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Anaya, a Girl With Heart, is living smart by joining a newspaper club. Newspaper articles needs to describe the what, where, when, why and how of what happened. What kind of club are you interested in joining?

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APA in-text and references page citation for an article in an online newspaper
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How to design a newspaper: Newspaper layout in InDesign

How to design a newspaper

We recently put together an A3 print newspaper for Security News Desk. In this video, Ben talks through the process of the newspaper layout in InDesign and some of the problems faced in newspaper design. Indesign newspaper.


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Writing about Newspaper Articles
You can write about newspaper articles in a number of ways: and not just comprehension.

To fully interpret the validity, effects and techniques of a news article, you need to ask some questions.

How do they Grab Attention?
An article can grab attention through a headline, an image, or both.
The relationship between headline and image attracts a reader through by interest or emotional response. The first line of the article is important for maintaining this interest, or getting them to ‘click’.
Are they Truly Objective?
This bias can be seen in any way that a journalist adds personal opinion, be it political, social, cultural, religious or ideological.
While many articles are completely objective and impersonal some do indicate bias or emotion.
You must analyse what effect this bias has, if any, on the trustworthiness and validity of the article, and be critical.

What Sources do they Use?
A good test of the trustworthiness of a news article comes from the evidence or source that a news story uses.

Some are generally trustworthy such as:
Government spokesperson, police, professors, scientists, the subject of the article, photographic evidence

Some are less than trustworthy, such as:
Witnesses, ‘a source close to’, unrecognised ‘experts’, the subject of the article, ‘man on the street’

What Kind of Story is it?
Not all news stories are the same. All stories connect and attract readers in different ways.
They can be humorous, scandalous, sensational, fear-mongering, heart-warming or reflective.
All stories want to connect with reader in some way, and through this, they appeal directly or indirectly to emotions and interests.

How does it use Language?

The final question you should ask is how techniques are used, such as:
Exaggerated or sensationalist choices of language
Emotional or figurative language
Formal or colloquial style of language in reporting
Puns or rhetorical questions in headline
Any distinct layout or visual choices

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The beginning and ending of a story in a newspaper are two incredibly important elements of any piece. Start and end a story in a newspaper with help from a writer, actor and corporate language trainer in this free video clip.

Expert: Sandra L. Campbell
Bio: Sandra Campbell is a writer, actor and corporate language trainer.
Filmmaker: Vincent Vasquez

Series Description: Whether you’re trying to self-publish the great American novel or need to figure out how to cite a particular television show for a newspaper article, everyone could use a little help every now and again. Get tips on publishing, teaching and more with help from a writer, actor and corporate language trainer in this free video series.
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How to cite an article in a newspaper?

MLA videos Walker
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Part of NSCC Library Services video series on APA citation covering magazines and newspapers.

Hey there Bruins! Zotero is a great (and free!) software program that helps you save your sources, organize your research, and create bibliographies in virtually any citation style with just the click of a button.

In this quick video, we’ll show you how to save newspaper articles and blog posts to your Zotero collection. To learn more about Zotero, check out online workshop:

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[ Ielts Speaking Sample band 8- 9]
This video includes full questions and answers in 3 parts of IELTS Speaking Test. You can use it to prepare for your IELTS Speaking Preparation.
0:25 : IELTS Speaking Part 1
4:22 : IELTS Speaking Part2: Describe a newspaper or magazine which you read
9:00 : IELTS Speaking Part 3
IELTS Speaking Test Structure:
In Part 1, you answer questions about yourself, your family, your work and your interests.
In Part 2, you speak about a topic. You will be given a task card which asks you to speak about a particular topic and includes points that you can cover in your talk. You will be given 1 minute to prepare your talk. You will then speak for 1-2 minutes.
In Part 3, you have a longer discussion on the topic. The examiner will ask you further questions connected to the topic in Part 2.
The Speaking test is the same for both Academic and General Training tests.
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