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It is very well known that very many people in western countries are overweight, some grossly so, but it seems that many people are puzzled as to why this is and what they can do about it.

In general terms a person will tend to become gradually overweight if he or she takes in more calories per day than are expended during the daily activities of life. The excess calories are converted to fat which is stored in the body and gradually accumulates over time. This is probably a mechanism which could have served our ancestors well, for living in an age where food was much scarcer than today it would have been an asset to early man to be able to store energy reserves in times of plenty against the inevitable periods of famine. Today though this physiological trait tends to work against us as we are able to afford mostly as much food as we want and many of us eat more than we really need, and, more importantly, more of the wrong kinds of food.

The daily energy requirement for a person today is also on average, a good deal less than it used to be. Generations ago it was commonplace for both men and women to work long hours at physically demanding jobs, expending a good deal of energy in the process. Today we sit at office desks all day long, ride in cars and trains, and generally strain ourselves very much less.

It is difficult for some, in this day and age, to eat healthily as they may not have the time or the inclination as ready meals are so available, to prepare and cook fresh vegetables and meat. Statistics show that in this country during the second world war people actually consumed a far more healthy diet than they do today,relying as they did on little protein and a preponderance of vegetables. When you consider the reliance of today’s generation on fast foods, takeaways,and ready prepared meals from supermarkets, topped up with lashings of everyday snacks such as crisps, cakes, biscuits fizzy drinks and the like it is easy to see how many people consume far more calories per day than they need.

The blame for a lot of this must lie with the food manufacturers who are concerned with their profits and tempt people with advertising and attractive packaging to buy ready made foods rather than than fresh products. The whole scenario is somewhat similar to the tobacco industry where, for a long time the clout of commercial interests was stronger than the perceived health threat, only with our modern junk foods the health threat is more insidious and less obvious.

The only way forward I believe, is education. The government makes only token efforts to educate the public in healthy eating habits and we must therefore educate ourselves.

So, if you accept that you need to lose weight to improve your looks and safeguard your health you must seek to reduce your daily calorie intake and increase your daily exercise a bit. You should start by reducing your intake foods that are obviously high in refined carbohydrates ( if you can’t cut them out substitute low GI carbs) and foods that are high in fat and carbohydrate combined, as are so many of the ready prepared and junk foods on offer.

If you must have a snack try nuts or dried fruits instead of crisps or biscuits, and, try to drink more wate during the day.

If you are serious about losing weight you will probably need to go further than this and begin a proper diet or weight loss programme. I hope to cover more on this in due course.

It is not impossible to lose weight if you eat sensibly and don’t expect too much too soon.

Author Rob Esmund is a retired dentist with an interest in nutrition and weight loss,the latter stemming from many years of second hand experience with his wife’s dieting attempts, coupled with independent research. More information on weight loss at my blog





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Many ways are tried by people to deal with obesity, but knowing the causes of childhood obesity is the important thing they should know firstly over other things. Currently, people simply assume overeating as the only cause of child obesity. As the matter of fact, there are sedentary lifestyle and general physical inactivity as the other causes. Therefore, obesity can be easily got whenever the excessive calories consumption is not followed by regular exercise. And now, let’s learn more about it.Causes of childhood obesity are generally well known, not really a secret from anyone. However, there are some causes that people might not take into account. We all know about causes such as poor diet and lack of exercise, but genetics also plays a big role.

Chronic inactivity leads to unused energy being stored as fat. It is amazing and awesome that we are now in a technologically driven world; it makes life so much easier. Unfortunately, some technological advances have contributed to child obesity. Children spend too much time in front of the computer, TV and playing video games instead of getting out into the fresh air and playing ball, swimming or biking.Leisure time that was once spent outdoors playing today is replaced with video games, DVDs, and over 100 channels on the television. With a culture that embraces Hannah Montana, and Sesame Street our children are encouraged to watch their favorite television show instead of meeting friends at a local park for a ball game after school.

Lack of regular exercise is a factor that has contributed to this being one of the causes of childhood obesity. Children who spend a lot of time watching TV programs will have a greater risk of child obesity than those who go outside playing or sporting. This is typically true when the children are eating fast food while watching television or playing video games.The reason is because of a couple of hormones: ghrelin and leptin. The lack of sleep causes an increase in ghrelin which triggers the hunger mechanism. Sleep deprivation also reduces the leptin in our bodies that tells us when we are no longer in need of food (energy). The effects of these two hormones working together is what helps keep us away from the pantry. When they are off balance, people have almost no way to ward off the hunger, which of course leads to overeating and thus weight gain.

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Fast Food, Fast Profits, Obesity epidemic in North America -Truelifefitness ca

Fast Food, Fat Profits Obesity epidemic
Think first before indulging fast food ( See article below)

Obesity is on the rise in North America-Video

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Childhood obesity, what was once shocking and disturbing has now become a fact of life, as adult obesity increased childhood obesity is growing and rapidly increasing.The numbers present a sad reality, one of five children is considered overweight, and this tendency only increases with time, childhood obesity is increasing in different ethnic groups, in both genders and all across the world.

There are numerous causes of childhood obesity. The main cause is eating more calories than the body burns through physical activity. Child obesity is often a result of nutritional, psychological, physiological, and family factors.

It is commonly known that many obese children have obese parents. This may be due to genetic reasons but most times it is a result of the parenting lifestyles.Somehoe parents are also reasponsible for their child’s obesity as keeping in touch with child and giving them a healthy diet is the responsibility of parents.

Lack of regular exercise is a factor that has contributed to this being one of the causes of childhood obesity. Children who spend a lot of time watching TV programs will have a greater risks of child obesity than those who go outside playing or sporting.

Be mindful that if an obese child develops diabetes during childhood, he or she is more likely to live a shorter life span as compared to those without diabetes. This is because diabetes is likely to build up kidney failure or heart disease or other associated effects of diabetes such as blindness.

Some study say that about 10% of people that are mildly obese was cause by psychological or stress problems. Some children have a difficult time dealing with stress so they use food as a comfort when they feel, and many children are prone to eating in response to negative emotions like being bored, feeling anxious or being angry.

They are way too young to have to worry about weight control issues at such a young age. I hope to give you, the parent, some insight on preventing this issue from exploding any further out of control, as there are many risks of childhood obesity in their coming life.

No more donuts for breakfast. Make donuts and other sweets an occasional treat.Get rid of the soda pop. Look at the calories and sugar information on one can of soda. Seriously, take a look: 100 to 200 calories per can!

Parents please watch your kids and teens actions and habits. Do not let them become couch potatoes that watch TV and play video games for hours of the day.If your kids are not too fond of having plenty of fruits and vegetables in their diet then slowly introduce it in their meals; cook with vegetables and offer fruits as snacks.

Additionally involve your family in more exercise. Take a walk together on a daily basis and create chores that require physical activity such as: taking the dog for a walk, taking out the trash, or even cleaning their room.

Your the parent and in charge not your child. This means you’re responsible for your children’s healthy eating patterns.

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How much does the obesity epidemic actually cost the USA?
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When it comes to the controversial topic of obesity, the United States is the frontrunner of the epidemic. With fast food chains running rampant across the country with oversized portions and less activity taking place, it shouldn’t be a surprise as to why America has gotten so fat. One of the busiest industries in America is the food industry and the medical industry. But in reality, being far and obese is quite difficult and it robs people of a good quality of life. So much money today is being spent on obesity, but the real question is how much money is being spent and wasted on obesity?
Let’s think about it, people who are dealing with obesity have to have transportation, wear clothing, eat food, and have access to medical care. However, obese people can’t utilize these basic human rights like regular Average Joe’s. For example, when it comes to transportation, cars and airplanes need extra fuel support in order to be able to handle the extra weight. Needing to refuel, or rebuild cars and planes so that they won’t fall apart or collapse is a hefty bill that has to be covered to ensure physical safety.
The next area is clothing. Regular clothes won’t fit obese people, and the clothing has to be made with extra fabric. This usually means that plus size clothes will cost more than regular clothes, and therefore, wasting extra money. The diet industry has also cost Americans a lot of money, as it has to be specially made with reduced calories, sugar and fat substitutes, and more, just to fit the strict standards of what is considered to be diet food. After using more mechanical transportation and eating diet food, there is also the cost of food production and meeting demands. Food is being processed and mass produced more than ever in order to meet the high food demands of America. Companies are going to cheaper options that are less quality, but they can still slap on a higher price in order to make more money.
Finally, one of the heftiest bills that obese people have to deal with is medical bills. It’s no secret that obese people have more medical issues than the average sized person. Of course there are exceptions, but carrying around a lot of extra weight will eventually catch up to people, whether it’s in the form of diabetes, heart or lung issues, or a problem with internal organs. The medical industry has seen a boom in customers who are obese, and it’s likely only going to get worse, as American society has shown no sign of changing their product availability.
In closing, all of these areas are costing Americans money, and in total, obesity has cost the United States about 0 billion, which is more money than what several countries. The question for you, dear viewer, is how much is too much? And what will it take for people to finally stop and change their habits and start gravitating towards a healthier lifestyle?
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The childhood obesity epidemic is rooted in poverty, neighborhood deprivation and the political economy of our industrial food system, says Peter Arno

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If you’re looking for some useful tips for overcoming obesity, then this article was written for you. In particular, we’re going to talk about exercise, eating healthier and tracking your progress. By the time you have finished reading this article, you’ll have a good general overview of how to deal with this naturally and healthily.

Tip 1 – Start exercising.

If you’re inexperienced when it comes to regular exercise, then it’s wise to start slow. Simply walking for an hour a day (or however long you can comfortably manage) is a good start. If you can, it’s even better to start a higher intensity program – such as using an exercise bike or elliptical machine to achieve a harder aerobic workout. It’s also easier on the joints than jogging or running.

You may want to consider joining a gym, where you can receive detailed help, advice and support in person from a qualified professional.

Tip 2 – Clean Your Diet.

Obesity is often caused by a poor diet and emotional eating. You will need to cut down on the unhealthy snacks, and replace them with healthier alternatives. Also try to eliminate processed foods, as these are often high in calories, and contain preservatives which won’t help you lose weight.

To prevent hunger, eat smaller meals every 3 hours. This keeps your metabolism running fast, without falling into the habit of snacking. Throw out all your unhealthy snacks, and replace them with fruit.

Tip 3 – Track Your Progress.

This is a crucial step to keeping yourself motivated, and helping you find the will power to conquer bad habits. Don’t rely on the scales alone to track progress. Take measurements around your stomach, arms, waist, legs and anywhere else you want to lose weight. You may notice your progress here much quicker than the scales, and it will give you the motivation you need to continue with your lifestyle change.

Want to learn more about how to overcome obesity? Then you should check out my blog – I’ll show you a fitness system which doesn’t require major life style changes, expensive equipment or supplements – but will make you stronger, fitter, help you to lose weight, and can really give you the body you desire. Click here to visit now:

Childhood obesity is one of the hardest challenges faced by parents, and new parents are looking for steps to prevent childhood obesity from being a problem in their kid’s lives. This becomes a challenge because not all parents are very effective in showing their kids how to eat a proper diet. Whether people admit it or not, they sometimes become doting parents who want to shower their child with love and affection; and this affection usually comes in the form of the foods they eat.

However, parents should also understand that not teaching their kids about good nutrition and fitness will only add to their future misery. Obese children are often bullied and made fun of to the point that it is hard for obese children to enjoy their childhood. In addition, they will often grow up with very low self-esteem which hinders their capacities and prevents them from becoming all they can. Because of this, parents should really know the steps to prevent childhood obesity if they want to give their children a healthy social life.

To understand the steps to prevent childhood obesity, it is important to understand why obesity happens in the first place. This will make it easier to understand the drastic steps needed to reduce the weight of the children.

The most common case of childhood obesity is lack of exercise. With the growing technology today, we can now see children absentmindedly sitting in front of computers and playing video games for hours on end. Instead of running around the neighborhood exercising their muscles and enhancing their metabolism, they sit idly for hours burning very few calories. Without exercise, chances are that children will develop obesity at an early age. So as a parent, you should encourage different kinds of physical activities for your kids so their bodies will burn the food they eat.

In addition to the lack of exercise, seeds of obesity are planted when children are exposed to large amounts of food rich in sugar. Children in general are sweet-toothed, and they are likely to eat sweet foods such as ice cream, cakes, doughnuts, and chocolate in very large amounts. To help prevent your child from suffering from obesity, you should encourage a healthy diet. Limit the amount of sweets you have in your home. Instead, fill a bowl with fresh fruits and vegetables and encourage your kids to eat them. Avoid putting desserts after every meal, and teach them to drink lots of water to neutralize their taste buds.

We can put an end to the growing epidemic of childhood obesity. It is time to take control and teach the kids of today healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle!

Piper is a freelance writer who enjoys fitness and the outdoors. She loves to use her Vitamix blender to make healthy juice drinks. She enjoys nature, reading and fitness. She uses her juice maker daily to give her family the most healthy food she can!