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Bad Habits come with time…

Whenever we pass our driving tests , we go from learning everything correctly and under scrutiny to quickly developingbad habits, which can not only be irritating but extremely annoying for other drivers on the roads. Aside from being inconsiderate to others driving, it is tremendously dangerous. Here is a list of the most common bad habits we can all pick up;

Lack of Attention – Although there is a ban on Mobile phone usage, we still see a number of mischievous drivers attempting to text or even make a call on speakerphone. Doing this will limit attention span and the same can also be said for smoking.

Use of Indicators– The more we drive a certain journey or area, drivers can tend to get lazy with the use of indicators. Unfortunately the rest of the road users are not psychic and do not know where other driversare going!Therefore it is probably best to use them or you can risk anotherrear ending your car and you’ll end up with the blame.

Tailgating–Probably the worst habit to pick up as whilst driving. If the car in front has to break suddenly then youcould end up with little time to respond and result in a crash. In traffic, people tend to do it without giving it a second thought, but it is crucial that cars remain two cars apart.

Poor Lane Discipline– Lack of concentration when driving can result in drivers drifting between white lines that are supposed to be keeping us in tow. Crossing straight over a roundabout some cheeky drivers will attempt to cut a corner and risk cutting drivers behind them looking to turn right.

Undertaking on the motorway– We have all seen middle lane cruisers getting lazy and with traffic overtaking slowly, you’re tailgating them as you can’t get into the outside lane fast enough, resultingin you undertaking them. This is extremely dangerous and a manoeuvre that should not be attempted. 

I was following aNew Audi TT on the motorwaythe other day and the poor car got a nasty smack in the rear by the car behind as it was tailgating and he was on her phone. I guess if we didn’t get lazy and pick up all of these bad habits, the roads would be a lot safer place to be and accidents on the road would be reducedconsiderably. 


New Audi TT-