Posts Tagged ‘Older’ | Now that you’re over sixty, you’ve probably traveled to many wonderful places around the world, alone or with family and friends. Perhaps you chose places for the children, or followed your cultural and heart connections. Now you find yourself an older woman with a slightly different set of criteria. You want to be safe, demand good value and have a desire to explore new and unique places for the independent individual you have become. I for one don’t particularly want to see Disneyland ever again — but that’s just me! So it’s time to see the places you’ve always dreamed about! It is your time! You know what you want. The question is what country will best support your wanderlust!

There are plenty of places that older women will love. Here are just a few ideas:

Visit Mellow Vietnam
Cruise Across Canada
Explore Down Under – Australia and New Zealand
Make Friends in Ireland
Experience the Rainforest in Costa Rica
Go Biking in the Netherlands


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