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Outsourcing Event Marketing

Outsourcing event marketing

HP is leveraging on the vast supply of knowledge workers in growing its outsourcing operations in the country, a top local executive said. HP began its outsourcing operations in the Philippines around 2003 following a long-term services deal with Procter and Gamble. Since then, the client base served by the local delivery center has grown to around 80 companies, according to Noel Mendoza, director of HP’s Philippines global delivery center. HP’s local delivery center has also grown to more than 1,500 employees. Unlike mostBusiness Process Outsourcing companies present in the country, HP provides higher-value services making the Philippines a strategic partner for the company’s global customers.

“BPO typically refers to non-core processes a company is willing to outsource to a provider that would provide these services back to them,” Mendoza said, describing the difference between BPO and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). “KPO can be in the realm of very core processes, things that are very critical to the customer’s operations which they entrusts to a strategic partner who will be able to deliver these capabilities for them”, he explains. The Philippines have been a Business Process Outsourcing destination for many companies over the past few years and in recent years, the KPO Philippines industry is also growing and looking to be a promising new business niche. KPO is generally known as the more specialized and complex brother of BPO. KPO is basically an industry that caters to the demand for offshore professionals like doctors, lawyers, IT professionals, and writers, among others. BPO companies take pride in process expertise and their ability to efficiently process large volumes while maintaining standards of quality. In knowledge process outsourcing, the goal is more focused on the quality of service and the workforce’s knowledge and expertise. KPO companies usually take care of business processes that require highly skilled workers and professionals from different fields; domain expertise and high-end qualifications are required to fill such positions.

Thus, he noted a closer and more strategic working relationship between HP and its customers, “not so much a vendor-client relationship.” The capabilities and skills that the partner must bring forward are higher in terms of intelligence, processing and analytics that go into the delivery of these services to the customer.
The Philippines, he noted, offers a wealth of talent from the supply of graduates every year. Industry rivals IBM and Accenture have also cited building KPO capabilities from out of the Philippines. “I think this has been realized by not only HP but other service companies who see the Philippines as a center to be able to drive KPO capabilities derived from a vast pool of talent with keen focus on customer care,” Mendoza said. The presence of HP and its rivals could indicate a maturing outsourcing market in the Philippines. Companies are capitalizing on the country’s strength as a call center hub and branching out into non-voice based services.

KPO provides a good career opportunity for graduates who want to be part of the global outsourcing phenomenon. Not only to be part of delivering these capabilities but to be part of a global team working with clients in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific region. Philippines is going the same way the rest of the world outsourcing is growing. The world is becoming very seamless, becoming one big community and that the Filipino is world-class and can participate in this community and be seen as valuable in delivering these services.

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Delegating time consuming tasks to people who can do them better is the key to expanding your business which is why outsourcing has become so important to successful online businesses. Yes, you do need to pay a price for everything you outsource but the investment you make will give you huge returns if you manage it the right way.

In order to be successful with outsourcing you must master ways to minimize your risks. The fact that you are outsourcing in general means you’re taking a risk. This is why it’s so important for you to reduce risks elsewhere. You make that happen by figuring out all the risks that outsourcing presents and developing a plan for dealing with them. You can start by only choosing vendors that have a record of making customers happy. There are many things that you can do to make sure your risk comes down. Begin with the creation of your outsourcing risks list and then you can see what your next move should be.

Find a good project manager to take control of the project. Some things are impossible to skip, a good project manager is one of those things. That’s one job that shouldn’t be outsourced. Keep your project manager hopping around and super busy managing your many outsourced projects.

Avoid the temptation to get too many outsourcing balls in the air. Believe it or not, this is one time when less really is better – less stress and better results.

To conclude, we have seen that outsourcing can change your business and offer you a high ROI. But in order to get the most out of it, you need to be smart in making the right moves and hiring the right person. Starting small is the key and once you have the experience and the confidence, you can go for bigger projects. Remember, being consistent is the key and success comes one small step at a time.


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It is necessary for many businesses to be able to successfully access the markets in all parts of the world. However, to ship products overseas, one must have knowledge of the many regulations that affect international traffic, obtain the proper licenses from the State Department, and many other tasks. Failure to comply with regulations can quickly result in serious fines and other penalties. Because of this, many businesses that deal in overseas markets are now choosing to outsource their exporting to qualified professionals.

Because of the complexity involved in handling international sales and volume of shipments, export control issues that affect the sales of these products, knowing the requirements and how the rules effect every shipment based on commodity, a high level of expertise is needed. It is important to understand just what the export control requirements are and the differences depending on shipment type. These differences can and do affect each shipment depending on the commodity, country of consignment, end user and country of end use.

Firms with new or large expansion into foreign markets beyond the domestic markets now can outsource all of the details of processing the orders to international markets to a particular export outsourcing company. Export outsourcing is the method that many firms now choose to have international orders subcontracted, including all export processing. Doing so allows a successful firm to focus on product development and fulfillment while conserving valuable company resources. A US firm that uses export outsourcing can concentrate on their manufacturing and domestic shipping.

When using an export outsourcing company, a US firm will be able to provide the order fulfillment, but ship only as far as the new domestic headquarters, and then pass the processing of the international order to the export outsourcing agency. This agency will carry out the entire stepwise process for an affordable price, making it an ideal option for businesses large and small.

What the US firm would do is to bill and ship the products domestically to the headquarters of the export outsourcing agency which then bills and ships the order to the global customer off shore. The firm performing this service will also typically ensure the shipments are also processed with the correct documentation on the invoices as well as the export declarations and licenses as needed. This will save domestic firms costs resulting from potential delays or penalties for lack of proper handling and international documentation.

Also known as export management firms, these companies are invaluable because they have the vital, detailed expertise in working with international trade, global business processing, global transactions on domestic imports and exports in the retail, food service and institutional and bulk food and agribusiness products.

The same can be said for the health, fitness, beauty aids, vitamins, hygiene items and consumer goods and commodities. Another market that frequently outsources its exports is the Military Aerospace industry. Shipping the technological components associated with the Aerospace industry requires a deal of expert knowledge on licensing and regulations, which export outsourcing companies can provide.

Elymat Industries Inc. is a professional export outsourcing company. Serving the Military Aerospace Industry for 35 years, we specialize in obtaining US State Department and Commerce Department licenses to ship these products overseas.

Outsourcing your traffic generation is the biggest secret in internet marketing. You should not be doing your Traffic Generation on your own! You really should be outsourcing or delegating to someone else or some other company, because that’s not really the job of the business owner or the entrepreneur.

I was talking with a friend of mine called Jeff Mills recently; he is a very successful internet marketer who is a massive proponent of Outsourcing. Jeff makes millions online and he teaches people about the benefits of outsourcing your work so you can focus on the core duties for your business.

When we were chatting Jeff mentioned some of the most important duties that you need to outsource, as these can be very time consuming.

The first thing that you should outsource is Article Marketing. What you will do is have someone else write those articles, 300-500 words, and at the bottom of the articles there will be a resource box – you make sure that your number 1 keyword that you want to get traffic from you hyperlink that back to your website, then you get your articles submitted to hundreds of article directories and get lots of back links to your site.

But here is something that you may not know… Go back into that article, strip the resource box from it and place that link through your article about 3 times and then you are going to submit it or syndicate it on 10,000 blogs. So now you have the same article on article directories, on 10,000 blogs with three back links in the article point back to your website.

There are networks out there that have lots of blogs on them where you can syndicate your content to them and it will appear on their blogs. This also has the benefit of almost instant indexing on Google. You can type in the title of your post and it will show pages of your post all on Google. It’s really impressive, and people are going to come across this content if they are doing a search of what your niche is.

The next thing that you should look to have outsourced is Press Release writing and Press Release Submissions. So what you do is take that same article, spin it into a Press Release and have it submitted to lots of press release sites.

You can go to where you can get it submitted for free, and they rank really well in Google too.

You see, doing all these kinds of things can be hugely time consuming, and you really don’t want to be wasting your time. I only mentioned a few things that could be outsourced there but the reality is, nearly everything can be.

You can get them to go to Facebook and create a Facebook profile for your business, they will create MySpace profile for your business, they will create videos and they will upload videos for you.

They will make forum posts, they will make blog posts, they will write articles and press releases all this for you for just a few hundred dollars a month.

It is a massive traffic strategy that is the way forward. If the big guys of the internet are using I don’t see why you shouldn’t too!

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Disclaimer: it is not my intention to criticize any specific company or individual living overseas (outside of the United States). It simply describes my experiences in the past when I have attempted to work with freelance writers to secure content for my own websites. Your experiences may be different…

If you live and work within the United States, or need to provide content for a US-based audience, you may have already discovered how challenging it is to find a reputable overseas firm to prepare these materials for you. In this article I would like to outline my own experiences, and also share with you some tips on how to avoid potential problems when dealing with such companies or individuals.

Problems and Shortcomings

Based on my experience in the past, there can be many potential difficulties in dealing with overseas content providers. Chief among them are the following —

1. Quality. While I am sure that there are providers who take great pride in the quality of the work that is submitted, my general experience has been that these overseas content providers oftentimes get careless and submit work that is filled with grammatical and spelling errors. Sometimes this is due to a lack of knowledge of the English language, but I suspect that much of the time this sloppiness is simply due to the fact that these firms operate in an “assembly line” fashion. The company must churn out a high volume of articles, web pages, e-books and other materials in order to remain profitable — which means that they will probably not spend a lot of time in researching or proofreading.

2.Style. Related to this is the problem that often these overseas content providers do not employ writers who can write using natural U.S. English. You will find that this is especially true if, like me, you are targeting an audience in the United States — as most of these firms employee people living in former British colonies, where their exposure to the English language is in the British form rather than the American style of writing.

3. Availability. Another thing I discovered when I used to rely on overseas written content producers is that many of these folks are here today, and gone tomorrow. In some locations of the world a kind of cottage industry has sprung up, with many different people trying their hand at writing English language materials — but many of them simply don’t stay in business. It is frustrating to find that someone that you have been dealing with suddenly goes out of business without any warning. If you need online content produced on a regular basis this is simply not an acceptable situation.

4. Uniqueness. Other companies that I have dealt with in the past tried to submit written material to me that was not unique. In some cases portions of text from different online sources were simply copied verbatim and pasted together. Again, some of these firms are simply trying to churn out as much work as possible in the shortest amount of time — and I had some real bad experiences, having paid for material that was not unique at all.

5. Timely Communication. Keep in mind that if you use an overseas firm or individual located in another country to produce your written material, that they will be living in a different location/time zone. If you intend to communicate with them via e-mail, this means that there may be a 24 hour delay before you get a response to any of your communications. If you have a telephone number, you may still not be able to contact them outside of their office hours, and will have to pay long distance charges. Again, not a great situation, especially if you are looking to forge a long-term relationship with your content providers.

Learn from My Mistakes

If you feel that you must — absolutely must — deal with an overseas content producer, then learn from my mistakes and insist on the following:

Do not ever pay 100% of your fees upfront. It is certainly acceptable to pay a portion before you receive anything, but to protect yourself try to make arrangements to use some sort of an escrow account to hold all funds. With a true escrow account you, as the customer, will be able to control when those funds are released to the freelance writers. In the meantime they will be able to verify the amount of money in the escrow account, so they know that they will not get ripped off either.
Remember, once you have paid in full you will have NO negotiating leverage with a writer to be able to request that rewrites or corrections be made to their material. Make sure that your content is EXACTLY the way you want/need it to be before making that final payment!
Always insist on writing samples when dealing with an overseas writing firm. It is the only way that you can verify that the quality of the writing will be up to your standards. An individual or company who is unwilling to supply you with samples should be avoided at all costs!
Whenever possible, get the phone number and physical address (including number, street name, city or town, province, postal code, etc.) for your records. Do not rely solely on an e-mail address! If that e-mail address suddenly becomes nonfunctional, how will you communicate? Without a phone number and/or physical address, you will be left high and dry.
Finally, always inform your overseas content producers that their submitted work must be 100% unique. Tell them that you will be submitting this content to the Copyscape web service, and that their material must “pass” before you will send a payment/final payment.

In conclusion: consider very carefully both the potential risks — as well as the possible benefits — before you make the decision to use someone overseas for the preparation of your English-language materials. “Let the buyer beware!”

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