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India has revoked Article 370, which gives Kashmir autonomy and special status including being able to make laws. Learn the English to talk about this news story in this free English class.

The story
The Indian Home Minister, Amit Shah, is expected to place his resolution abrogating Article 370, which confers special status on the state of Jammu and Kashmir, before the lower house of the Indian parliament later today.

Key words and phrases
removes (something’s) position or status

• The government strips corrupt politicians of their authority.
• After the drug test came back positive, the athlete was stripped of her medal.

in one fell swoop
all at once

• The surprise police raid caught all of the thieves in one fell swoop.
• I’d rather do all my cleaning in one fell swoop than space it out over the week.

serious, worrying and without hope

• The economic report came to a grim conclusion. A recession would come soon.
• Do you still want to go to the beach today? The weather looks so grim!

Language challenge

Which of these means ‘formally end a law, treaty or custom’?
a) abrogate
b) enact
c) sanction

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English: Learning How to Write a News Article
Learn How To Write News Articles For Newspaper That Will Captivate Readers and Improve Your News-Writing Skills.

And from an instructor who teaches top journalists how to improve their writing and has written and edited for some of the world’s biggest news organizations — including The Economist, the Financial Times and Bloomberg News.

Ever dreamed of becoming a news journalist for a top national or international newspaper?
Or maybe you’re looking to sharpen your news-writing skills to the level of the world’s best reporters and editors?

Perhaps you’re a blogger who wants to learn how to present news articles in a more professional way?
If so, how would you like to know the writing secrets of the world’s best newspaper editors?

Here’s your chance to learn from someone who has taught some of the most high-profile journalists in the world how to improve their storytelling.
This course provides working and aspiring journalists with the core news writing skills needed to write news for the world’s leading newspapers.

The lectures guide students through the core pillars of an effective news story–from the lead paragraph through to the proper illustration and contextualisation of news.

The lectures run for an hour, after which students and practitioners of journalism will be able to structure a news article with ease and precision for any of the world’s top publications.

This course gives you the foundation for excellent news writing. If you’re keen to learn writing for business and other purposes, please check out my SECRET SAUCE OF GREAT WRITING and WRITING WITH FLAIR: HOW TO BECOME AN EXCEPTIONAL WRITER course.

What are the requirements?
The student requires only notepaper or a laptop to take notes and carry out the exercises

What are you going to get from this course?
Over 26 lectures and 1.5 hours of content!
By the end of the course, students will know exactly how to write news articles that appeal to the world’s top newspapers

What is the target audience?
The course is intended for working or aspiring journalists of any ability. It will mostly benefit journalists with an ambition to write for the world’s best-selling newspapers

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Texas Escort Shooting and Misleading News Article Titles

A quick rant. The title says it all.

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5 Tips On How To Write A Professional News Article

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How to write a news article – expert advice from Richard Hussey at RSH Copywriting –
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How to write a news article, In a nutshell.

Hello, today I want to talk to you about writing better news articles, blogs and press releases:

I want you to remember three basic principles:
Be relevant, Write powerful headlines, Be original

What do I mean by relevance?
Get attention by building your articles around the interests, ambitions and challenges of your target audience. And always ask one basic question: ‘why would anybody read this?’. Think too about the business results you want to achieve – how does each article help you get there?

As David Ogilvy said: ‘when you’ve written your headline you’ve spent eighty cents out of your dollar’ that should tell you just how important they are. If you find good headlines hard to write, be pleased with yourself — it shows that you understand just how important they are.
Your headline has one purpose — to grab the attention of the specific people you really want to read your content.
It has to tell them: ‘this article is for you’, ‘you’re going to discover something of value’. And ‘this will be a productive use of your time’. See now why headlines are more than just an afterthought?

And finally, be original.
If all your articles offer is the same information that people can see elsewhere, why would they want to read more of your content? What’s your unique point of view?
Understand your target audience, and interpret the news in a way that’s relevant to them.
Yes, it’s a bit more work, but that’s what will bring them back to your content time and again.

So remember those three basic principles :
Be relevant, Write powerful headlines, Be original
You should then get a better return on the time you invest in your articles.


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A film about the basic elements of a news story.
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