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This is the foundation for a competition obedience exercise in which the dog has to retrieve one metal article among five identical ones. The correct one is the one with the owner’s fresh scent on it. We are using metal canning rings. Dragon will bring back the correct one nearly 100% of the time. The “tasting” and picking up of the incorrect articles is quickly fading as he figures out the fastest way to identify the correct one.
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Today, there are great efforts to living green. Going green is a great way to show to the world that you care for the environment. Thankfully, much of the people in this world is following on the trend and realising how important it is to recycle. There are so many things that you can do to contribute to the this world wide endeavour. You can start by possibly recycling a few bottles; and that would already be remarkable. Do you know that it is possible to earn a little money when you recycle? Imagine this: You can get to contribute to saving the environment, and you earn a little extra for it.

This practice is referred to as scrap metal recycling. It is an enjoyable thing to do because it is easy and it gives you a means to make some profit. Perhaps you have heard of this before or maybe you are learning about this just now. If you wish to explore this practice at length, then this article will help you.

Recycling is not exactly a noble act that automatically saves the environment. In fact, there is so much that this world is dealing with and recycling cannot exactly solve all of its problems. However, recycling is the starting point. Most people who become aware of the problem the world is facing, aims to save it through recycling; little do they know that it is possible to earn money from it. Each year, many of the scrap metal that get to generic recycling facilities that do not even have the proper equipment. However, if you exert a little effort to find the right company, you will find out that there are a lot of people who would pay good money for this. This will help prevent these products from filling up landfills and causing even more problems.

Finding the treasure

So where do you find the stuff that you are going to have recycled? Before you think about where to get it from, perhaps the first thing you need to ask yourself is what you want to recycle. The most common elements that you can recycle are copper and aluminium because they are abundant. You can consider recycling old washing machines, car parts and steel rods; and these things are quite easy to find. You can find washing machines during garbage collection day, ready to be picked up; you can take advantage of these moments to go around your area to locate any possible items to earn some profit for yourself. You can even directly ask your friends and family to join in the activity. You can tell them how most of the trash that you think is being recycled, usually end up over-populating landfills. You can also try talking to a car shops and home repair contractors, and have them go on board with your project. These companies will have some items to spare and would be very happy for you to clear their space for them of all these junk.

Helping the environment and profiting from it is not a bad thing at all. So many people are realising how important going green is, and if you can save the planet this way, then imagine how many people you could encourage to follow you. These hard economic times call for resourcefulness and supplement incomes. This is a great way to make money and do some good at the same time.

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