling of the German language is generally based on the pronunciation and should not present a major problem. But the strong regional disparities of pronunciation may present greater difficulties. The main orthographic difficulties of German reside in:

•  The “Fremdwörter” (foreign origin words), they are most often written with their original spelling in the foreign language, but the recent orthographic reform allows the germanisation of imported words;
•  The letters “ä” and “e” in some cases are homophones and in other cases with similar but slightly different pronunciation;
•  The distinction between simple consonants and double consonants which, in a limited amount of words and unlike the general rule, has no influence on the length of the vowel;
•  The separation between the words and the non-capitalisation of some expressions.

In order to delete some of the difficulties described above, the German, Swiss and Austrian representatives have agreed on an orthographic reform. It has been in effect since 1998 in Germany and has been compulsory since the mid 2005. The main changes are:

•  The homogenization of the written form of words that belong to the same family;
•  The use of “ß” solely after the long vocals and the diphthongs;
•  The systematization of the capitalization of nouns;
•  The simplification of the punctuation and the use of comma;
•  The simplification of terms coming from Greek and replacing “ph” with “f”.

Unlike languages such as English, classic German has a quite conform pronunciation regarding the written text and contains very few exceptions except for the words coming from foreign languages. Almost all vowels are clearly pronounced even if they are not followed by a mute letter used to insist on the previous letter. The difficulty comes into play with grammar as German is considerably more complex than English. Therefore it is best to approach reliable translation services provider in Ottawa or any other place.

In addition to linguistic complexities, German culture is also unique and German businesses decision makers generally are influenced by general German mentality characteristics. In order to successfully enter the German market, you need to select professional translation agencies be it translation companies in Ottawa or translation Vancouver that will properly represent you and your company’s materials in this sophisticated market.

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Stunning Chart: Today’s Stock Market is Eerily Reminiscent of 1929…

Stunning Chart: Today’s Stock Market is Eerily Reminiscent of 1929…

Is the Stock Market Repeating the 1929 Run Up to the Great Depression?

As Sochi Starts, 1929 Stock Market Crash Warnings Accelerate

A 1929 stock market crash comparison to today’s stock market chart

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Dow, S&P close at record high as Brexit fears ease; energy jumps 2 pct
S&P 500 bull run sets a milestone with record peak —
Japanese Stocks Extend Surge on Abe Stimulus as Oil, Bonds Fall – Bloomberg
japan stock market BOJ
Bezos Beats Buffett as Amazon Market Value Tops Berkshire – Bloomberg
All Federal Reserve Banks: Total Assets – FRED – St. Louis Fed
Under Affordable Care Act, Growing Use of ‘Community Health Workers’
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August 7, 2015 Financial News – Business News – Stock Exchange – NYSE – Market News


Business News – Financial News – Stock News — New York Stock Exchange — Market News 2015

Business News – Financial News – Stock Exchange — Wall Street — Market News – New York Stock Exchange 2015

On Monday, motor vehicle sales for July exceeded expectations, coming in at 17.6 million units, up 2.3% from the prior month. In June, personal income rose .4%, consumer spending rose. 2%, and the core PCE inflation index rose only .1%. For July, the ISM manufacturing index dropped unexpectedly by .8 to 52.7. Markets ended the day moderately down on energy sector weakness.

On Tuesday, factory orders for June were up 1.8%, the second gain in the last 11 months.

On Wednesday, the ISM non-manufacturing index for July was up unexpectedly sharp to 60.3, the highest reading in 10 years. The trade deficit for June increased 7.1% to .8 billion largely due to increased petroleum imports. The ADP employment report for July came in below expectations at 185,000, down 44,000 from the previous month.

On Thursday, jobless claims for the week ending August 1st were only up 3,000, to 270,000, still a very low level. So far, 85% of companies in the S&P 500 have reported quarterly earnings, with about 75% beating profit estimates, and half beating earnings projections. A few high-profile misses, however, made markets volatile and the major indices closed moderately lower.

On Friday, the highly awaited nonfarm payroll for July was released and it came in a bit lower than expected at 215,000 down 16,000. The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 5.3%. Markets opened modestly lower on the news.

Now let’s take a look at some stocks.

Walt Disney’s (NYSE:DIS) stock plummeted this week following the release of their fiscal third quarter earnings. Disney reported record profits but missed expectations. Revenue came in at .1 billion, and net income was up 11% year-over-year, to almost .5 billion.

Lumber Liquidators Holdings (NYSE:LL) shares also plummeted following its earnings report release that missed estimates. The company continues to feel repercussions from allegations that their floorings contain toxic levels of formaldehyde. The company reported a second quarter loss of million or .75 per share, missing analysts’ forecasts of earning .07 per share. The stock is down more than 80% during the last 6 months.

Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE:HLF) shares were up almost 16% Thursday after reporting better-than-expected second quarter earnings and raising their full-year guidance. The results were credited to higher sales in China and expense management. Sales came in at .16 billion with profits of .24 per share.

Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) shares were down as much as 11% Thursday after their second quarter earnings revealed that the company cut its sales forecast for the second time this year. Currently, Tesla projects that 50 to 55,000 vehicles will be delivered.

Keurig Green Mountain Inc. (NASDAQ:GMCR) shares were hammered on Thursday, falling as much as 27%, after reporting bad third quarter earnings and announcing they will be slashing their workforce by 5%. Keurig reported a decrease in revenue of 5% to 0 million while net income fell by a staggering 27% to 4 million or .73 per share.

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One of the best ways to market your business is in the form of article marketing. Weather its to drive quality traffic to your website or to get better search engine rankings it works when done right.

The articles you create for your business can be about you, your business or your industry. There are hundreds of free websites you can use to publish your articles. Or you can send them to your customers weekly. However you send them, if they are informative people will read them and will be more likely to visit your website.

In your article you should always try to answer how, why, where, who and when. This way you can make sure that they are informative and interesting. Then since you were the one who wrote them you can publish then to as many sites as you want to. Just make sure they pass copyscape. The more sites you post them to the more backlinks you create for your website and the more people to read them.

The key to getting the articles read is making them interesting. Here are some tips you can use. Even if you have never wrote before, by following these tips you too can write an article people will read.

If you write a technical article you will have to really think of the idea’s you want to say before writing them down. This will make you more coherent and will require you to have clear and proper explanations. By writing 100% informative articles you will get the pleasure of knowing you have helped people. Writing informative shows the people you know what you are talking about and shows that you are an expert in your niche. Proof read your articles and spell check. verify all facts before publishing.

When you write articles you want to make sure you do only a little advertising. Keep on the track of providing the readers information. To much sales pitch will make them click off your article instead of clicking to visit your website. Or worst, it won’t be approved into the article directories. Article directories will not accept articles that are clear sales pitches.

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How Iceland Beat The Banks

Can You Still Hide Money in Swiss Banks?


Choosing to let its banks fail, Iceland chose to help its people and had a surprising economic recovery. So, how did Iceland beat the banks?

Learn More:
Excerpts: Iceland’s Oddsson
“Last week, Iceland’s central bank chief, David Oddsson, a former prime minister and Reykjavik mayor, appeared on RUV, the state-owned public-service broadcaster.”

After Crisis, Iceland Holds a Tight Grip on Its Banks
“An angular glass building on the waterfront here used to be the headquarters of a banking giant with operations in Europe, North America and the Middle East.”

From Boom To Bust: The Iceland Story
“This chapter tells an Icelandic saga, albeit not one of the classic kind with more embellished heroes than villains.”

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Renewable energy is gaining steam in the oil-thirsty U.S. market, but green tech has hurdles to clear before it can take a bigger slice of the pie.

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U.S. Energy Information Administration
U.S. Energy Information Administration
U.S. Energy Information Administration

U.S. Energy Information Administration
The Economist
The New York Times
Department of Energy
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Ars Technica
General Electric

American Bird Conservancy

San Diego Union-Tribune
University of California, Santa Cruz
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The White House

The White House
Fox News
The New York Times
The Arizona Republic
Democracy Now!

Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel


Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors
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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Department of Energy
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Links to articles are below.
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